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Wrench Tip: Save your Exhaust Hangers!

by David Zipf

Do you have broken exhaust hangers?  Are you sick of them?  Well then try this Wrench Tip to stop them from coming back.


Wrench Tip: Creative Spark Plug Removal

by David Zipf

How do you replace the spark plugs in a V-block engine when there are items like brake boosters, fenders, and other junk in the way?  U-joints sometimes work, but when that fails (or you forgot to pack them when you moved), try this tip.


Wrench Tip: Cheap Breaker Bar

by David Zipf

The saying goes “the right tool for the right job.”  And it is 100% correct.  But what happens when you don’t have the right tool?  Sometimes you need to improvise.  See how we make a piece of plumbing pipe do things it was never intended to do.


Wrench Tip: Why Tire Age Really Matters

by David Zipf

Dave Coleman told you how to figure out how old your tires are by looking at the date code.  He also mentioned that older tires tend to be greasy when you push them to the limit.  However, there's one other thing he didn't mention that's rather important when shopping for used tires.


Wrench Tip: Stop Stripping Screw Heads!

by David Zipf

Tired of stripping old screwheads?  This wrench tip will help you make stripped screws a distant memory.


MotoIQ Wrench Tip - How to Gap Piston Rings

by Mike Kojima

Setting the gap on your piston rings is an important step to building an engine that performs at its best.  Getting your piston rings to have the optimal seal is perhaps the most critical aspect of good engine building.  Of course you want to spend time assuring that your machine work and cylinder wall finish is correct for the type of rings used but a lot of people neglect blueprinting the ring gap.


Wrench Tips #33: Old Tires Suck

by Dave Coleman

If you don't understand this secret code on your sidewall, you'll crash and die until you're dead!


MotoIQ Garage Fabrication: Introduction to Fab 
(and how to mess with your friends)

By Steve Rockwood

There comes a time in every car nut's life where no one sells that much-needed part and it must be fabricated from raw materials.  Taking it to a local machine or fabrication shop is an obvious choice, and can definitely yield excellent results.  However, many times the scheduling doesn't pan out, the work is unsatisfactory, or the fabricator is extremely proud of his work with pricing to match.  Most of us, to one extent or another, begin to realize that making parts at home makes sense from an economic standpoint. Unfortunately, in many cases our first attempts at "fabrication" are met with booger welds, frustration, pain and unwanted fires.  Enter MotoIQ's Garage Fabrication Tips: helping you make probably safe parts at home.


Wrench Tips

Wrench Tips #31: Cast Aluminum in a Can

by Dave Coleman

Make your old cast aluminum bits look new again!


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