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The Frankenmiata's construction was so complex, so long, and such a horrendous pain in the ass, a single story couldn't contain it. Click through the four chapters to gradually expose yourself to all the gory details. 

Freebuilding the Engine    Frankenmiata freebuilding the engine
Ghettocharging the Engine   Frankenmiata turbocharging
All the Dyno Secrets

(including 40 more hp!)
  Frankenmiata dyno secrets
Making it Handle   Frankenmiata making it handle
Why every race car needs a garden sprayer and a couple of air tool fittings.
  Frankenmiata garden sprayer eyesore racing
Salvaging the Chassis   Frankenmiata chassis
Tire Testing, LeMons Style   Frankenmiata Falken Azenis RT615K tire tires



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Thursday, May 29, 2014 12:47 PM
Sorry to dig up a 5 year old article but in the cooling reroute yall did you mentioned the coolant delete on the intake mani and the throttle body. Ive been trolling thr internet looking for specifics but I havent come up with much. Any insight you could offer would be much appreciated.

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