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Wrench Tips #31: Cast Aluminum in a Can

by Dave Coleman

Make your old cast aluminum bits look new again!


garage tools

Project Garage, Part VII: Garage Tools

By Sarah Forst

A good garage space is useless without an effective collection of tools.  From sockets to ratchets, screwdrivers to wrenches, check out what keeps Project Garage stocked with everything it needs for all kinds of car projects.


wrench tips

Wrench Tips #30: Finding Oil Leaks Using Fluorescent Goo

wrench tips miatabusa oil leak fluorescent glowing oil dyeby Dave Coleman

Finding the origin of an oil leak can be a pain in the ass. By the time you even notice you have a leak, the stuff has spread itself all over the engine leaving little hint as to where it came from. If you could turn back the clock and watch the stuff leak out, it would be easy, but how?


Wrench Tips #29:  Pull a Dent With a Suction Cup.

Wrench Tips #29:  Pull a Dent With a Suction Cup

by Alex Vendler

It's happened to all of us.  You park your car and head to your destination only to return and find that another motorist violated Newton's law about two objects inhabiting the same space at the same time.  Crunch.  Now what?  Insurance kills you if you make a claim, and modern base/clear paint jobs can only be repaired by painting the whole panel.  That's 4 figures minimum if you use a decent body shop.


Wrench Tips

Wrench Tips #28: Quality German Hose Clamps for CHEAP

Cheap german hose clampsby Dave Coleman

Stainless German hose clamps with rolled threads and a triple-threat straight/phillips/hex head? In the junkyard? You needs some of these!

Wrench Tips


Wrench Tips #27: Restoring Plastic is (Sometimes) Easy!

by Dave Coleman

This is serious chemical voodoo magic in a can. Don't ask me why.



 wrench tips

Wrench Tips #26: Back Purge Your Welds The Cheap Way 

by Dave Coleman


Back purging is simply using a second bottle of inert gas to flood the inside of the tube and flush out the oxygen from the backside of your weld. Here are some back purging tricks that let you use less of your expensive shielding gas.

back purging stainless weld on Miatabusa collector




wrench tips

Wrench Tips #25: How to Clean Up That Nasty Butyl Tape Vapor Barrier Goo 

by Dave Coleman

butyl tape gooIt's worse than Aunt Jemima's. That nasty butyl tape goo that's used to hold the plastic vapor barrier sandwiched between the interior door panel and the the door itself. The goo gets on your fingers and tools and follows you around for weeks. Try to clean it up with Simple Green or even brake cleaner and it will laugh at you. It turns out there is a simple, if a little tedious, way to clean this stuff off your doors. 



    wrench tips

silicone hose wrapWrench Tips #24: Silicone Hoses for Adults

by Dave Coleman




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