Driving Impressions: The CXC Simulator! 

by Mike Kojima

I am not a gamer, I have never liked video games and never gotten good at them.  I have always felt that I don't have the time for them.  I mean, I own a driving simulator chair with force feedback that my daughter plays with when she does Grand Turismo on our home big screen TV but I never got into it and when I have played it, I have always felt that it feels nothing like a car, not enough anyway where I could jump in and drive it.


The Life of Opy: The Nissan Juke Multi-Purpose Racer Part 4 - To Laguna Seca and Beyond!

by Khiem Dinh

Opy is now set to venture away from the dirt and onto the tarmac before one last stint in rally. The Multi-Purpose Racer sees further evolution in the braking department and a few more details of the cage are highlighted.


Effort Equals Results: 50 Years of Penske Racing

by David Zipf

The greatest man to ever lead a racing team is Roger Penske.  NASCAR, Formula 1, Can-Am, Trans-Am, ALMS, IMSA, V8 Supercars, and of course IndyCar:  All are series where Roger has fielded cars; cars that have won.  In 2016, Penske Racing celebrates its 50th year and as the track that helped make Roger who he is, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum has a special exhibit on Penske Racing to commemorate this golden anniversary.  Follow us on a journey of half a century of great American Racing.


Machine-Motorsports: Porsche Hunters

by Frank Ewald

John picked up this Porsche 911S in what is a modern day barn find. He saw the vague listing for a Porsche on Craigslist in Toronto. Something about it told him to go see it without delay and, after going down five levels in an underground parking garage near the SkyDome (Go! Blue Jays! Go!), he observed a recognizable Porsche shape underneath a somewhat ratty car cover. Sitting for at least ten years it was covered with dust, all four tires were flat, and most tire kickers would have walked away. John and another potential buyer were both looking at the car. John confirmed the serial numbers and knew it was an 'S'. He left, stopped by his bank, and returned with cash in hand to cement the deal. The Porsche was his and he then towed it out of the underground garage, via the spiral exit ramp, loaded it on his trailer, and then spent the next two years working on it to bring it up race ready condition.


Mad Mike Drifts BADBUL Around the Franschhoek Pass | Conquer The Cape

‘Mad Mike' Whiddett has drifted a car up a mountain in his native New Zealand and powerslid across a frozen lake in Japan. This time he took his 3 Rotor 20B Mazda RX8 BADBUL around the iconic Franschhoek pass in South Africa!   #ConquerTheCape


The World's Toughest Jeep - Off Road Evolution's EVO1

by GTChannel

Off Road Evolution in Fullerton, CA builds 4X4 monsters, and their Jeep Wrangler JK, EVO1, is a crowning achievement. See what this thing can do and what it takes to be the toughest on the planet.


LRS Formula at Magny-Cours

by Erik Jacobs

In France, track day learning is referred to as “pilotage”. When looking through the various race tracks in the country and seeing which ones had pilotage programs, we happened to find that Magny-Cours was an option. Not only could we drive on one of France’s historic F1 circuits, but we would get to do it in formula cars! Sign us up.


The Amazing HKS R35 GT-R

by Mike Kojima Photos by Andrew Perry and Mike Kojima

When Motovicity Distribution announced The HKS Speedring Time Attack at Cal Speedway, the unique draw besides the guaranteed purse for the winners was announcement that HKS would be bringing their Time Attack R35 GT-R to the states, throwing down the gauntlet and offering a $20,000 prize to any team that could beat the car.


2016 Japanese Classic Car Show

by GTChannel

The Japanese Classic Car Show featured some rare Japanese classics and current day exotics at the Queen Mary in Long Beach CA. Including the 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO, a 1971 Datsun BRE 510 #46 Trans Am 2.5 Champion, the Always Evolving/AIM Autosport GT-R NISMO GT3 Pirelli World Challenge entries, including an appearance by driver Bryan Heitkotter.

Attacking Time with the LYFE Motorsports Nissan R35 GT-R

by Mike Kojima, action Photos by GTA and Snap Studios

When Cole Powelson set out to build an R35 GT-R he initially didn't have the ambitious plans to build one of the world's fastest time attack cars. The 2012 GT-R originally was built as a modified but streetable time attack car which was run for fun.  Then the car was repurposed and underwent a metamorphosis, eventually being rebuilt into the sophisticated machine that appears on our site here.


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