Tested: Schroth Quick-Fit Harnesses

by Vince Illi

I attended an SCCA autocross school last year, and after about 4 continuous hours of autocrossing, I was feeling sore in extremely weird places the next day.  Then it hit me: I was using various body muscles to hold myself into my seat while pulling Gs in the corners.  I also heard from various seasoned road racers and autocrossers that a proper seatbelt setup can actually shave seconds off your laps/runs.

I initially considered replacing Project Mustang 5.0’s stock seats with racing buckets, adding a harness bar, and bolting in some 6-point harnesses.  However, this created several problems.  First of all, the stock Mustang seats have airbags; replacing them with aftermarket units requires a bit of wiring harness modification (or use of a very hard-to-find dealer diagnostic tool) in order to prevent an annoying light on the dash.  Secondly, Project Mustang is driven on the street at least as often as it’s “raced.”  And finally, the stock seats are heated, and I like my heated seats.

So that eliminated 5- and 6-point harnesses.  However, a problem with 4-point harnesses still remained: I’d need to either add a harness bar or eliminate the rear seat.  Fortunately, Schroth has a solution to this with their Quick Fit and Quick Fit Pro 4-point harnesses.


The harness installed in Project Mustang's drivers seat.

Available for select Ford, BMW, Mini, Audi/VW, and Subaru platforms, Schroth Quick Fit harnesses offer all the benefits of “standard” harnesses, but with the added convenience of being able to install and remove them in less than 5 minutes.  This means you don’t have to modify your car’s interior, you can still use your back seat, and—best of all—you can keep your butt warmers!

Schroth offers two versions of their Quick Fit Harnesses.  The main difference is that that Pro version includes provisions for HANS devices.  Since I don’t use a HANS device for autocross, I went with the standard units.

Schroth offers all of their harnesses in four colors: black, silver, red, and blue.  I chose silver for being noticeable, yet consistent with the colorless overall style of Project Mustang 5.0.

The Quick Fit harnesses do require an initial installation that will take about an hour.  However, after that, you can easily remove or install both harnesses in under 5 minutes.  Let’s take a look at the initial installation.

Here are the harnesses laid out on the ground.  I ordered an optional “harness grip” that makes the belts easier to tighten when you have gloves on, or if you’re just a klutz like I am.
These are the grips.  They simply insert into loops at the ends of the belts…
…to make it easier to grab them. 
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Thursday, August 11, 2016 5:37 AM
It's really important to get harnesses adjusted correctly in both angle and length of belt. The angle probably more than anything else as too steep a belt angle can cause spinal compression in a crash. It also makes the belts really uncomfortable to drive as they will pull down instead of backwards.

I used to street drive my 240SX with a Corbeau seat and G-Force 6-point harness. The trick was to leave the shoulder belts slightly loose so you can move around to do things like adjust the radio or roll down manual windows. My radio had no antenna so I never had to deal with Bieber. Just which Metallica song I wanted to listen to more.
Thursday, August 11, 2016 8:02 AM
I have these for my E36 M3 and I love them. It's 30 seconds to install them for a track weekend and the rest of the time they sit in a closet.

They're the ideal choice for when you want to keep stock seats/interior but use the car for weekend warrior auto x or track days.
Thursday, August 11, 2016 3:23 PM
Nice review.
Thursday, August 11, 2016 9:15 PM
I love the Scroth products, they're just so well thought out. I felt this same revelation when I transitioned from my C5 Z06 street/HPDE car to the CMC Camaro that I'd bought. What a change! The car was gutless and determined to kill me every time I deviated from a straight line! Once I got used to it though, I could manhandle it even better that the Z06 due to increased skill. As soon as I started to grasp the concept of controlling the beast, I noticed a number of things. R compounds generate enough grip compared to 200TW street tires to weight your shifting arm enough to create downshift issues. I also noticed how little I struggled and fought to maintain position with a proper racing bucket. I also noticed how much closer my hands were to me, and how much less effort my shoulders expended in keeping the car pointed the right direction. Such an eye opener that I have yet to track the far superior Z06 again as I have been spoiled by the comfort factor provided by the car I give few fucks about, the beast of a cage surrounding me, the fire suit I always wear, the fire system the car posesses, the seat/harness setup that the Z lacks. There's just no going back for me. There was no foreseeing this, I had to feel it myself.
Friday, August 12, 2016 1:43 AM
Im also worried about spinal compression

would it not be better to mount the one side up at the rear seat reel bolt?

this would mean the shoulder strap belts would be at less of an angle (similar angle as if you attached them to the center point of the rear seat)
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