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A Track Day with Nitto in the Tokyo Auto FR-S

By: Tatsu Tsuchida
Photos: Steve Enomoto & Author

I wouldn't exactly call it an epiphany. I mean this wouldn't be the first time I've felt the euphoria associated with a job well done and the natural high associated when a group of friends come together to rally towards a common goal. To put it bluntly today's exercise is to get Nitto Tires, Cusco, WinmaX, KW, and Speed Ventures some publicity and to have some fun in the process. But somewhere along the way our excercise became much more than a publicity stunt.

Project Gen3 STi GR suspension M7 coilovers SUbaru

Project Gen 3 STi: Suspension upgrade with M7

by Wes Dumalski

When last we left off with Project Gen 3 STi we were enjoying the power and up to this point the only modifications we had done so far were to make the car go faster. It was time to change that as the GR STi is a bit soft around the middle. Our friends at M7 came to our rescue with their Super Street Performance Coilover setup. We were eager to put this new suspension through its paces to see what type of performance it really offered so step inside and read all about it.


Turn in Concepts TiC X Brace CarLab Development

Tested: TiC WRX Suspension Components 

By Wes Dumalski

Here at MotoIQ we really love our jobs; despite the pay or lack thereof we get the chance to play with some really cool toys, see some really cool cars, and test some cutting edge parts! One of the difficult things we face is having parts we really want to test that do not apply to one of our immediate project cars. When we have those scenarios we are forced to improvise by finding a guinea pig vehicle and having our way with someone else's ride for our own sick pleasure and for the sake of filling this web-site with real world content.  In this case the bovine friendly folks at Turn in Concepts wanted us to put some of their latest products through the proverbial MotoIQ paces and report back with our rants and raves. 

For this test TiC wanted our review on the CarLabs Development X Brace and Super Sexy bushing set for the 02-07 Impreza Sedan platforms.


Making the Fast Car Faster with a Wilwood Big Brake System!

By Mike Kojima

Edik Stepanyan's Integra was already one of the fastest cars in the MPTCC series.  To make matters worse for his competitors Edik has been hard at work during the off season dialing in the car specifically for MPTCC rules.  In the previous year Edik's car was set up for NASA's H2 class which meant his car was not built to the full extent that the MPTCC's rules allow.


turbosmart BPV subaru STi impreza

Project Gen 3 STi - Impressions of the Turbosmart IWG75 and BPV

By Wes Dumalski   

"Hey Bro, do you want to test some Turbosmart stuff?" The quoted text is from none other than Martin G from MotoIQ headquarters asking me if I would like to play with any Turbosmart products on our GR STi project. With this project still in the early and mild stages I first scratched my head wondering what I would be able to use and test. When I think Turbosmart I envision huge external wastegates on race cars and e-boost setups. Initially I wondered exactly what I could even use on the STi... Not wanting to miss an opportunity I perused their site and used their vehicle specific search feature to see what they had available.


Project E46 M3: Part 1 - Dyno and Acceleration Testing

By Pablo Mazlumian

It's raining BMWs at MotoIQ all of a sudden.  Introducing our next project, a 2002 E46 BMW M3 with a six-speed manual gearbox, and an engine rated at 333 bhp and 262 lb-ft of torque from the factory 3.2-liter inline-six.  It's dirty but it's also silver so who cares.  In Part 1 of our project we take our bone stock M3 and already start running it through a series of acceleration and dyno tests in hopes of extracting a normally-aspirated 300 whp from the 8000 rpm 3.2-liter.


toyo proxes ra1

TESTED: Toyo Proxes RA1

By Steve Rockwood

It seems the RA1 has been around since before time began. Ask an "old timer" (well, relatively) and they'll tell you that the RA1 was the holy grail of DOT competition tires. A decade ago, a walk through the hot pits of any track event would net you rows and rows of RA1-shod cars. Times have changed, but have they passed the RA1 by? We installed a set on Project G20 Racecar to find out.


OFF-TRACK: Ruger 1022 Buildup - Making a Match Grade .22!

By Mike Kojima

Judging by the people we hang around with in the car industry, it seems like about 90% of car nuts in our circle are also into guns so we decided to do a little write up on one of our gun projects.  This is a purely for fun tech story and we would never politicize our interest.  We are not doomsday preppers, nor are we fantasizing about smoking zombies, but we do like target shooting and higher performance in the stuff we do.  We figured that our readers would like to see what we did to turn a Ruger 1022 into a tack driving paper puncher.


Cobb SF intake Subaru STi MotoIQ dyno test

Project Gen 3STi: Testing the COBB Intake with Some Anti-Bling

By Wes Dumalski

Welcome to WCOB radio... all Cobb Tuning All the time... OK so yeah... the last few installments of Project GR have sounded like the making of a Cobb Tuning radio station! Well quite frankly every time we get the car to a certain point power wise we talk to our friends at Cobb and they tell us we should "try the SF Intake, it's a trick bit of kit and you will love it..." OK so our arms get twisted and we wind up with Cobb's SF Intake and Airbox along with a slew of Cobb goodies to look the part. In this installment we will be testing the SF intake and airbox along with showcasing the e-tune possibilities with the Cobb AccessPORT. 


HANS Photo (replace with Cover)

TESTED: HANS Adjustable and Sparco Harness

By Steve Rockwood

Racing is hazardous to your health.  With a helmet on, one of the most immediate dangers to your continued existence on this planet is a basilar skull fracture. I, like most out there, prefer my neck to stay unbroken, so I went in search of an SFI 38.1 compliant device and harness built specifically for it.  Luckily, HANS and Sparco had something available that had higher expectations than me.


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