Project Gen 3 STi: Testing the COBB AccessPORT

By Wes Dumalski

As it turns out owning a project car is not easy! First and foremost these are real cars owned by real people that pay for them with their own money. Life as well as vehicle practicality and reliability have ways of getting in the way of project car progress and/or completion. Take our Gen 3 GR STi project for example... We had had the car repainted, put back to stock all just so we could start fresh. OK so that is a total lie, the real story is that the previous project car was sold by the owner after blowing up it's totally stock motor on more than one occasion...


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Turn In Concepts, TIC, x-brace

TurnInConcepts' X-Brace - The Return of Awesome!

Industry Press Release

The folks at TiC are proud to announce that after a long absence from the market they will be bringing back the CarLab Development X-Brace.  Those of you that were around a few years ago may recall this part for the 02-07 Subaru Impreza, but for those of you who were not - come take a look at what it does.


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Sarah's intercooler

Ask Sarah: What are water to air intercoolers?

by Sarah Forst

Lately I have been searching for information about "water to air intercoolers."  I have seen these in some of your articles but not much information is mentioned. 

Got a difficult tech question? Email Sarah at


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Adventures in China & Hong Kong, Part 1

by Eric Hsu

Last month I took a trip to Guangdong, China and Hong Kong to train a customer to use the Cosworth ECPro ECU and software suite. I had no idea what to expect in China. It was to some degree what I expected being a developing country, but it was also good to discover that street car tuning is alive and kicking. Track days are massively gaining popularity and there's even a touring car race series.

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Cosworth's 400th Subaru Engine

by Eric Hsu

In 2006 Cosworth started the Performance Parts business based out of the Torrance, CA Champ Car and Formula Atlantic engine build and test facility. Today the product line has expanded to form a self sustaining stand alone business with a world wide customer base. With Subaru engines and components being the most popular product line, on May 19, 2011, Cosworth built its 400th Subaru engine.

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ARK steel clutch alignment tool

ARK Design - Steel Clutch Alignment Tools!

MotoIQ Staff Report

New steel clutch alignment tools are available for the EVO X CZ4A and Subaru STi GRB!


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No It's Not an STI: GST Motorsports Mighty Subaru Impreza

No It's Not an STI: GST Motorsports Mighty Subaru Impreza

By Mike Kojima

We have always been fans of the GST Motorsports 1996 GC8 Subaru Impreza L.  The car with driver Jeff Westphal is the current reigning Redline Time Attack Super Modified AWD Champion.  The GST car has been around forever and has been in a continuous state of development since 2006.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT...  Video: GST Motosports Record Breaking Run at Cal Speedway with Data!


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VIDEO: GST Motorsports Impreza L Sets Lap Record at Auto Club Speedway

By Jeff Naeyaert

Last Wednesday at Superlap battle we were bummed we never got an opportunity to put our cameras in the Sierra Sierra EVO to witness them take down the Buttonwillow track record; however, luck turned in our favor this weekend at the final Redline Time Attack event!  With only 30 minutes before the first session of the day we were able to throw our Traqmate and a few Contour cameras into the GST Motorsports Impreza "L" just before Jeff Westphal drove it to a new track record of 1:35.548!    Check out the video and data inside!

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Cosworth Subaru EJ257 Dyno Install - Time Lapsed

By Eric Hsu

A fun video Tyler put together for shits and giggles. Hopefully Cosworth doesn't make us take it down. Benny Hill is making a comeback.

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Skunk2 Black Series Cam Gear Release

NEW PRODUCT: 2 New Product Offerings from Whiteline Automotive

Whiteline is pleased to announce two new products:  adjustable rear control arms for the Mitsubishi Evolution 10 and an anti-lift/caster kit for any MY08+ WRX or STi. MORE


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World Time Attack 2010 - Friday Update

by Eric Hsu

Updates after the first day of Superlap Australia's World Time Attack 2010. The Panspeed FD is a surprising performer. The CyberEVO has problems. Guess who's in the lead? 

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World Time Attack 2010 - Thursday Update

by Eric Hsu

Updates and inside scoops on the Pro Class entries after a couple days of testing and the night before the Superlap Australia World Time Attack 2010. Believe it or not so far it appears the rotary engined cars are the most reliable. Imagine that...

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World Time Attack 2010 - Overseas Cars Have Arrived

by Eric Hsu

The cars from the USA and Japan have arrived in Australia safely. Look inside for some pics and some detailed pics of the RX-7s. The Superlap Australia World Time Attack event is surprisingly mainstream. The picture above is a billboard advertisement on one of the freeways between Eastern Creek International Raceway and Sydney. There are also plenty of printed ads and radio ads as well.

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MotoIQ's project GR Third generation Subaru STI

Project GR STI- Generation 3, an Introduction

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

Introduced in 2008, the latest Subaru STI is the third generation of its model type.  Designated GR the new STI is an all new platform.  The new GR chassis has a 3.3 inch longer wheelbase but a 2.8 inch shorter overall length for less overhangs and a lower polar moment of inertia. The new chassis is 2.2 inches wider and 2.2 inches higher and has gained about 70 lbs for a curb weight of around 3,375 lbs.


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2008+ Subaru Impeza STi Parts You Need

Something’s been getting in the way of my blogging: life. For now, here’s some bad ass parts you need to have for your 2008 and newer Subaru STi:

Cosworth S2D Dual AVCS 278°-10.7mm IN/274°-10.0mm EX Camshafts

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Subaru to Race Both WTCC and WRC?

Motorsports improves the breed. Too bad it won't improve the way the 2008 Impreza hatchback looks (I dig the sedan actually), but at least Subaru is racing it. It looks like the WTCC and the WRC are heading toward the same set of rules so now teams can race in both events with minor changes. This is good news. Hopefully the other factories will follow suit. Racing as a whole (outside of redneck dirt modified and circle track stuff) needs growth.

Source: Touring Car Times


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The Red Dragon - Part 2

Progress is slow on the Red Dragon since everybody is busy all the time. Lew is currently working on the suspension. In our search to create a perfect Impreza, I contacted the guys at Whiteline in Australia to see if they would be interested in working with us. Fortunately they were and Whiteline sent us the works. Every bushing, bar, ball joint, bracket, and piece they had for the 2008 STi showed up a week after our email and phone conversation. Thanks to Mike Kojima for setting this up for me; what a cool guy. Mike also set me up with some custom Whiteline sway bars for the [Read the rest of this article...]

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