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No Respect, Project Nissan Sentra Spec-V part 2

By Mike Kojima

In our first installment of project Spec-V, in an effort to turn an unloved econobox into a sharply honed time attack weapon, we stripped our car to a bare shell and started construction on a roll cage. The roll cage is more than just a structure to protect the vehicles occupants in a crash; the roll cage is also the most important part of a race cars suspension system providing a ridged platform for the suspension.


EVO IX Power Tweeks Part 2

By Mike Kojima

When we last left project EVO IX we had just tried out the most basic bolt on mods and ended up being pretty pleased with the results, picking up nearly 30 whp from stock with just a few hours of work including dyno time. Drivability was improved as well making our experience a win win situation.


Project Pathfinder Part 2, Brake Upgrades

By Mari Umekubo

Even with our prior upgrades to Project Pathfinder, our brakes still had much room for improvement.  Although we could now lock our wheels on clean dry pavement (amazingly the stock brakes could not lock our big sticky Yokohama tires!) it took pushing with all of our might and several revolutions of the wheels to get the pads hot enough so they could get enough bite to lock the wheels.  This sort of braking added precious feet to our stopping distance and made pedal modulation difficult, critical for limit braking performance.


Project Pathfinder Part 1

By Mari Umekubo

Project Pathfinder started out as a necessity, not because we are into SUV’s or off road but because of a need.  For the last two years we have been racing in NASA’s SE-R cup series and using our old 1993 Pathfinder SE as a two vehicle.  This taught us a couple of things, 1 a stock old Pathfinder is not a good tow vehicle due to a lack of power and brakes and 2 a SUV is probably not the safest vehicle on the road for carrying your loved ones due to its tipsy handling.


Project Nissan Sentra SE-R: HKS GT3037 Turbo

By Aaron LaBeau

In our last article we covered an introduction of Project Sentra SE-R. Building a turbo kit that will make respectable power and have quick boost response is a challenge. Thankfully other SE-R owners have been down this road before. Still, being the types of people we are here at MotoIQ we're always looking for bigger and better, or in this case more power and quicker boost response. Our goal is to have the boost response commonly found in the T-25/T-28 turbos but achieve the high peak hp (400 wheel hp) possible in the Turbonetics T3/T04E turbo.


Project Rally Beater Return to Glory

Project Rally Beater -- Return to GLORY

(or return to rallying an old piece of crap, at least...)

By Dave Coleman

It only took one turn for all my doubts to disappear. It had been four and a half years since the Rally beater last turned a wheel in anger and I was, only moments earlier, quite skeptical that it could still do it. When I dropped the hammer at the start of stage 1, I still had no idea if the car would work. After all that time parked in your driveway, nothing you can do on the pavement will tell you if your old box still handles well in the dirt or if you still remember how to drive it. But as the SR20 wailed and the gravel flew, the beater's normally rough, clattery ride smoothed out into a gloriously fluid set of arcs, slides, and various maneuvers named after old Scandinavians. I had almost enough time to start giggling with boyish glee before the engine turned off.


Project Silvia lead JIC Strut story

Project Nissan S13 Silvia: How to Polish Your Tube
(or What to do When Your JIC Struts Dry Up)

By Dave Coleman

Engineering a car is a series of compromises. When Nissan decided to make the 240SX a slow, soft piece of suck, it was a compromise calculated to make it durable, quiet, easy to drive every day, and cheap to build. When I decided to take this same worn-out, 300,000-mile piece of suck and make it fast, I was naturally sacrificing some of that comfort and undoubtedly some durability.


Project Low Buck Nissan SR20DE Part 2

By Mike Kojima

In our last edition of Project Low Buck SR20DE, we stated our goals to obtain a decent amount of naturally aspirated horsepower and good track day drivable reliability from an underdog plain jane SR20DE without braking the bank. Fulfilling these goals would also create an engine with excellent street driving characteristics as well. All of our engine work will be done on the cheap with a tight budget in mind but with plenty of attention paid to minor details that can really help an engine live under the stress of track day pounding, perhaps the most abusive environment that a grass roots enthusiast will subject his engine to.


Project NSX: Part 1 - Building the Bulletproof Transaxle

by Billy Johnson and Mike Kojima

Now  the Acura NSX is becoming affordable on the used car market and there are many fine examples for a reasonable price for sale at any given time.  Although the car is still quite modern, some of the technology has become a bit long in the tooth and needs some upgrading to stay in line with current supercars and even what can be done to some of the other Japanese exotics in the aftermarket.


Project Silvia lead wheel bearing storyProject S13 Silvia: The official guide to not screwing up your wheel bearings like I did.

by Dave Coleman

The first one died after an ordinary day at the Streets of Willow Springs. Rolling to the trackside gas pumps to satiate the car's bottomless thirst for petroleum, there was a nasty growling noise. Turning right made it go away. Turning left made it get worse.


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