NPM ga16de project evil twin ga16det notnser jwt jim wolf technology clutch LSD

Last we left off Project 200SX spun the rollers at 252 horsepower, at the time a new GA16 record, what we didn’t tell you was that part of the reason we stopped where we did was because we also found the limit of the clutch. On our last dyno pulls the clutch began slipping and was clearly not happy trying to hold that power! Honestly we were surprised with how long the JWT Stage 1 Pressure Plate lasted, with its stock pedal feel it was hard to believe it had been holding up to that power for over a year of turbo abuse.

With the success of the JWT Stage 1 clutch we knew exactly what we needed to do, contact JWT to get their Stage 2 setup. This pressure plate is different from their stage 1 as it is a dual sprung design capable of holding more power than the Stage 1. We knew this would be required if wanted to continue climbing the power ladder.

NPM ga16de project evil twin ga16det notnser jwt jim wolf technology clutch LSD
This is the JWT stage 1 plate we removed. Notice the single fingers? Here is the JWT stage 2 pressure plate. It features a dual sprung setup to hold more power.

We are also using the Stage 2 clutch disc which employs a semi-metallic surface on the pressure plate side, and an organic surface on the flywheel side. This setup allows the disc to handle hard launches yet it still retains smooth engagement with minimal chatter. Even with the huge increase in clamping force with the dual sprung PP the clutch still engages smoothly. Pedal effort is increased over stock but it is not the leg busting, cable stretching experience we have had with other brands of clutches.

NPM ga16de project evil twin ga16det notnser jwt jim wolf technology clutch LSD
Ths is arguably the best clutch setup for any high horsepower GA16DE.



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Wes Dumalski
Wes Dumalskilink
Saturday, June 13, 2009 12:08 PM
Let's discuss Project 200SX on the forums!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 3:29 PM

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