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MotoIQ Wrench Tip - How to Gap Piston Rings

by Mike Kojima

Setting the gap on your piston rings is an important step to building an engine that performs at its best.  Getting your piston rings to have the optimal seal is perhaps the most critical aspect of good engine building.  Of course you want to spend time assuring that your machine work and cylinder wall finish is correct for the type of rings used but a lot of people neglect blueprinting the ring gap.


RX-8 Daily Driver: Tune-Up!

by Frank Ewald

My 2004 Mazda RX-8 is great to drive and I love it. That is, until it will not start, at which time like everyone else who has a problem, I wish that I had anything else. Of course, over the span of five years this car has only let me down twice. And both times it was the dreaded rotary flooding issue. Now, it’s really not that dreadful; it is just very different than flooding a piston engine. Here is where I have to admit that I know that the tune up for my RX-8 should have probably happened a year ago. I am aware of purists who change the coils/wires/plugs annually. The mileage on my RX-8 certainly is not high enough annually to warrant that. Plus seat of the pants has shown me that it is running well – except for the past couple of months where my mileage has been dropping. Of course, I attributed that to the all city driving that the car has been doing.


Building the Naturally Aspirated Honda K Engine with Drag Cartel! Part 2

by Mike Kojima

In the last edition of building the naturally aspirated K24, we were showing some of the detail of building a solid dry sumped bottom end for an Ariel Atom track car with a lot of aero. In this edition, we will be getting rid of the K24 Z7's main performance bottleneck.‚Äč

MotoIQ's SEMA 2016 Coverage

MotoIQ Video

Did you not make it to the 2016 SEMA show? MotoIQ has you covered! This year the show was full to the brim. So much so, that temporary halls had to be created outside the main venue in order to fit all of the companies displaying. We stopped by the booths of many of our supporters to give you an insider's look at their new products and technologies on display. Here are all the videos in one place, enjoy!


MotoIQ SEMA 2016 Spotlight - Centerforce Clutch

MotoIQ Video

Mike Kojima, Editor-in-Chief of meets with Centerforce Clutch at the 2016 SEMA show to learn about their new products and discuss Dyad clutches, ball bearing pressure plates and weighted diaphragms.


Project M3: Part 16 – Koyorad All Aluminum Radiator Installation

by Pablo Mazlumian

Until now, Project M3's benefitted from increased power, braking, and handling performance, as well as nice improvements to the interior and exterior aesthetics. But keeping things cool under the hood is something we haven't touched on yet, and we do so today with an all aluminum radiator from Koyorad!


The Spoon Sports Center Seat Civic at Super Lap Battle!

by Mike Kojima

We hope you've been following our progress in updating the Spoon Sports USA Time Attack FWD Unlimited Civic here on MotoIQ.  The idea behind this round of modifications was to mildly update the car, improve its safety and reliability, clean up the aerodynamics, and to try some new ideas that will be incorporated into a possible new build by Spoon Sports with the Type R Civic due next year.


MotoIQ SEMA 2016 Spotlight - Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT)

MotoIQ Video

Rathyna Gomer, MotoIQ Sales and Marketing Manager checks out what's new from Advanced Clutch Technology at the 2016 SEMA show!


MotoIQ SEMA 2016 Spotlight - Aeromotive

MotoIQ Video

Mike Kojima, Editor-in-Chief of checks out Aeromotive's new products at SEMA 2016 including their updated brushless Pro Series fuel pump, updated A1000 fuel pressure regulator, drop in fuel cells and in-tank pumps. We also take a look at some of the counterfeit Aeromotive products being sold online and how to make sure you don't get fooled!


MotoIQ SEMA 2016 Spotlight - Precision Turbo

MotoIQ Video

Mike Kojima, Editor-in-Chief of checks out the Precision Turbo booth at SEMA 2016 where he gets to inspect the latest Global Rally Cross and Gen III turbos.


Project 5.0 Mustang (The White One) Building the Bottom End

by Mike Kojima

In the last segment covering the engine build on our 5.0 liter Mustang, we addressed the top end with CNC ported heads and camshafts from Ford Motorsports. Now it's time to fortify the engine's bottom end so we can have a screaming high-revving naturally aspirated Coyote engine that is still reliable. 

Our target for this build is to have a safe 8000 rpm redline, wheel horsepower in the high 400 range and run on 91 octane California pump gas with reliability and track car endurance. We feel that this stuff is all pretty easily done.


MotoIQ SEMA 2016 Spotlight - CSF Radiator

MotoIQ Video

Mike Kojima, Editor-in-Chief of meets with Ravi Dolwani from CSF Radiator at the 2016 SEMA show to check out their new heat exchangers for the F80/82 BMW M3 and M4, Honda Civics old and new, the ND Mazda Miata and more!


MotoIQ SEMA 2016 Spotlight - Nitto Tire

MotoIQ Video

Mike Kojima, Editor-in-Chief of checks out the Nitto Tire booth at SEMA 2016.


MotoIQ SEMA 2016 Spotlight - DeatschWerks

MotoIQ Video

Mike Kojima, Editor-in-Chief of checks out the DeatschWerks booth at SEMA 2016.


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