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TESTED:  Goodyear Eagle RS Competition Tire

By Steve Rockwood

The most important part of a race car, and likely the largest expense you’ll have in any given racing weekend, is tires.  As a result, I want to make those expensive gumballs last as long as possible without going slow.  In the never ending game of rubberized trade-offs, we installed a set of Goodyear Eagle RS DOT R-compound tires on Project G20 Racecar.


TESTED:  2012 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid 

By Greg Vogel 

380 HP. 428 lb.-ft of torque. 8 speed AT. 0-60 in 4.7 seconds. 200 MPH speedometer and 20 pistons of Monoblock braking goodness. Hybrid?



MotoIQ Certified Legit!

By Wes Dumalski

Let's face it.... There are a lot of shit products on the market and we here at MotoIQ make no bones about the fact that we hate crappy parts and knock offs. In a straight out rebellion against said polished piles of crap we have come up with a designation of sorts. When we find a product we like, one that is cutting edge, works well, makes sense, bests others in performance etc.... we will bestow it with the honor of being MotoIQ "Certified Legit".



DashCommand Product Review Cover Shot

Tested: Palmer Performance Engineering's DashCommand

By Steve Rockwood

Technology is amazing.  Back in the heyday of the import scene, people who had serious setups – or wanted to look like they had serious setups – had rows on rows of gauges.  The closer the resemblance to the cockpit of a Boeing 747 your Civic's dash looked, the more street cred you had.  These days, however, products like Palmer Performance Engineering's DashCommand takes those rows of gauges, and puts them into a device that fits in the palm of your hand.


KW Suspensions New Coil Over System for Nissans 300ZX!

KW Suspensions New Coil Over System for Nissan's 300ZX!

by Mike Kojima

KW has been looking at their product line up and has made a decision to start adding some applications for some of the classic Japanese exotics from the Japanese supercar heyday of the early to mid 90’s. KW has already come up with coilovers for the MK IV Supra and the NSX. The FD RX-7 is on the R&D schedule and we helped with the R&D for the latest Japanese classic addition, the Nissan Z32 300ZX.


Testing Fastbrake's Bigger Brake Kit

Testing Fastbrakes' Bigger Brake Kit

By Mike Kojima

Fastbrakes is an Arizona company whose claim to fame is making affordable brake upgrade kits for many cars and having applications for niche models like the Nissan Sentra SE-R.  Since some of us race SE-Rs as they are a cheap and sturdy platform, we have a lot of experience with Fastbrakes' upgrade kits for the car.


AEM Water Injection Monitor Part 2: Catching Our Mistakes and Upgrading Our Water Injection System

AEM Water Injection Monitor Part 2: Catching Our Mistakes and Upgrading Our Water Injection System

By Mike Kojima

Over the past few months in-between other projects we have been tinkering around with AEM’s water methanol injection kit on our in-house Evo IX project car.  You can read about the kit here.   A few weeks ago we installed AEM’s new injection monitoring system which you can read about here.


Lexus IS-F K&N Typhoon air intake dyno test

Project Lexus IS-F Part 1:  We Test the K&N Typhoon High Flow Air Intake

By Mike Kojima

When our friends at K&N heard that we had gotten an IS-F, they got excited and insisted that we try out their Typhoon high flow air intake system as they claimed that they had gotten excellent results in their testing.


We Test Synapse Engineering's Synchronic Blow Off Valve and DV Diverter Valve

We Test Synapse Engineering's Synchronic Blow Off Valve and DV Diverter Valve

By Mike Kojima

We have been friends with Synapse Engineering's chief engineer Peter Medina for a long time, since before he started the company and even before he had the ideas that launched its product line.  Many years ago Peter came up with an original twist for pneumatic controlled devices, a piston actuated control valve.  Not just any piston actuated control valve either, Peter's valve had an actuator piston with two substrates, basically two individual pistons coaxially divided on one piston head, basically a stepped piston.


AEM Water/Methanol Failsafe Device Evaluation

By Mike Kojima

We are very familiar with water and water/methanol injection; many years ago, we were one of the first to tune with modern water injection systems and took advantage of water's ability to inhibit detonation and provide charge cooling in forced induction engines.  With water you can run more timing, more boost, leaner air fuel mixtures, a combination of all three or just use water to gain a measure of safety and to control engine temperatures for track use.


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