Formula Drift Round 7 - Irwindale

(Another) Dai Does It! Formula Drift Round 7 - Irwindale
By Justin Banner

Whoever said they predicted that this season would end like this was lying to you! Carnage, points changes, and the "ain't no rookie" Rookie who took this year by storm. For what it's worth, this season has been made exciting by new judges, tempers, and just a lack of predictability on who would take what this season. Were there some questionable calls all season? Sure, but there are every season. Were emotions high? Yep, but in a sport where you are judged, you're going to be passionate about your side. However, only the best drivers are able to cope with all of this and can come out champion in any sport, especially in Formula Drift.

Formula Drift Round 7 - Irwindale
Talk about a season of downs and ups, Joon Maeng has really pulled through the mess with Bergenholtz Racing and has proven his worth as a driver. The last minute program put on the by the Road Race Engineering/Lucas Oil 240SX shows what determination against adversity can bring to you. The team also made a change from an LS-V8 to a RHS Aluminum block, Brodix heads, and a large throttle body setup for over 700 Horsepower to the wheels.
Formula Drift Round 7 - Irwindale
In two events, it has nearly become to different cars. With more time for development, 2013 may become the great year Joon Maeng has deserved in a long time. You certainly couldn't ask for a better representative for drifting.
Formula Drift Round 7 - IrwindaleFormula Drift Round 7 - Irwindale
Two drivers who came out swinging were Alex Lee and Tony Angelo. Alex switched to V8 power in his Toyota Cresta and his driving style has really improved as well. Tony Angelo appears to have found the gremlin in the Scion Racing tC. His driving was smooth and consistent on Friday for practice and qualifying.
Formula Drift Round 7 - Irwindale
Speaking of qualifying and the former driver of that Scion Racing tC, Ken Gushi was able to rally to a 5th place qualifying position. Ken has had a great season in 2012 and it all started by getting into the GReddy Scion FR-S. He is another driver I can't wait to watch in 2013 with a further developed chassis.
Formula Drift Round 7 - Irwindale
I don't know if it's his Jedi mind tricks or not, but Chris Forsberg's car never sounds right in qualifying. It always sounds like it's about to throw a piston out of the block. "This is not the engine sound you are hearing." Whatever it was, it was good enough to get him into Fourth place.
Formula Drift Round 7 - Irwindale
This tC is fast! Deceptively fast! He and Millen are about the only two cars with less than 8 cylinders to keep up with the Falken and Monster Mustangs. I wonder if Stephan Papadakis will share the speed secrets and Fredric Aasbo will share what allows him to drive that tC with such snap and throttle control that got him to Third Place?


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Der Bruce
Der Brucelink
Tuesday, October 16, 2012 9:30 PM
Hey J-Ban, how about some inside scoop on future rumors for FD, teams, drivers, etc. !?
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