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Project V8 RX-7: Part 10 - Power Steering

by Jeff Naeyaert

We want power steering!  Even though our RX-7 is pretty light at 2,843 pounds with 3/4 of a tank of gas (to be exact), doing 3 point turns in the neighborhood or negotiating parking lots sucks.  That suckness is compounded by the smaller 330mm Sparco steering wheel we're using.  Some argue you get better steering feel at higher speeds without power steering, but the best argument for NOT having power steering in your V8 converted RX-7 is that it’s a buttload easier to just plumb a bypass line on your power steering rack and ditch the power steering altogether.


Project V8 RX-7: Part 9 - The Exhaust

by Jeff Naeyaert

The title picture already gave it away, so I’ll save the prose, it’s time to build an exhaust!  This isn’t going to be a sissy grandma exhaust either like on Project G35 whose owner couldn’t stand how loud the Berk exhaust they originally installed was… in fact, it's the same folks at Berk that are gonna kick it up a notch and help us make a super bitchin’ set of pipes that’ll make children cry and leave no question in any Rotard’s mind that our dead Wankel was replaced with a big ol' hunk of American Iron aluminum!


Project V8 RX-7: Part 8 - The Shifter & Some Engine Dress Up

by Jeff Naeyaert

Hey guys!  Long time, no write.. I'm sorry.  We've had a lot going on and recalling the last episode of Project V8 RX-7 I hastily titled it “Bringing the E-ROD LS3 to Life (Almost),” which unless we were going to do a lame “(REALLY Close Now)” followup article, committed us to have a running engine by the end of the story.  Unfortunately, there turned out to be a lot of things we still needed to cover before turning the key—so much so that our article woulda turned into a novella and lost the attention of even our most devout reader by page 12!  Thus, Project V8 RX-7 Week was born! 


Project Miatabusa part 15

Project Miatabusa Part 15: AEM Datalogging (& Some RC Plane Parts)

by Dave Coleman

As we inch ever closer to getting Project Miatabusa on a dyno, more and more unfinished business keeps revealing itself. Ok, the car starts and runs now, but it still has lots of disconnected hoses, gauges not working, and untested changes waiting to blow things up.


Project Miatabusa #14 the Home Stretch

Project Miatabusa #14: The Home Stretch!

by Dave Coleman

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's tasty donuts. Now here are a bunch of details that have delayed the making of stinky donuts


project miatabusa runs!

Project Miatabusa Part 13: Sweet Sounds and Donuts!

by Dave Coleman

Project Miatabusa has been dragging on for a long time. So long, that our comment section is filling up with impatient demands to hear this baby run and see some donuts. Well ok, then...  


Eyesore Racing Frankenmiata Failure is Always an option

Project Frankenmiata: Failure is ALWAYS an Option

by Dave Coleman

Wanna see what happens when an engine eats a screw? Wanna know how to fix a head gasket with JB weld? Wanna know what a Mexican Dodge Stratus and a U.S. Subaru WRX have in common? Ever wondered if an engine with a thrown rod can still be driven? Start reading.


Project V8 RX-7: Part 7 - Bringing the E-ROD LS3 to Life! (Almost)

by Jeff Naeyaert

Now that we've checked "mount the engine and transmission" off our E-ROD LS3 swap checklist we can turn our attention to all the little things needed to get our RX-7 on the road.  What's left?  We need a fuel pump, cooling system, shifter, driveshaft, exhaust and we still have all the wiring left to do.  In this episode, we figure we can tackle the fuel and cooling systems as well as the wiring before we put you to sleep.  Let's get to work!


Eyesore Racing 24 Hours of Lemons Frankenmiata

Project Frankenmiata: Salvaging The Chassis

by Dave Coleman

Like every good story (assuming Star Wars is every good story), this one started in the middle, ran through to what seemed like a pretty satisfying end, disappeared for a while, and is now starting back up at the beginning. Confused? That's how we like it.

Well over a year ago I put this little "coming soon" lie up next to this story in the Frankenmiata geek hub. And then I pretty much forgot about it. You can thank the persistent nagging of our fine reader 8695Beaters for getting me off my ass to finally explain where this car came from.


Project Miatabusa Aluminum Exhaust lead

Project Miatabusa Part 12: Why You Can't Make Aluminum Exhausts... And Why I Did It Anyway

by Dave Coleman

From exhaust port to tailpipe, project Miatabusa's exhaust system fabrication has stretched well over a year and has followed a circular evolution from brilliant hack job, to exotic race tech, and back to brilliant hack job. From custom-fabricated race header, to a lightweight aluminum tail section, to scavenged RX-8 silencers and hangers made from an S13 power steering cooler, the exhaust system is as awesomely eclectic as project Miatabusa itself.

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