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Project E36 M3: Part 3 - Suspension Version 1.0: HVT

Project E36 M3: Part 3 - Suspension Version 1.0

by Jonathan Lawson

Now we’re getting into the exciting bits of Project E36 M3.  It’s been a joy to drive in mostly-stock form, but it’s time to get into the real fun: Suspension!

The groundwork for our suspension project began a few months ago when I had a meeting with Brian Hanchey of Hanchey Vehicle Technologies (HVT) while we were at Kansas Speedway’s GRAND AM race weekend.  The prospects of our discussion had me bouncing off the walls with excitement.


GrimmSpeed Subaru top mount intercooler tested MotoIQ

Tested: GrimmSpeed Subaru Top Mount Intercooler

by Wes Dumalski

Around here we appreciate quality and well thought out parts that fill a void in the marketplace. Regardless of company size or the expanse of their market reach it is refreshing to see a company and its collective mindset introduce a product that doesn’t re-invent the wheel but goes a long way to making it much more efficient. In this case that company is GrimmSpeed and that product is their Subaru Top Mount Intercooler. 


KW Dynamic Damping Control, ddc, review, tested, motoiq

TESTED: KW Dynamic Damping Control - DDC

By Martin Gonzales

There comes a time in every gear heads life when he/she must ask themselves, "Why in St. Kojima's name am I driving my track set-up to work?".  If you can relate, then no doubt you've been victim to the track-bug's high octane venom.  Which also means the vehicle you use for daily transportation has been molested and tinkered with to the point that it no longer has what little refinement it had when it drove off the showroom floor.  All done in the name of faster lap times of course, but your vehicle is now serving as a constant reminder that there really is no such thing as an all purpose vehicle.  Well, enter KW's Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) system.

Tested: Qstarz LT-Q6000 GPS Lap Timer

by Clint Boisdeau

Proper technique, experience, and seat time are usually what gets you faster around a road course.  But once a certain level is reached, finding time and consistency takes more then just instinct and a lap time.  Lap telemetry and data acquisition used to be the dreams that race teams were made of.  Such data loggers were either out of most grassroots drivers' budgets, and/or more complicated to use than sending a man into space.  Within the last few years though, the combination of high market demand and  cost reduction in technology have made way for many different lap telemetry products that are not only affordable, but also easy to operate with high levels of available tech support.  Qstarz is one of these companies, and the LT-Q6000 is their flagship lap telemetry/data unit.


Project E46 M3: Part 2 - Cat-back Exhaust and Pulleys

By Pablo Mazlumian

In our quest for an all-motor 100whp/liter, we install and dyno test a cat-back exhaust and under drive pulleys from industry leaders.  How much power do you think these upgrades provided our M3?


Project Trailer-All Done and Using It!

By Mike Kojima

We have gotten a few emails asking about the status of Project Trailer and to be honest we had kinda forgotten to write about it in the mad rush that life in our world is about.  The truth is that our trailer works quite well and that we are pretty happy about going with a custom trailer built to our specs by Shadow Trailers in Cypress California.


Project E36 M3: Part 1 - Taming the Wobbly BeastProject E36 M3: Part 1 - Taming the Wobbly Beast

by Jonathan Lawson

I'm an addict.  A full-fledged, mainlining, E36 M3 addict, and I haven't been able to lift myself out of it since 1995 when the E36 M3 was released in the U.S. By the summer of 1999 I jumped in at the tail end of the production run.  I'll save you from all of the boring in-between details for now, but after trying to shake the chassis out of my system, my fourth example now sits in our garage.


igloocase igloo case iPhone 5 MotoIQ review Wes DumalskiTested: Igloo Case for iPhone

By: Wes Dumalski

As much as we like fast cars and sano builds here at MotoIQ we also love tech gadgets! Messing with cameras, microphones, cell phones, instatwittergrambook uploads; all of these things are what we do on a daily basis to bring MotoIQ to the masses. It should go without saying that when new items hit the market that offer us the ability to do those things in a more efficient manner, our pointy nerd ears perk up and our fingers buzz the web in search of said future altering technical goodness. In this case the gadget of mention is the Igloo case for the iPhone. Click on is as we put the case through its paces…


A Track Day with Nitto in the Tokyo Auto FR-S

By: Tatsu Tsuchida
Photos: Steve Enomoto & Author

I wouldn't exactly call it an epiphany. I mean this wouldn't be the first time I've felt the euphoria associated with a job well done and the natural high associated when a group of friends come together to rally towards a common goal. To put it bluntly today's exercise is to get Nitto Tires, Cusco, WinmaX, KW, and Speed Ventures some publicity and to have some fun in the process. But somewhere along the way our excercise became much more than a publicity stunt.

Project Gen3 STi GR suspension M7 coilovers SUbaru

Project Gen 3 STi: Suspension upgrade with M7

by Wes Dumalski

When last we left off with Project Gen 3 STi we were enjoying the power and up to this point the only modifications we had done so far were to make the car go faster. It was time to change that as the GR STi is a bit soft around the middle. Our friends at M7 came to our rescue with their Super Street Performance Coilover setup. We were eager to put this new suspension through its paces to see what type of performance it really offered so step inside and read all about it.


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