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Project Mustang 5.0 (White)- Reducing Understeer  with Ford Racing

by Mike Kojima

The McPherson strut suspension found in our Mustang has some good and bad points.  The good points are that it is simple, lightweight, inexpensive to produce and takes up minimal space in the car. This in turn allows room for more narrow shock towers so the wider DOHC Coyote engine can fit. The bad points are few but perhaps the worse is that strut type suspension has some compromises when it comes to geometry, particularly when lowered.

The benefits of lowering a car can be nullified in a strut car if the car is lowered by more than just a little.  Often lowering a strut equipped car makes the car handle worse, particularity in the front of a strut equipped car where over lowering manifests itself as increased understeer.  Some lucky owners of cars where there is a healthy aftermarket have off the shelf solutions to fix the front suspension geometry.  If you are a Mustang owner you are in luck as Ford Racing has a well engineered geometry correction solution available for you right at your local dealership's parts counter.


Holley LS Fest Pre-Registration Is Now Open!

Industry Press Release

Holley Performance Products is excited to announce the opening of pre-registration for the 2015 LS Fest! 2015 marks the sixth annual Holley LS Fest. The event has grown each year, and Holley is looking for that trend to continue in 2015. 

AEM's Infinity Programmable ECU Supports 2006-'15 Mazda 2.0L MZR Engine!

Industry Press Release

The Infinity ECU is now available for 2006-'15 Mazda 2.0L MZR race engines with a 36-2-2-2 crank tooth profile and 4+2 cam tooth profile (PN 30-7111 Infinity-812, 30-7100 Infinity-10, 30-7101 Infinity-8, 30-7108 Infinity-8h and 30-7106 Infinity-6). Plug & Pin Kits, Core Plug & Play Engine Harnesses and flying-lead Universal Wiring Harnesses are available for adapting the Infinity ECU onto a supported 2006-current Mazda MZR race engine.


EVENT COVERAGE: Street Driven Tour - Virginia International Raceway

by Martin Gonzales

The grand majority of MotoIQ readers have been to some sort of motorsports event. Whether participating in a track day or simply spectating at a pro event, we're always looking for ways to get our motorsports fix in. Until now we have always had to make a choice between being part of the action or just watching. Not anymore! The Street Driven Tour is a motorsports bash with something for every gear head. You want to watch some road racing, they've got it. You want to go on a drift ride along, they've got that. Want to play some drift-soccer, they've got that too!


Radical Canada

by Frank Ewald

You likely have your perceptions about Canada - the country north of the United States that is full of mountains, forests, and calm, happy people. So I am sure that the title Radical Canada may make you wonder. Perhaps you have read some of my other articles and realize that, on the race track, there are some pretty radical Canadians. Here, however, my focus is upon the Radical sport racer.


Project Lexus SC300 Road Racer: Part 2 - Mounting the Fuel Cell

by Erik Jacobs

When we last left our Project SC300, aka “Damnit”, we had just sat the new Fuel Safe/Radium Engineering fuel cell into the trunk area in order to mark out where we would cut. We had also removed the rest of the factory stock hard fuel lines to make way for our fancy new braided stainless lines that we will assemble ourselves. Now follow along as we mount the cell in place.


Fluidampr FR-S/BRZ Crankshaft Damper Development

Fluidampr performance dampers challenge the misconception that a viscous damper is only suitable for large, low rpm industrial and commercial diesel engines. Follow the design and development process, plus comparative testing of a new Fluidampr performance damper for the Subaru FA20 / Toyota 4U-GSE 2.0L opposed-four cylinder ‘boxer’ engine. The engine is featured in the popular 2013-present Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, Toyota GT86 and new 2015 Subaru WRX.


Blacktrax Performance S2000 Motorsport Makeover: Part 4 - Final Bodywork, Second Engine Build, Testing, and First Races

by Edward Hu

In our last update on the Blacktrax Performance S2000, nicknamed “Irene”, we covered the basic motor internals, exchanging the rubber subframe mounts with solid pieces, and the rubber suspension bushings with spherical units. We had made some body modifications in order to fit the new wheels and tires, and also for the final aero pieces, which will be covered first in this update on Irene.


2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Owners Looking For a Boost Can Do So with a K&N Air Intake

Industry Press Release

Not since the Fox Body Ford Mustang SVO has Ford offered a turbocharged inline-four cylinder engine in its legendary Pony Car. Contrary to most auto makers’ engine line ups, due to an increase in horsepower, torque, and fuel economy, the 2015 Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost four cylinder engine is an upgrade over the standard 300 horsepower V6.


Radium Engineering & Fuel Safe Deliver Ultimate Fuel Cell and Surge Tank Combo

Industry Press Release

A joint collaboration between Radium Engineering and Fuel Safe® has produced a full line of Radium Fuel Cell Surge Tank equipped fuel cells. Customers can order their complete fuel cell system with Fuel Cell Surge Tank (FCST) from Radium's website. Assembly is completed at Fuel Safe's headquarters in Redmond, OR prior to shipping. The Fuel Cell and Surge Tank assembly is turnkey and ready to install.


How to Install a Radiator - KOYORAD - Track Life Episode 4 

by GTChannel 

Rob Choo installs a brand new radiator from KOYORAD on his personal Honda S2000.


How to Install Coilovers - KW Clubsports - Track Life Episode 3

by GTChannel 

Rob demonstrates how to install a set of Clubsport Coilovers from KW Suspension on the GTChannel S2000.


Project Lexus SC300 Road Racer: Part 1 - Intro and Fuel Cell

by Erik Jacobs

This is Damnit. All of my cars have nicknames, but this one earned its name long before I ever picked it up. I could write a book about everything that’s either been wrong or has gone wrong during the previous phases of this build. That being said, this is my first “real” race car. I intend to use Damnit targeting NASA Pro Racing’s ST2 class. Super Touring is a power-to-weight class with fairly open rules. Pretty much as long as you don’t move suspension pick-up points you can do a lot of things. ST2 is limited to 8.0:1 (lbs per horsepower) which, with a ~3200lb SC300 limits me to ~400WHP. Power, engine and other info will come in subsequent articles. Today, we're prepping to install a fuel cell.


Project Autocross BRZ: More Nameless Art

by Bart Hockerman

We all know when Nameless Performance has an idea on how to increase the performance further on their designs they will put into motion a plan of attack and some awesome fab work. They are pretty much the most aggressive company I have come across in my years of dealing with manufacturers across the spectrum. Improving upon their design is one thing they are allowed to do when building parts per your order. You the customer get the most current fabrication of the latest, greatest part they can make at that time.


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