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Project Tundra: Getting More Grip with an Auburn Gear HP Limited Slip Differential

by Mike Kojima

Supercharging Project Tundra is one of the best things we have ever done to any project vehicle in the MotoIQ fleet.  The TRD supercharger has proven to be totally reliable in thousands of miles from towing up hill in blazing heat to driving all over the place.  It has also proven to be economical as our normal driving gas mileage has not changed at all.  If anything the large amounts of power have had only one negative effect on the truck, no traction.  To help deal with this we obtained the only limited slip diff on the market for late model Tundra's, the Auburn Gear HP Limited Slip Differential.


Project Car Update:  The V8 Edition

By Colin Holte

A quick glance at the project car column should tell you that MotoIQ has a large (and ever expanding) roster of project vehicles.  With all these vehicles it can sometimes be tough to keep the updates flowing for each.  In some cases vehicles may have even been sold but we still keep them on the project roll for posterity.  These articles are intended to share a little bit of the details with you of where some of the project vehicles that haven't seen the spotlight in a while are at in their evolution.  In this installment we check in with the V8s:  Project Mustang V8 5.0, Project Tundra, Project V8 RX-7, and Project Lexus IS F.


Project Tundra

Project Toyota Tundra Part 10- Suspension by King Shocks

By Mike Kojima

When we last left off, we had installed bigger brakes as well as wheels and tires on Project Tundra.  The big wheels left us with rubbing problems which we addressed by moving the fender liners and modifying the front crossmember.  We wanted to get even more wheel well clearance so we decided to raise our truck slightly.  The stock Tundra has a nose down attitude which looks a little funny so we wanted to raise the front of the truck by about an inch.  We did not want to build a Metal Mulisha bro mobile, just raise our truck a little and improve handling if we could.

To do this we decided to get a set of King Offroad coilover OEM replacement shocks.  The King shocks were designed to maximize performance on a stock truck at close to the stock ride height.  The King Shocks were designed to run at the stock rear ride height while raising the front about 3".


Project Toyota Tundra Part 9- Installing TRD's big brakes & Volk Wheels

By Mike Kojima

When we last left off we had just gotten our TRD big brake set and were anticipating installing them on our Project Tundra Supertruck.  However our brakes were so big we could not fit them under our forged 17" TRD wheels.  It was not even close.  Checking with TRD we found that the smallest diameter wheel we could use was a large 20" in diameter wheel.


Project Toyota Tundra Part 8- Upgrading the Brakes with TRD

By Mike Kojima

Its been a long time since we last visited Project Tundra.  Our super truck has been performing admirable duty around MotoIQ headquarters as our company workhorse.  It has been towing cars around, toting go karts and hauling parts for the past year without complaint. Our Supercharged Tundra has been flawless in performance and reliability even getting slightly better than stock fuel economy.


Project Toyota Tundra- Installing and testing the TRD Supercharger Part2

Project Toyota Tundra - Installing and testing the TRD Supercharger Part2

by Mike Kojima

In a flashback Friday we're taking you back to when we turned our Tundra into a "Huge fast house" and showed an Evo driver who's boss. We have been building our Project Tundra into the ultimate towing machine over the past year with the help of Toyota and TRD. Toyota and TRD’s accessories including the supercharger are great in the fact that they do not affect your warranty and can even be financed at the dealer at the time you purchase your car if you are so inclined.


Project Toyota Tundra- Installing the TRD Supercharger Part 1

Project Toyota Tundra- Installing the TRD Supercharger Part 1

By Mike Kojima

When we last left off on Project Tundra we had installed a TRD cold air intake and TRD exhaust system.  We were enjoying the high quality, warranty friendliness and smog legalness of our TRD factory engineered performance parts.  However being how we are we still wanted more.  In our search for the ultimate tow and work vehicle, we obtained one of TRD's awesome supercharger kits.


Project Toyota Tundra Part 5:  Testing TRD’s Warranty Friendly Exhaust System

Project Toyota Tundra Part 5:  Testing TRD’s Warranty Friendly Exhaust System

By Mike Kojima

It’s been a while since we tested our last power adder on Project Tundra, a TRD cold air intake.  Not that we had any complaints about our truck's power.  Project Tundra continues as always in service as our main office truck, hauling parts, towing our project cars around and serving as our mobile headquarters at events where it can haul scooters, photo gear, a race car, tools and parts.  Like our staff, our Tundra is always working hard.

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MotoIQ's project toyota tundra

Project Toyota Tundra Part 4: Genuine Toyota Accessories

By Mike Kojima

We hate cheesy aftermarket accessories whose lower quality often degrades a cool truck like our Tundra.  Well we found solutions to all of our practical issues with a trip to our Toyota dealer who helped us out with some high quality Toyota genuine accessories to fix our problems.  Toyota accessories are built to the same quality standards as the vehicle and will not degrade your warranty.  They are also warranted the same as the vehicle and if installed by the dealer at the time of purchase, can also be financed through the dealer.

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Project Tundra Part 3, Making Life Better with 3M Crystalline Window Tint and Protective Film

Project Tundra Part 3, Making Life Better with 3M Crystalline Window Tint and Protective Films 

By Mike Kojima

We spend a lot of time in Project Tundra and if we can do a few things to it to make our life a little easier it is all a good thing.  All of our race tracks in Southern California are in hot areas and most of them are in the desert. This means that we are constantly fighting heat, blowing sand, debris and other severe environmental conditions. To help keep Project Tundra's interior cooler and to protect our paint, lights and trim from abrasion and pitting during road trips, we called upon the folks at 3M for help with some of their advanced film technology.

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