2017 Formula Drift Pro2 - Road Atlanta

by Erik Jacobs


Formula Drift's Pro2 series is a relatively recent creation, in comparison to the big show's 14-year history. But do not mistake its youth for innocence. The level of attention to detail in the preparation of the cars and the skill of the drivers are nothing to shake a stick at. Making it to the Pro2 show represents a significant achievement, and the competition is fierce. Here's how the Road Atlanta round of the 2017 Formula Drift Pro2 series shook out.


Pro2 drivers get to see themselves on the big screen and the live stream, just like everyone else. And, as you can see here, the same configuration that the main event runs is used for Pro2.


Drivers get the same high-level treatment, complete with the anthem and introductions.


Just because the Pro2 drivers arent the top-billed talent doesn't mean that they don't have fans, too. And, for any driver, it's impossible to be upset when you are being cheered for. Just ask Josh Robinson.

Pro2 involves a qualifier to figure out the top 16, and then tandem battles are the main event.


#1 qualifier Danny George in the Shango Premium Cannabis / Nexen Tire BMW M3 started off the night against #16 Alec Robbins in his KoruWorks 350z. Robbins would take the win in an upset.
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017 12:34 PM
Pro2 certainly gets much more creative with their sponsors...
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