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Project MKVI Golf TDI: Rawtek Exhaust and Malone Tuning [video inside]

by Steve Rockwood

Modern diesels are light years ahead of their predecessors when it comes to power. No longer is the diesel owner subjected to white-knuckle freeway merges at school zone speeds, scary amounts of noise, smoke-screen plumes and honking horns as fellow motorists pass them with windows down. That doesn’t mean there they can’t be faster. This goes doubly true when you consider Project Golf TDI’s sporty looks. Getting passed by Mom in the minivan with nary a glance was getting a little depressing.


Project MKVI Golf TDI Handling Upgrades Cover

Project MKVI Golf TDI: Handling Upgrades Part Deux

By Steve Rockwood

Here's the thing: the nutjobs that make up MotoIQ are never happy.  Give us an improvement, and we'll look at improving the improvement.  Put a pea under a thousand race buckets and we'll still feel it.  Such was the case with our Project MKVI Golf TDI: we were definitely impressed with our first round of suspension mods by ST and Whiteline, we also felt the handling improvement package wasn't complete.  That pea started feeling like a boulder.


MotoIQ Project Hypermiler VW Jetta Cover

Project Hypermiler: Handling Upgrades

By Steve Rockwood

The door handles and mirrors on Project Hypermiler came painted, and swapping out the sad excuse for shocks and springs on this car was absolutely necessary to keep them that way.  On top of that, the stock wheels and tires left the car looking like a grizzly bear riding a skateboard, making it an unfathomable proposition to retain these pizza-cutters after going through the trouble of upgrading the suspension.  Luckily, Suspension Techniques, Whiteline, Enkei, and Nitto had off the shelf solutions to help Project Hypermiler actually turn a corner at ludicrous speed while keeping its mirrors and door handles painted.


Project MKVI Golf TDI: Introduction and Suspension Upgrades

By Steve Rockwood

Diesels aren’t for everyone. It takes a special breed to sacrifice comfort and performance for efficiency. They’re noisier than their gas counterparts, they make less power, you can’t find fuel for them everywhere, and they’re dirtier. Anyone who has been behind a diesel Chevy Celebrity wagon, breathing in clouds of diesel stink while crawling up the onramp at 23mph will attest to these sentiments. Fortunately, VW didn’t give up on improving the quirkiness of Rudolph Diesel’s sparkless engine. The TDI Clean Diesel engine found in our Project MKVI Golf TDI has none of these vices. It is the everyman diesel.

Project Hyper-Miler Part 2: Maintenance

by Steve Rockwood

I hate maintaining vehicles.  Nothing is worse than sweating your ass off and busting knuckles for hours only to have a car that was only as good as when you started.  No better, no worse (hopefully).   If cars stayed clean, parts never wore out, and oil stayed golden, I'd piss my pants in jubilation.  Unfortunately, everything on this planet has a nasty habit of degrading, and cars are no exception.


Project Hyper-Miler Part 1: Introduction

By Steve Rockwood

Let's face it: the days of cheap fuel are over.  Whether you want to blame Wall Street, the government, democratic demonstrations in the Middle East, OPEC, hippies, China, or the soccer mom next door; the fact remains that if your buddy tosses you a five spot for gas money, you're more likely to punch him in the face than thank him.  And everyone understands a punch in the face.



Project Sipster Wraps Up

Project Sipster Part 8:  All The Drag-Reducing Details

by Dave Coleman

This is it kids, the last story in the Project Sipster series. This one is longer and more detailed than the original story (first published on America) in an attempt to elevate the nerdiness to something approaching a MotoIQ level.


Project SipsterProject Sipster Part 7 - Sipster Indeed

by Dave Coleman

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the conclusion, but not the end. Now, with lots of goofy raw video footage and stories of RC planes!



Project Sipster Part 6 - Faster Sipster

by Dave Coleman


If you want a Diesel to make more power, you just have to squirt in more fuel. If you've never tuned an engine before, this is the most obvious thing in the world. But if you're used to tuning gas engines, this is the most preposterously naive and wrong-headed thing we've said in at least a week. Diesels, it seems, are a bit different.

UPDATE! I just found the dyno chart!


Project Sipster safer sipster making it handle

Project Sipster Part 5 - Safer Sipster

By Dave Coleman

We are not the manly men that inhabited the earth back in 1981, fearlessly cruising the streets without airbags, side impact beams or any hint of structural integrity; in all honesty, driving around in this little box kinda scares us. Since making an old car actually crashworthy is beyond even our powers of exaggeration, we're avoiding the whole crashworthiness issue by making the car easier not to crash. Handling and good brakes are our airbags.


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