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Mazdaspeed3 SEMA

Wrench Tips #5: Retracting Pistons the Easy Way

by Dave Coleman

Your weekly helpful hint from the MotoIQ garages. Enjoy!


MotoIQ Project Honda Ruckus

Project Honda Ruckus Part 6: The Final Option, Tuning the Transmission

By Jeff Naeyaert

In our last installment of Project Ruckus we got our super motor tuned and running well, however although our acceleration was vastly improved, we did not see much of an improvement in top speed, only gaining about 3 mph before hitting the 10.500 rpm rev limit. To make matters worse, our Ruckus is now always topped out on the rev limiter. Doubling our power has enabled our bike to zoom right on up to its top speed but once that speed is reached, the engine is screaming at 10,500 rpm continuously. This probably is not the best bet for long life!

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Project Honda Ruckus

Ask Sarah-Hey Sarah, what did the cost of all the Phase 3 mods on project Ruckus cost?

By Sarah Forst

If bling isn’t your thing, you can skip some of the pretty stuff and save about $600 but to get to the 50mph, open your wallet. READ ON...

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Clutch Tech Part One: The Pressure Plate, Get a Grip!

By Mike Kojima

Ever wonder what is perhaps the second most important thing that makes your car move? You probably guessed that the engine is the most important thing. The clutch is the second part of the equation, the part that couples the engine to the ground. Although it is the most critical component in your drivetrain, most enthusiasts have very little idea of how a clutch works, what are important attributes when selecting a clutch and how to pick the right clutch for their application. The right choice will get you moving and keep you moving reliably. The wrong choice may destroy itself, quickly wear out, not work according to your expectations and worse yet, break other parts on your car.


Project Aprilia SR50: 100 mpg Madness Part 1, Basic Bolt on Stuff

By Mike Kojima

Our new two wheel project is a very unique machine; it is an Aprilia SR50, perhaps the highest tech scooter on the market. It uses a full of tech, Orbital engine to combine the compactness and power of a two stroke engine with the fuel economy and low emissions of a tiny four stroke. The Aprilia engine uses licensed Orbital technology which is basically An ECU controlled, directly injected, stratified charge two stroke. Two strokes by nature produce pretty low NOX emissions due to their low operating cylinder pressures but are terrible for hydrocarbons as they tend to blow raw fuel out the exhaust port on overlap.


Mazdaspeed3 SEMA

Wrench Tips #3: Loop Those Hoses!

by Dave Coleman

Your weekly helpful hint from the MotoIQ garages. Enjoy!


Robispec Badass 370z street class time attack car

Robispec’s Street Class Time Attack Nissan 370Z, Simple is Better?

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

Robispec is a Southern California tuning shop whose specialty is a rather unusual one. Instead of the typical shop in search of speed via the quest for more and more power, Robispec’s game is increasing lateral G’s, of the cornering kind. The proprietor of Robispec is Robert Fuller or Robi, one of our favorite people. Robi is always willing to lend a hand or give advice to whatever project we have asked him, either formally as in our Project EVO IX or by helping us swing wrenches at the track. Robi is on our short list of people we call for help if we have a problem that needs solving.

About six weeks ago we got a call from Robi telling us he would have something special, a Nissan 370Z he was building for the SEMA show and the annual Source Interlink Super Lap Battle. As there has been a lack of serious Nissan 370Z parts development due probably to its sluggish sales, we eagerly awaited checking out what Robi could cook up in short order.


Project Honda Ruckus built GET engine

Project Honda Ruckus Part 5, Engine Bottom End

by Jeff Naeyaert

In the previous installment of Project Honda Ruckus, we worked with Dan Paramore of DPR racing to go where no one else had gone before by carefully porting the head of the Honda GET engine to maximize flow, improve combustion and raise the compression ratio.  To follow the progress of Project Ruckus, click here!


Best engineered lemons metrognome

The Best-Engineered Cars of Lemons
#2: The MetroGnome (now availbale in rear-drive)

by Dave Coleman

When rumors of a rear-drive CBR-1000-powered MetroGnome surfaced, we immediately assumed Alex had turned his clever streak from junkyard engineering to misinformation and rumormongering. Well played, we thought... We gave him too much credit. The rumors were true. MetroGnome 2.0 does it from the rear.


Mazdaspeed3 SEMA

Wrench Tips #2: Living Without Indoor Plumbing

by Dave Coleman

Your weekly helpful hint from the MotoIQ garages. Enjoy!


KW Motorsports 3-way adjustable dampers for Nissan Sentra Spec-V

No Respect, Project Nissan Sentra Spec-V part 3, Building a Race Ready Suspension System

By Mike Kojima

There are 5 elements that have to work well in a successful time attack car. In order to win, a car has to have lots of power, lots of aerodynamic downforce with minimal drag, good suspension, anchor-like brakes and sticky tires. Of these 5, suspension is the most important system for a winning time attack car. Getting the best possible handling is more important than eeking out every last bit of power from the engine. Without good suspension you cannot get the most out of the tires, brakes, aero or engine.


Wrench Tips #1: Take a Picture...

by Dave Coleman

We turn a lot of wrenches at MotoIQ, and between the bloody knuckles, we've actually learned a thing or two. Going  forward, we'll be posting a helpful tip each friday in the hopes you might screw up one less thing under your hood over the weekend. Enjoy!


Acura NSX C32 FX Motorsports Development rotating assembly


By Billy Johnson and Sarah Forst

Project NSX is the Brainchild of FX Motorsports Development, an NSX tuning shop whose time attack turbo NSX is currently smashing unlimited class records throughout the Redline Circuit. FX Motosports Development is transferring a lot of the knowledge gleaned from their time attack program to build the ultimate NSX turbo street motor. The goals of our motor is to make a rock reliable 530 or so wheel hp on pump gas with the ability to be track driven without missing a beat.


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