New Drift Team Owner Dai Yoshihara - Behind the Smoke 4 Ep. 1

by GTChannel

Dai Yoshihara's Behind the Smoke is back for the 4th season on GTChannel! Dai is now an owner of his own professional Formula DRIFT team for the first time.   He also has a wife and a baby to support now.  Watch the new Dai face challenges and come along on his journey to reach the top of the podium again for the Formula Drift 2015 season!

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Behind the Smoke Season 4 Trailer - Dai Yoshihara Formula Drift 

by GTChannel 

Dai Yoshihara's Behind the Smoke is back for the 4th season on GTChannel! 
Dai has his own team this season to compete in the 2015 Formula D championship. He also has a wife and a baby to support now.  Watch the new Dai face challenges and come along on his journey to reach the top of the podium again in 2015!  
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Video:  Wild Ride in Verena Mei's Rally Car

Friend of MotoIQ Verena Mei gives the media a ride in her tokidoki, TrueCar Ford Fiesta Rally Car at Team O'Neil. If you've ever wondered what it's like riding with her, come along for an adventure.


Unboxing the HPI Racing E10 Discount Tire Falken Tire S13

by GTChannel

Here it is, one of the most iconic cars in Formula Drift and you can race and drift it for yourself! Mike takes us through the unboxing video of this RC car with his unique dry humor and Dai himself makes a cameo appearance.


VIDEO: SEMA Tuner Challenge FR-S Ep. 3 - Ganador Exhaust & UR Pulley

by GT Channel

We're stepping back in time a moment to bring you the install of our first horsepower modifications in the form of a Ganador Exhaust and Unorthodox Racing crank pulley. We were pleased to see both modifications produce solid power gains on the dyno. In the second half of the video we also cover some cosmetic updates from TRD and install LED mirror overlays.


VIDEO: SEMA Tuner Challenge FR-S Ep. 1 KW Suspension and Whiteline Goodies

by GTChannel

Wanna watch video of Mike geeking out over suspension on the GTChannel/MotoIQ Scion SEMA Tuner Challenge FR-S? Silly Question. Of course you do! Click inside for Episode 1 from GTChannel where Mike details the selection rationale for the parts placed on the car.


Super GT: A New Perspective - Fuji Speedway

by GT Channel

Super GT is an event that worships speed and precision, two things that when combined perfectly appear to look almost effortless. We have taken time and slowed it down for just a little, just enough for you to witness the speed in motion. Only when time stands still can you take a step back and truly appreciate everything that's going on.


Chris Jeanneret: Shocking New 2014 Formula Drift Ride

by MotoIQ Staff

The Import Meet crew just posted a video of Chris Jeanneret announcing his new FD ride. The chassis and engine combo will shock you. Yes, Virginia, even more shocking than an S chassis with an LS swap. Intrigued? So were we. Watch the video to see what Chris has planned for this season.


VIDEO:  Unboxing Your StopTech Big Brake Kit

MotoIQ Video 

When the nerd-herd decided to upgrade the brakes on our Project Scion FR-S, we of course turned to our partners over at StopTech and found they had their world renowned Trophy Kit available for the front and rear of our FR-S.  So of course we had to get our hands on a set to put it through its paces and document the installation process.  During the installation of the Big Brake Kit (BBK), StopTech was a huge help providing technical support along with some tips we found to be very we created a series of videos to help out all you DIY'ers out there.


Dai Blows the Engine of his S13 at Irwindale - Behind The Smoke 3 - Ep 26

By GTChannel

The final round of the 2013 Formula Drift season has arrived. Daijiro Yoshihara and his team arrive and prepare to take on Irwindale. Unfortunately, they run into a large problem, the Discount Tire/America's Tire S13 blows its engine. Watch as the team feverishly push to get the car together and make it through qualifying. Like, Comment, and subscribe!  


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