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TESTED: KW Dynamic Damping Control - DDC

by Martin Gonzales

There comes a time in every gear heads life when he/she must ask themselves, "Why in St. Kojima's name am I driving my track set-up to work?".  If you can relate, then no doubt you've been victim to the track-bug's high octane venom.  Which also means the vehicle you use for daily transportation has been molested and tinkered with to the point that it no longer has what little refinement it had when it drove off the showroom floor.  All done in the name of faster lap times of course, but your vehicle is now serving as a constant reminder that there really is no such thing as an all purpose vehicle.  Well, enter KW's Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) system.

KW knows that even the most hardcore of gearheads will develop a want for a little refinement as they gracefully tack on the years.  Call it a function of maturity, old age, or just plain being sick and tired of driving around in a near race car on a daily basis.  We'll never grow out of wanting to set new high speed scores on our frequently encountered freeway ramps, but do we really want to have an uncomfortable ride for the other 99.8% of the time we're not cornering?  Of course not!  


Visiting KW headquarters in Fichtenberg, Germany and getting a sneak peak at the development of the KW DDC Plug and Play system.  KW has the capabilities to do everything in the developmental and production process in house, which means full control, tight quality control and ultimately an OE quality product that provides a seamless integration of OE and KW components. 


As you may or may not recall, last year the nerd-herd migrated to the other side of the globe to visit our friends at KW and the timing could not have been more perfect!  The team of engineers at KW were hard at work on one of their DDC test mules.  Luckily for us they had just finished making some final improvements to their plug and play kit for the BMW 3-series (F30) and we got a chance to get behind the wheel and put the system through its paces.

Before we give you our driving impressions of the KW Dynamic Damping Control system, let's start with a quick overview of the system and its options.  The DDC system allows the driver to adjust the handling characteristics of their vehicle from the comfort of the driver's seat.  There are two distinct systems and they are differentiated by the way in which the shock adjustments are made.


It's a shame when you lose the damping control the OE system provides when you want to upgrade your suspension.  Thanks to the KW DDC Plug and Play you can enjoy the benefits of upgraded suspension components while retaining damping control through the OE controls. 


DDC Plug and Play

The DDC Plug and Play is just that, an extremely easy plug and play solution for the driver who wants to maintain the OE feel and functionality of their vehicle, but is also looking for damping settings and control beyond what the OE system can deliver.  This option is available for certain vehicles that already come with a factory adaptive suspension like the VW Golf or BMW 3-series.  This is by far the most simple solution as the KW coilovers will plug right into the factory harness with absolutely no splicing of the factory wires needed.  The KW DDC coilovers will be recognized by the factory onboard electronics and damping adjustments can be made via the factory controls.



KW also has a solution for those who do not own vehicles with factory adaptive suspension systems.  The KW DCC ECU system gives drivers all the benefits of an adaptive suspension system without the need for their car to be outfitted with a factory system.  The DDC ECU system is a completely stand alone unit independent of the factory harness.  All four coilovers will plug into the KW control module, which can be mounted anywhere in the car, and damping adjustments are made via the supplied push-button selector......OR via the DDC ECU App!


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Monday, September 30, 2013 1:28 AM
While this is a cool option, it will never beat having a daily car and a track car. At one point there are too many compromise to make, and too many expensive consumables. Do you keep trim, AC, rear seats, spare wheel, or do you stip it all out ? What is the point driving in traffic jams with expensive soft semi slick tyres, and alignment that fit a track ? Brake pads that eat rotors when too cold ?

One confy car, one race car. You can even tow the second with the first, with the added peace of mind to be able to go home at the end of the day, even if/when you crash the other at the track.

I have to admit getting 2 cars may be more expensive at the start than this system, but after some years doing this i will never go back to a half track, half road car.
Monday, September 30, 2013 10:01 AM
Also nice for those who don't like OEM shock tuning, or enjoy a mountain run in the commuter. Running Project G20 in the local mountains is, erm, not going to be appreciated by law enforcement or the local population.
Mike Kojima
Mike Kojimalink
Monday, September 30, 2013 8:06 PM
Don't forget the truck and trailer to tow the race car and space to store it all!
Anonymous User
Anonymous Userlink
Wednesday, November 02, 2016 2:06 AM
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