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Kooks Custom Headers

Kook’s Custom Headers, Get Kookin’ with Kooks

By Billy Johnson, photos by Brian Humphries

Kook’s Custom Headers might not be a household name in the tuner market, but they pride themselves as the pioneers in the stainless steel header revolution.  Their headers are trusted in some of the most demanding environments in the world, where every last horsepower matters.  Championship-winning NASCAR, NHRA, ADRL, IHRA, NMCA, NMRA, SCCA, and NASA teams go to Kook’s Headers for their decades of experience and their high quality state-of-the-art products.


Nerd’s Eye View: 2013 Performance Racing Industry Show

by Wes Dumalski 

If you were one of the more than 40,000 sets of eyes that had a chance to read through our first PRI article, here is the sequel. In our previous article we slaved from 8:00AM to 1:30AM to bring you 16 pages of goodness! That meant a whirlwind tour through specific booths and a map of what we needed to cover from start to finish. It also left ZERO time to walk around the show and soak it all in on Thursday. So on Friday and Saturday we strolled to bring you what WE thought was cool, the things that caught our eye, our Nerd's eye....


igloocase igloo case iPhone 5 MotoIQ review Wes DumalskiTested: Igloo Case for iPhone

By: Wes Dumalski

As much as we like fast cars and sano builds here at MotoIQ we also love tech gadgets! Messing with cameras, microphones, cell phones, instatwittergrambook uploads; all of these things are what we do on a daily basis to bring MotoIQ to the masses. It should go without saying that when new items hit the market that offer us the ability to do those things in a more efficient manner, our pointy nerd ears perk up and our fingers buzz the web in search of said future altering technical goodness. In this case the gadget of mention is the Igloo case for the iPhone. Click on is as we put the case through its paces…


Radium Engineering Releases Their Fuel Surge Tank Kit For The BMW E46 

Industry Press Release

Radium Engineering is proud to release a newly developed Fuel Surge Tank installation kit for all BMW E46 models (excluding convertible). Fuel starvation due to fuel slosh has long been an issue when performance driving the E46 BMW. This kit now gives owners a way to eliminate fuel starvation in a comprehensive and cleanly designed package. Furthermore, it is an easy way to upgrade the fuel pump without the need to open the factory fuel tank.


Global Time Attack Road Atlanta 2013 Doug Wind SRT4

Global Time Attack - Round 1 - Road Atlanta 

By Wes Dumalski 

Quality images by Sarah Forst and mediocre shots by Wes Dumalski 

Attacking time is a funny thing… All sorts of things happen during these 2 day race weekends and no one knows what mother nature or Newton has in store for us. This past weekend at Road Atlanta both of these personas had a chance to show us who's boss and utterly prove that we are in control of very little. In this case the Saturday forecast brought likely promises of rain and when the teams hit the track to sunny skies they were in a fury to set down fast laps as no one knew (not even the weather people; do they ever?) what would unfold. As luck would have it the rain held off and as teams pushed ever further it was Newton who would prevail on this day. Through 11 wins in a row and numerous track records the Professional Awesome EVO VII would turn its last laps in anger, its life cut short by Road Atlanta.


UMS Evo Feature Global Time Attack

Nerd's Eye View:  UMS Time Attack Evo

By Wes Dumalski

Like all car stories this one starts as a tale of insanity… The 2003 Mistubishi Lancer Evolution VIII you see before you was one of the first Evos to hit the States and ever since it landed it has been within the sites of Tony Szirka. While he did not own the car when it arrived, his hands have been on it ever since several Arizona based shops were unable to deliver on the previous owner's requests. Like many cars despite the fact that the title is held in someone else's name the car belongs to the one that works on it, slaves over it, and pours their heart and soul in to making it all that it can be, and in this case that person is NOT the owner.


 Modified StreetCar Shootoout Full Race S14

2013 Modified StreetCar Shootout - The Rules, The Cars, The Big Tease.

By Wes Dumalski and Sarah Forst 

Like all good stories, this one starts on the airplane while on line for the shitter. I hear a voice come up behind me “my GOD this woman won’t shut the hell up”... I turn to fund the animated Bill Caswell and we begin bantering about this woman on the plane who had been talking about absolutely nothing at all for 2 hours. I am on this plane and talking to Bill Caswell because I could not get a refund on my Expedia package and rather than let the tickets go to waste I figured I could still head to Arizona and cover the UMS tuning time attack event and find some good feature cars. As luck would have it two complete car nuts are on the same plane heading to the same place to do the same damn thing; be geeks. 


seibon, motoiq, carbon fiber, industry insider

Industry Insider - Seibon Carbon

By Mike Kojima

Seibon Carbon is what we are defining as a second wave Asian performance parts company.   A few years ago, our booming performance industry was decimated by several factors, one of which was the economic downturn, another of which was a big influx of fly by night Asian companies that made cheap rip offs of established parts, distributing them with little overhead cost on Ebay and marketing them for free on Forums.


Turbosmart, Nissan R35 GTR, Internal Wastegate Actuator

Turbosmart - Nissan R35 GTR Internal Wastegate Actuator

Industry Press Release

Turbosmart's Nissan R35 GTR Internal Wastegate Actuator (IWG) kit provides better turbo response and greater sensitivity when managing boost pressures. Designed as a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory part, the Nissan R35 GTR IWG kit is easy to install and requires no special tools or fabrication. It canʼt get any easier!


AMS Alpha Omega GTR Automotosport Chicago Mitsubishi Evo X IX XIIICompany Profile: AMS Performance 

By Wes Dumalski 

AMS Performance... No we are not talking about the knock off CDM version we are talking about the original Automotosport hailing from Chicago Illinois. Truth be told I spent some time at the AMS shop last November and began working on this article. It should have been before your eyes long ago, I should have been able to belt out a piece regaling you with their amazing records in the drag racing, power output, and time attack worlds. I should have been touting their accomplishments in the EVO and GTR worlds. SHOULD is the operative word here. The reality was that I didn't want to write THAT article. Hell every AMS article talks about their accomplishments from 8 Second Evo's and GTR's, to one of the most dominant time attack cars in US history. And while those are the things that AMS is best known for NONE of them would be possible without a key ingredient. That's right I am going to brush those things aside and focus on what makes AMS tick.... PEOPLE.


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