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Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R: Front End Protection with Premium Shield

By Mike Kojima

We have written articles about getting the paint on our various project cars protected with various films in the past with a great amount of success.  Like all things protective film technology is continuously improving and we were lucky enough to sample one of the latest in protective films on our Project R35 GT-R.

Our friends at Service Group Distribution are into film technology and they are the ones that introduce us to new stuff.  We got a call from them where they wanted to demo their new Premium Shield film for us.  What better car to try it on than our new DBA GT-R?


Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R

By Mike Kojima

Our Project GT-R was originally going to be an early 2009 CBA model.  We had acquired a low mileage first generation CBA and were about to start applying the normal MotoIQ tricks when we got to drive a 2014 model second generation or DBA GT-R at a dealer and were pretty amazed at the difference in refinement and performance that the newer car had over the old car.

The CBA was no slouch at all but the DBA was much faster, handled noticeably better and was much more refined from a NVH standpoint.  Most of the differences came about during the car's mid cycle facelift in 2012 when the model changed from CBA to DBA.  Even though most of the major changes happened in the switch from CBA to DBA, Nissan has been hard at work refining the GT-R and each model year comes with a list of continual refinements.


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