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Industry Insider - Seibon Carbon

By Mike Kojima

Seibon Carbon is what we are defining as a second wave Asian performance parts company.   A few years ago, our booming performance industry was decimated by several factors, one of which was the economic downturn, another of which was a big influx of fly by night Asian companies that made cheap rip offs of established parts, distributing them with little overhead cost on Ebay and marketing them for free on Forums.


AMS Alpha Omega GTR Automotosport Chicago Mitsubishi Evo X IX XIIICompany Profile: AMS Performance 

By Wes Dumalski 

AMS Performance... No we are not talking about the knock off CDM version we are talking about the original Automotosport hailing from Chicago Illinois. Truth be told I spent some time at the AMS shop last November and began working on this article. It should have been before your eyes long ago, I should have been able to belt out a piece regaling you with their amazing records in the drag racing, power output, and time attack worlds. I should have been touting their accomplishments in the EVO and GTR worlds. SHOULD is the operative word here. The reality was that I didn't want to write THAT article. Hell every AMS article talks about their accomplishments from 8 Second Evo's and GTR's, to one of the most dominant time attack cars in US history. And while those are the things that AMS is best known for NONE of them would be possible without a key ingredient. That's right I am going to brush those things aside and focus on what makes AMS tick.... PEOPLE.



Company Profile - Radium Engineering

By Wes Dumalski



noun: obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, especially those having little or no artistic merit.

Shit, I could use the above to describe just about every article I have ever written. But the reality is that when I first laid my eyes on the offerings of Radium Engineering, PORN was the first thing that came to mind. In the current sea of inferior parts to lay gaze on the products that Radium proudly engineers, prototypes, and builds here in the States is nothing short of inspiring!


What the Hell?  HKS to Close US Operations!

MotoIQ Staff Report

We were shocked and dismayed to see this notice come across our desks yesterday afternoon.  HKS the iconic Japanese manufacturer of some of the best engineered tuner parts on the market is ceasing US operations.  HKS will start winding down operations and be done here sometime this summer, around August.


KW Suspension Factory Tour

Industry Insider: KW Suspension Factory Tour Part 2

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

In our last installment we left you deep inside KW Suspension's wonder factory.  So far none of us has fallen into the shock fluid, turned purple and round, been sucked into TV's or mauled by squirrels. Now lets rejoin the tour!

To Read Part One Click Here!


VIDEO: KW Suspension Factory Tour - A Suspension is Born

By Jeff Naeyaert

While in Germany at the KW plant, we got a first hand look at how KW designs, tests and produces suspension systems.  You can see KW's 7 post shaker rig in action as well as ride development testing.  Check out how the 7 post works!


KW Suspension Factory Tour

Industry Insider: KW Suspension Factory Tour, Part 1

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

We were stoked when we got a call from KW Suspension asking if we would like to visit their facilities in Germany a few months ago.  We felt like how Charlie in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory must have felt when he found that golden ticket for a tour of a wonderful place.  If you don't know who or what KW is, they are the makers of some of the best suspensions available for both the tuner and the professional racing market.


Inside ACT clutches

Industry Insider: A Look Inside ACT clutches

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

We have been familiar with the ACT clutch line for many years.  One of the race cars in the MotoIQ stable has been running an ACT clutch for the last 7 years which is probably over 20,000 racing miles with no problems at all.  This is real racing mileage on a track, punishing use probably 5 times tougher than street driving. Perhaps the motorsport that is the hardest on clutches is drifting. Our friends on the Formula D circuit Joon Mang and Tanner Foust use off the shelf ACT clutches in the brutal, abusive clutch kicking world of Pro Drifting. For street use, ACT clutches are known to be great at holding torque with good smoothness and light pedal effort.


Performance Friction Brakes

Performance Friction, State of the Art Braking Systems

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

Those in the know are very familiar with the Performance Friction company. Performance Friction brakes are found on most of the paddock at the highest levels of pro racing. IRL, NASCAR and ALMS teams go to Performance Friction as the brand of choice for their brake system and friction material needs.

Performance Friction is also a brand of choice in the tuner market. Many of the top Time Attack cars run Performance Friction pads and brake systems as well as a legion of club racers. Performance Friction pads are also a favorite among the staff at MotoIQ. We are enamored of the performance and consistency of the product.


Industry Insider: A Look at the Technology Behind RAYS Wheels

by Mike Kojima

It's no secret that the staff of MotoIQ is really into Rays Volk brand of wheels. You will find Volks on nearly all of our racing projects and most of our personal street cars. No, it's not because we get an endless supply of sponsored Volks, we pay for our own. It's not because we are fans of the styling either although we do like it. It's not because we are fashion snobs that want the latest high status wheels on our cars either. In typical MotoIQ fashion, we really value function over form. We like Volks due to their performance.


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