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Apexi Bergenholtz Drift FD: Converted

A couple weeks ago Masaki from Apexi hit me up via AIM to see if I had time to do a touch up tune on the Apexi Formula D drift FD3S. It went like something like this:

Masaki said, "They converted it to right hand drive."

I said, "Oh you guys brought the old D1 car from Japan?"

"No, they converted it."

"Who converted it?

"Ron [Bergenholtz], Keith [Apex], and Chuck [Apex]."

"What the fuck? No Shit?!?! Did they chop and weld a new front clip?"

"Na, they just uh....converted it. You'll see."

So I went down to Apex to make sure the car was running alright. To be honest, I thought it might have been a bit of a hac...

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Wide Body Miatas

While the Miata is cool fun little car, it doesn't measure too high on the manliness scale when you compare it to other Japanese cars that are commonly modified. The stock bumper has that look like its smiling and it is pretty small overall. Then in the US, you have many women who own Miatas and of course gay dudes. You're shielded from my criticizm if you're a normal dude and own a Miata, but chances are you're not a normal dude if you're reading this blog. To avoid gayness, look no more: AWR Racing has wide body kits that look pretty clean.  None of the cars on the AWR website are very complete, but ...

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XS GT-R Time Attack - Super Lap Battle 2007 @ Buttonwillow


Last week on November 7th was the Super Street Super Lap Battle. Otherwise known as Time Attack, but they had to get all JDM on the name. So for a couple weeks before SEMA and the days following SEMA, I spent a good part of my time preparing the XS BNR32 GT-R for the event after work. While I was at SEMA, Koji and Peter at XS took over and put the car together. As usual, Koji and Pete did an excellent job as the car was mechanically 100% reliable. There was a lot to do to get the car running, but we did it. We didn't quite do as well as we wanted though. I think we finished 4th in class and like 6th or 7th overall. In fact, the car went over second slower than last year. If w...

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Buttonwillow Time Attack 11/06 Video


I finally edited this video. It's Tarzan Yamada kicking ass in the XS BNR32 GT-R. Only 0.3 seconds away from the Cyber EVO. Next time...

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