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Project Honda S2000

Project S2000 Part 4- Taking it to the Track!

By Khiem Dinh

The Honda S2000 is one of our all time favorite cars.  In stock trim, it is also pretty capable.  With its 50/50 weight distribution and low polar moment of inertia and sophisticated multilink suspension, the S2000 is pretty darned good out of the box.  So good that it's one of those cars that tuners often mess up and actually end up reducing the performance on.  Well hopefully that won't be us.

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Engine Tech, Building the Nissan VG30DETT part 2

By Mike Kojima

In the last installment of our build, we delved into building the bottom end of our VG30DETT engine for the goal of reliably achieving 550 plus horsepower.  In this segment we will look into what was done to our top end including the cylinder heads to support this power level.

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Project Toyota Tundra TRD Intake

Project Toyota Tundra Part 2, TRD Cold Air Intake

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

In our last edition of Project Tundra, we discussed why we selected what is now our favorite truck of all time. We basically needed an office hauler, capable of carrying parts, carrying our staff and towing race cars all over the place under all conditions.  It had to tow like a diesel and be reliable like a daily driver.

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VIDEO: Project Scion tC at Watkins Glen!

Check out Project Scion and her sister car taking 1st and 2nd place at Watkins Glen in World Challenge Touring Car class!  Congratulations guys!

Modifed Turbo Nissan QR25DE

Extreme Engine Tech: Jim Wolf Technology's Turbo Nissan QR25DE Powerhouse Part 2

By Mike Kojima

When we last left off on our QR25DE project, Jim Wolf Technology was well on the development path for our motor with new rods, pistons and the removal of the balance shafts.  JWT still had a few more tricks up their sleeves to help the motor make more power and to improve its reliability that we will get into in this installment.

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Project Honda S2000 Stoptech big brake upgrade

Project Honda S2000 Part 3- Brakes that don't Break

By Khiem Dinh, Photos by Jeff Naeyaert

Although the Honda S2000 is one of our favorite all time cars, one of the parts we like the least about the car is the brake system.  Although they are perfectly adequate for street duty, the stock brakes do not match the excellent handling ability of the car and are not up to snuff for track day use. S2000s that are tracked heavily, especially on non-staggered setups running 245 or 255 width front tires, are prone to cracking front rotors.  The added traction from the wider front tires means more braking power and therefore more heat the front brakes must dissipate.  This added heat is simply beyond the capacity of the stock brakes’ design, leading to oft cracked rotors.

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Project 200SX - Track Ready?

By Wes Dumalski

It's no secret that driving your car at speed on a road course will bring to light all of the car's weaknesses. After sorting the motor and suspension we decided to take Project 200SX to a few track day events to put the car through its paces. While the car has proven dead reliable we certainly found its shortcomings.


Project Garage: Part II

Project Garage: Part II - To See or Not to See

By Sarah Forst

Project Garage Part II is getting better lighting!  We'll explore the different options for lighting large garage spaces and creating a shop-worthy garage. 


Project Aprilia SR50

100 MPG Madness, Project Aprilia SR50- Brakes, Bling and Suspension

By Mike Kojima

In the last edition of Project Aprillia SR50, we had upgraded our little 50cc high tech scooter from an in-town runabout to a serious 60 mph capable commuter capable of handling rides on the fastest crowded main streets and parkways without cowering in the slow lane. Now to build a balanced bike, since we upped the speed and acceleration, it was time to address the brakes and suspension.  The SR50 is blessed with some excellent Grimeca hydraulic disc brakes from the factory but we set out to improve them.

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Project Miatabusa Part 2 the engine is in!

Project Miatabusa, Part 2: The Engine Is IN!

By Dave Coleman

Holy crap, this is gonna work!

Wanna see this abomination in person? We're dragging it to the MX-5 Miatafest at Mazda R&D in Irvine, CA this July 17. Cliky the linkey for more info:




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