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Performance Friction’s Killer BMW 135i Brake System

Performance Friction’s Killer BMW 135i Brake System. Track Tested, Street Durable!

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

In a Time Attack car, the brake system is just as critical for a winning car as the engine.  The same is true for a street car but under differing parameters.  A successful race car has to slow down rapidly and repeatedly from high speeds. A street car has to do the same but for 100,000 miles with little maintenance.


Mike Kojima Revenge of the Nerd 


By Mike Kojima

My involvement this year supporting Dai Yoshihara and James Deane with Falken Motorsports in Formula D drifting has been a wild ride.  It was a very interesting learning experience as I finally discovered what the dynamics of a really good drift car are and how to set up the chassis to deliver the performance a driver needs to do his job.  Modern Pro drifting is probably the greatest challenge for chassis set up out of any sedan based motorsport and the SPD Metalworks crew works pretty hard to get the car just right for any given course. 






VIDEO: Dai Yoshihara helps us test the ContourHD and Traqmate GPS Data Acquisition System!

MotoIQ Staff Report

We tried out our new ContourHD cameras and Traqmate GPS data acquisition system on Dai Yoshihara's Team Falken Chevy LS powered S13 drift car at Formula D in Vegas... Unfortunately for us, it was hot.  Really hot even in the Nevada night. The heat on track was causing problems with the car's electrical system, the rear mounted battery's electrolyte was boiling even with heat shielding! This was causing the vehicle's line voltage to fluctuate wildly and in an effort to reduce electrical load, we disconnected the system after just the first couple of Dai's practice runs when he was trying to familiarize himself with the deceivingly technical Las Vegas course


Fastbrakes Nissan 370Z two piece rotors

Fastbrakes Nissan 370Z Superlight Rotor Upgrade!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Big brake upgrade specialists, Fastbrakes is pleased to announce their upgraded high performance super light two-piece rotor for the Nissan 370Z Sport Models with the Akebono 4 piston caliper. Although the 370Z is blessed with great brakes, they can be made better.


Nitto NT05 Tire Review

MotoIQ Staff Report

Although the Nitto NT05 was released a few months ago and is now somewhat old news, we would still like to report on it as we were part of the team that help conceptualize the tire from when it was proposed a few years ago.  Because of this attraction we are proud to see it on the market. Although Nitto has always had good product in its DOT Race and street tire market classes, Nitto was notably absent in offerings in the highest niche of ultra high performance near race, street legal tires.


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