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Honda Civic Skunk2 Suspension Upgrade

Project Honda Civic EJ: Skunk2 Suspension Upgrades Part 2

By Annie Sam

While Chuck Johnson goes to town on the internals of Project EJ Honda Civic, let's bring our attention back to the suspension modifications that we had lined up from Skunk2. You can find the first part of this insallment here where we talked about the Skunk2 Pro-C coilovers. For the weekend warrior, the following easy to install bolt on parts are a must-have. After all, bang for the buck, these upgrades not only improve suspension handling, they can potentially save you money by reducing abnormal tire wear depending on how you set the car up.


Project S2000 - Guest Test Drive

By Vic Y.

I am what you'd consider an auto enthusiast, with a few track days and quick karting times under my belt. I love taking advantage of the fun roads in the Hill Country near Austin (but probably not often enough). On the technical side, I come from an engineering background and the backing of a dozen auto RSS feeds.  When the random opportunity came up to visit Khiem in Los Angeles (and drive his tuned S2000), I couldn't turn it down. Having originally driven the car in stock form back in Austin before it made the cross-country trek on I-10, it was good to be reunited with an old friend (and Khiem too).


Project S2000 - Track Testing Revised KW Clubsports and Earl’s Oil Cooler

By Khiem Dinh

The last track outing for the S2000 showed a few deficiencies still existed in the setup.  The most problematic from a reliability standpoint was the scorching oil temperature.  From a speed standpoint, the car was still very loose (last track update).  Going back to the beginning of the project, you'll remember that we switched the tire sizing from a stock staggered setup (215 widths up front, 245 on the rear) to an even, or non-staggered, setup utilizing 245 width tires front and rear (Part I).


by Chuck Johnson
Here at MotoIQ headquarters, we lack any kind of self-control and discipline.  When we first conceptualized Project Civic, we planned to keep it simple with only a few basic modifications. However, if you're foolish enough to involve me in a car build of any kind, you're simply asking for trouble.  Poor Annie Sam, I'm always taking things too far.  Blown head gasket?  Sure, we'll just replace that sucker and while we’re in there, we'll take care of a few other things too.  [Insert dastardly, evil laugh here.]  And so the engine build begins…

Project EJ Honda Civic: Skunk2 Pro-C Coilovers

by Annie Sam

My Koni Yellows coupled with the Ground Control coilover kit served me well for street use, and I think I got more than my money's worth out of these shocks over the last eight years. Now that I am no longer a starving college student, my grown up self decided that I should upgrade to a grown up set of coilovers. After a little bit of research, we decided to go for a set of Skunk2 Pro-C coilovers for Project EJ Civic.


Project S2000 - Oil Cooling

by Khiem Dinh

Tracking the S2000 and monitoring the oil temperatures has taught us one thing: it runs hot!  Even with the reduced coolant temperatures afforded by the Koyo radiator, the oil temperatures were still too high for a car to be tracked for long-term reliability.  This is occurring at completely stock power levels even (the more power an engine makes, the more heat it makes and consequently needs to reject).  High oil temperatures lead to reduced oil viscosity and faster oil breakdown.  Low oil viscosity can mean inadequate oil film strength and thickness with the end result being metal-on-metal contact between engine components.  While low oil viscosity may not grenade your engine immediately, it will lead to accelerated wear of components.


Project EJ Honda Civic - Fixing a Leaky Head for more Power!

By Mike Kojima
We were planning to methodically add parts to our project Civic’s B18C engine one bit at a time to see how they affected power and powerband. Unfortunately, our car had other ideas. Although Annie had driven the Civic for over 200,000 miles on a daily basis with not a single hitch, a trip to the track exposed the car's age.


Project Honda EJ Civic: Initial Driving Impression

By Annie Sam

Standing in the hot pits of Buttonwillow Raceway Park, I could still recall the first time that I had taken my little Honda Civic to the racetrack back in the winter of 2002. We were at the Streets of Willow, in Lancaster, California. Nine years and 200,000 miles later, my baby was battle scarred and war torn with years of daily abuse, adding to the list of things that plagued the back of my mind as I prepared for my hotlap at Buttonwillow. Slipping clutch? Yes. Faded front brakes? Yes. Nonexistent rear drums? Yes. Blown shocks? Probably. Be sure to check out the video at the end of the article!


Project S2000 Part 8 - Oil Control

By Khiem Dinh

Oil is the vital life blood of an engine.  It allows the engine's internal components to slide past each other with very little friction or wear.  However, there is one place an engine does not want oil and that is in the incoming air stream.


Project EJ Honda Civic

By Chuck Johnson

You're probably wondering what this busted ass Honda Civic is doing on the virtual pages of MotoIQ. I mean, it's far from the flawless presentation of MotoIQ's usual project cars and lacks the engineering luster to be excusable like Coleman's innovative crap cans. Instead, this Civic's clear coat is peeling off and almost every panel has some kind of battle wound on it… but every gear head has a story about the car that was their first love.


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