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Project MKVI Golf TDI: Rawtek Exhaust and Malone Tuning [video inside]

by Steve Rockwood

Modern diesels are light years ahead of their predecessors when it comes to power. No longer is the diesel owner subjected to white-knuckle freeway merges at school zone speeds, scary amounts of noise, smoke-screen plumes and honking horns as fellow motorists pass them with windows down. That doesn’t mean there they can’t be faster. This goes doubly true when you consider Project Golf TDI’s sporty looks. Getting passed by Mom in the minivan with nary a glance was getting a little depressing.


Project MKVI Golf TDI Handling Upgrades Cover

Project MKVI Golf TDI: Handling Upgrades Part Deux

By Steve Rockwood

Here's the thing: the nutjobs that make up MotoIQ are never happy.  Give us an improvement, and we'll look at improving the improvement.  Put a pea under a thousand race buckets and we'll still feel it.  Such was the case with our Project MKVI Golf TDI: we were definitely impressed with our first round of suspension mods by ST and Whiteline, we also felt the handling improvement package wasn't complete.  That pea started feeling like a boulder.


Project MKVI Golf TDI: Introduction and Suspension Upgrades

By Steve Rockwood

Diesels aren’t for everyone. It takes a special breed to sacrifice comfort and performance for efficiency. They’re noisier than their gas counterparts, they make less power, you can’t find fuel for them everywhere, and they’re dirtier. Anyone who has been behind a diesel Chevy Celebrity wagon, breathing in clouds of diesel stink while crawling up the onramp at 23mph will attest to these sentiments. Fortunately, VW didn’t give up on improving the quirkiness of Rudolph Diesel’s sparkless engine. The TDI Clean Diesel engine found in our Project MKVI Golf TDI has none of these vices. It is the everyman diesel.

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