As you may have heard or read, the Sierra Sierra EVO 8 Time Attack car beat the long standing HKS CT230R's record of 1:43.523 set back in November 2007. The record breaking occured this past weekend at Redline Time Attack's first event of 2010 (and first event under new ownership) at Buttonwillow Raceway using the 13 clockwise track configuration.

(click on the video to view it in HD on YouTube)

I did not get to spend much time walking around and checking out the event itself, but I wasn't there for that. I was there to assist Sierra Sierra, Emp (driver David Empringham), and Christine (the name of the EVO 8) to achieve what we set out to do: destroy records. It will not stop here either. We will attempt to destroy our own record the next time we go out also.

Anyhow, the Redline crew threw an excellent event this weekend. Jackson, CEO of Redline, has many years of professional racing experience and has integrated his experience into the rules, event coordination, and other aspects of the event. Timing was also handled by a state of the art beaconless, transponderless, TAG HEUER RFID based timing system. They had some difficultly on Friday with the timing (and subsequently missed Emp's 1:43.200), but had timing up and running properly by Saturday. If you're into the lifestyle aspect of the car events there was also a car show, spokesmodel pageant/bikini contest, a beer garden, and even a Battle of the Bands contest. It all sounded pretty fun if I was just there to check out the event.

Here a RTA tech staffer uses a go/no go gauge to make sure the COBB Tuning street class entry meets the minimum ride height requirements. RTA techs use gauges to measure splitter protrusion and height and a template to measure maximum wing size in enthusiast, street, or modified class cars. Of course no gauges are used in the unlimited/super modified class. I think this is an excellent idea and it really levels the playing field without dampening too much of the time attack "aura".

It all started for us on Thursday with testing. For the first time ever, the EVO was pulled off the trailer and it ran flawlessly lap after lap. Richard, Mike, and Jet made subtle suspension changes while I made some changes to the center diff using the Pectel EDC diff computer. We made the change to VP Racing MS109 fuel because leaded fuels are not legal in Australia and we are preparing for the World Time Attack Superlap event in Sydney on May 21. I used this event as a test and tune for MS109 fuel. What about E85? I don't trust the consistency from continent to continent or even from gas station to gas station, but that's another subject for another day. After several test sessions we got the car running 1:43.90 with the wastegate control off. On Friday I turned up the boost and Emp drove the EVO to a 1:43.20. This was verified by my data logs with a Pi GPS beacon and three other people clocking the car with stop watches including the World Racing Scion team. After it happened, all of us in the Sierra team were pretty damn happy. High fives, pounds, and compliments to each other ensued. DAMN, did it feel good! Then one of the RTA guys came to us and said, "Hey guys...uh...we didn't quite get your lap time." We were a little bummed, but oh well. We knew what we acheived and we all knew we could repeat it. Emp came back in and he knew the car could go considerably faster without too much more drama. No bullshit: Emp can drive and his feedback is awesome (but he keeps asking for more boost!). All of this test and tuning was done on the venerable Hankook C91 DOT tires.

I dig the SSE EVO on TE37s. Check out the DTM influenced rear diffuser. It just needs about 40 gaynards on the rear fenders to complete the look.

Or how about CE28Ns? I think the TE37s are still better looking.

Then on Friday afternoon, Christine started acting up like the evil bitch she can be sometimes. We were experiencing a cooling problem that did not allow us to even complete a single hot lap. We diagnosed everything and ended up pulling the head only to discover that the gasket had been hurt slightly. MS109 is a good unleaded fuel, but it isn't that good. While I consider myself a pretty damn good engine tuner, I am not god. So after the head goes back on the car, we go out for a test and it's the same story. To be honest, we never really quite figured the problem out which was why the best Emp could muster was a 1:44.34 in the very last time attack session. It was good enough to take the 4WD Super Modified/Unlimited class and overall win. The car has never really behaved like this before, but Christine will always mess with you one way or another. She's definitely high maintenance.

So while 1:43.20 was our fastest time, RTA did not record it. They recorded a fastest lap of 1:43.43 during a practice session. During a time attack session, the fastest lap we ran was a 1:44.34. Which one counts? I'd say the 1:43.34 would be the official record breaker despite the fact that Emp actually ran a 1:43.20. No sweat, we'll go even faster next time. Like I said in a previous post: it is a personal wish of mine's that the SSE EVO 8 will go 1:40.xx. It's not a Babe Ruth point the bat at where the ball's going to go kind of proclamation. It's just a wish.

So for all you haters, here are some of my thoughts on the whole SSE time attack program, beating the HKS record, and stuff in general. For those of you who simply question, please read below for full explanations. For those of your who are already down with SSE and me, enjoy reading below while I smoke the haters. If you don't hate, then there's no need to take offense. "HATERPOINT" will be haterade from haters and FFF. "COUNTERPOINT" are my thoughts to make haters think before spewing more foolishness from mouths or fingers.

HATERPOINT #1:The HKS CT230R came over from Japan barely prepped and had no practice or setup time at Buttonwillow. Taniguchi has very little experience at Buttonwillow. Blah, blah, blah.

COUNTERPOINT #1: Do you really think for a single moment that a team is going to bring a car all the way over from another country and not prepare the car at all? The Japanese are meticulous people and they WILL prepare. HKS rented Buttonwillow for a couple days before Superlap to test and tune. On top of that, Taniguchi is a fast driver (and fast drinker of whiskey and shochu to boot). Do you think HKS got to where they are today by NOT preparing for situations like Superlap? While it is true that HKS did not go balls out in changing the car's setup for the US Superlap, it is very untrue that the "car was still setup for Tsukuba so they just rolled it out of the trailer and busted a 1:43.527, packed their bags and went home". Dickheads: even in Japan the CT230R traveled around Japan to set records at tracks across the country. It did not ONLY run at Tsukuba. In my days at Apexi, whenever we brought over a car from Japan like the BCNR33 V-Max drag car or the Drag Integra, we started planning 6-7 months before. I had to generate a schedule, make arrangements, accomodations, transportation, track rental for testing, etc. while the car and race team were here in the US. The cars would come in a 40' container with the car occupying 15 feet and the rest of the container would be stacked to the roof with spare parts. I would have to order slicks (Goodyears are made in the USA), race fuel (Sunoco is also made in the USA), lubricants, supplies, etc. months ahead because my Japanese bosses were so anal about being properly prepared. Why did they need to be so prepared? Because they came to beat records. Not to see what would happen if they tried running their car on an American track. The Apexi V-Max was the fastest full body drag GT-R in the world for 3 years afterwards. Sounds just like the HKS CT230R doesn't it? See the next point.

HATERPOINT #2: Haha, it's about time that Sierra Sierra beat the record with that giant budget they have! HKS has only had the record for 3 years!

COUNTERPOINT #2: It hasn't been 3 years fool, do the math (Nov 2007 to March 2010). The HKS CT230R started life as an EVO 8 and was built in 2006 if I remember correctly. But let's not forget about the original HKS TRB-02 Carbon EVO that was built in early 2002. Taniguchi put the TRB-02 into a wall and totalled it due to a brake malfunction. HKS then took what they learned from the TRB-02 and built the new and improved CT230R. HKS and Taniguchi set the US time attack record in 2007. This means that HKS had been developing a time attack EVO for 5 years up to when the record was set in 2007. How long has Sierra Sierra been running their EVO 8? The first event they competed in was May 2009. We smoked the record in March 2010. It has been 10 months. Yeah, you bet your ass we're going to go faster. On top of this, the Japanese have been "time attacking" for 15 years. We Americans barely started in 2005. And as for the budget what makes you think that a publicly owned company with $90M in sales per year isn't going to spend a small percentage of that on a race car? The rumors of HKS having spent over $2.1M on the time attack EVOs are well true and probably a fraction of what they spent in total. If you were to count the overtime the race team probably spent on the car you can double that figure. It's a good thing for HKS they don't pay overtime in Japan. Fortunately for Sierra Sierra, their trailers, tools, and much of their equipment carried over from their Formula Atlantic team. Just like I'm sure HKS Racing's trailers, tools, and much of their equipment was carried over from one of their many past race cars (old 7M drag Supra, 2J drag Supra, Benz JGTC car, N1 GT-Rs, drag GT-Rs, multitude of N1/Super Taikyu race cars, etc.). In summary, I assure you that HKS has spent FAR MORE money in their EVO time attack program than Sierra Sierra has. Do the simple math: HKS has built at least two super high end time attack EVOs (that we know of). Sierra Sierra is still the smaller company when comparing to HKS.

HATERPOINT #3: The HKS EVO was on A-048s and the Sierra Sierra EVO beat the records on slicks. That's not even close to fair.

COUNTERPOINT #3:  Boo fucking hoo. HKS' A-048s were hardly off the shelf. The GG compound A-048s that Advan produced for HKS were NOT available to the public. They are not not DOT legal (or Japan's equivalent of DOT legal) either. The SSE EVO beat the record on a DOT legal tire. Sure, it only has two grooves down the middle, but it is legal for use on a public road which means it has a street tire casing with steel and/or Kevlar belts, and is hard and thick enough to resist objects found on public roads that can cause punctures. Anybody can go to a Hankook dealer like City Tire or Dynamic Autosports in Southern California and buy a set of C91 tires right over the counter with no questions asked. Try asking Yokohama for a set of GG compound A-048's and they will laugh in your face if the guy you are talking to even knows what the hell a GG Compound is.

HATERPOINT #4: The HKS EVO only makes 450hp. If the SSE EVO is making 500-600hp why is it that it can barely beat the HKS EVO's time?

COUNTERPOINT #4: The reason why is weight. The HKS EVO weighs a measly 1080kg or 2380lb. It really does help if you have a couple hundred grand for molds and plugs so that you can have some pre-preg dry carbon fenders, doors, hood, trunk, etc. fabricated with an autoclave. The HKS EVO had a more thorough diet plan and it is not built to any specific safety specification (I think). You can see the tubes are very small in diameter and are probably fairly thin walled also. The Sierra Sierra EVO weighs 1260kg or 2777lb and is built to FIA spec. If it were homologated, it could probably enter a FIA GT2 race based on safety standards alone. Sure the SSE EVO is overbuilt, but that's only because Richard, the team manager, has seen far too many crashed race cars to be wiling to risk anybody's life for only a quick lap time. Also, the doors, fenders, and bumpers on Christine are wet lay up carbon pieces. They certainly are not as light as the HKS pieces.

HATERPOINT #5: With the amount of resources that Sierra Sierra has, I'd be surprised if they couldn't hit 1:43 by now...

COUNTERPOINT #5: This haterpoint sort of overlaps with #2, but it really does need to be broken down a bit further. The reality is that knowlege is one thing and money is another. Just because a team can run an open wheel formula car, it does not mean that this same team can build a unibody race car and have overnight sucess. Case in point: you have built the fastest S2000, STi, EVO, etc. in the country. Then by some miracle Frank Williams says, "Mate, I'll give you an F1 car and $5M. You need to qualify in a F1 race by the end of the year." Do you think your Honda building ass has even the remotest fucking clue how to build, maintain, tune, and run an F1 car?!?!? Before you answer that question think about how much you know about rotary dampers, push rod suspension, TAG ECUs and datalogging. Have you seen an F1 steering wheel? I will bet the amount in your entire bank account that you cannot even figure out how to START an F1 car. Well the reverse is also true. For a team that has has only open wheel experience, what do they know about a turbo system, big ass heavy cars on skinny ass tires (relative to open wheel cars), a center of gravity nearly 12" higher, custom everything (fuel systems, suspension, oil systems, etc.), engine in the front, a transfer case, 3 differentials, 4 axles, and an H-pattern transmission? Sure they can figure it out, but there is a very intense learning curve. I have been able to share my production car experience with SSE, but a 100% pure custom race car always has teething problems. I am proud of the fact that SSE has been able to get the car to where it is today in 10 months time with a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and of course, money. Haterpoint #5 would only be brought up by rank amateurs who have never truly built a car from the ground up. And if you have, it probably sucked ass.

That's about it. If I think of more haterpoints to counter, I will add them later. Or add a comment below if you have another haterpoint and I will counter.

FOR THE RECORD: I am not dissing the HKS CT230R whatsoever. If you haters or FFF have read that from my words above using your amazing powers of forum type mis-reading and word twisting, you can fuck off now. My intention was never to dis HKS and in fact, I have nothing but respect for HKS. I grew up using many of their parts and still use them today in many of my personal cars. I AM NOT saying that the Sierra Sierra EVO 8 is better than the HKS CT230R either. They are different cars built in different countries for a different set of rules. While they are both EVOs, the similarities end there.

WHAT I AM SAYING: give respect where respect is due. Sierra Sierra's EVO 8 is the first car in the USA to beat the HKS CT230R record. End of story.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010 4:25 AM
BooYah. Good job Eric and SSE. Time to bring out the haterade!
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 9:37 AM
does SSE see some sort of benefit from running this EVO such as advertising for their shop that they build unibody cars in? or do they run it just for fun?
Bob Holmes
Bob Holmeslink
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 12:11 PM
I don't understand the hater thing, must be generational. I'll leave it at that.

Great job and great car Eric. The level of prep and engineering on this car is superb. I feel your pain on the teething problems. You know all the potential is in the car but there are still things to iron out to make it reliable. Its just part of the car maturation process. Building the car is just the early step, the tuning is the key and generally more frustrating (and satisfying if successful) part of the process.

I'm loving that diffuser. I'd sell my sister for shots of that bad boy.

Good call on the E85. It doesn't even appear that Oz has readily available E85 at this time. Stick with something you can count on.

Great job, and I can't wait to read more about the car.
Jeff Naeyaert
Jeff Naeyaertlink
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 1:28 PM
What's your sister look like? ;)

I've got good shots of the diffuser (and all the aero for that matter) i'm working on for a feature on this car coming up soon!
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 4:05 PM
Well said, Eric.. makes me proud to call you my friend. Don't get all teary eyed on me like last time now..
Bob Holmes
Bob Holmeslink
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 4:37 PM
Great to hear about the future feature.
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 5:36 PM
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 7:13 PM
Some interesting noises..... sounds kinda like a WRC car.... like it has a sequential gearbox, and no BOV....
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 8:09 PM
sounds like a WRC car indeed! BTW the TE-37s do look sexier. Awesome job and congrats. can't wait for that feature Jeff!
Eric Hsu
Eric Hsulink
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 11:09 PM
Thanks guys for the congrats. It feels good to reach the first goal. I am not sure what is next, but knowing the owner of Sierra, it will be another tough milestone.

warmmilk: cool name...Sierra Sierra will be making certain parts available to the public. Obviously for the EVO 7-9 CT9A chassis first, but later on for the EVO X. The carbon dash is already available. After the Australian World Time Attack, they are going to make some components available. Otherwise, the owner of Sierra Sierra just wants to have the fastest EVO which is completely awesome.

Horse: How old are you? You don't strike me as that old. "Hater" refers to those who offer negative commentary. "Haterade" is when these haters serve their negative commentary to the masses such as on a forum. When people drink the "haterade" they are likely to become haters as well. Without somebody explaining the other side of the story, haters can get out of control. I just set out to put the haters in check.

MTSB: How did you put that up? I was told the comments can only support text.

Khiem: It sounds like a sequential, but that's just Emp tearing through the gears like Superman which also why you don't hear the BOV. Its an H-pattern box.
Jeff Naeyaert
Jeff Naeyaertlink
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 11:38 PM
You can use html:

For a link: (delete the hyphens) <--a href="http://www.motoiq.com">MotoIQ

gives you: MotoIQ

for an image: (delete the hyphens) <--img src="http://www.theimageaddress.jpg"-->
Bob Holmes
Bob Holmeslink
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 6:44 AM
Eric: I'm older than Mike.

Thanks for the explanation.

As far as I'm concerned, a record is a record. If you break it, you break it. It shouldn't really matter how, or how much money, or how many people worked on it or any other bullshit. People that spend time quibbling over how it was done or how much it costs or all the bullshit except the record simply don't understand, are small minded and are poseurs. Any record breaking attempt requires high levels of engineering, construction, and preparation skills, let alone the effort of a highly qualified driver and crew. F...k the haters, I don't have time for closed minded people that argue over other people's efforts.

I think one of the reasons I like landspeed racing is that there is a purity of effort and an appreciation for what it takes to break a record. I think the problem with time attack is that every dipshit that turns a wheel thinks they know what it takes. I wish they'd STFU until they actually had some experience. Give'em hell Eric.
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 7:12 AM
Urban dictionary is no help. what exactly is an FFF?
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 7:49 AM
This post reeks of immaturity. Why are you wasting time defending yourself to a bunch of bench-racers on the internet?

When you get to the top, people will always want your spot. Just let it go and focus on making the car faster.

Jealousy is a bitch.
Jeff Naeyaert
Jeff Naeyaertlink
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 8:17 AM
brainrush: MotoIQ vernacular
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 10:00 AM
Good job Eric and SSE Team !
And thanks for letting me take 1,000,000 pics of the car. (I promise I won't share).
I'm sure like you said, there is more left on the plate. Maybe high 42'.....
Imagine what this car could do with a proper X-Trac tranny???
Keep up the awesomeness !
Mike Kojima
Mike Kojimalink
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 11:58 AM
The MotoIQ insiders joke Dictionary; Warning, if you are politically correct or sensitive, don't read this....

FFF- Fing Forum Fa___t
SPE- Self Proclaimed Engineer
ITG- Internet Tough Guy
JDM Fanboi- Someone who blindly believes that everything made in Japan is automatically better than anything made or done anywhere else in the world. Someone who is blindly fanatical about Japanese car stuff.

Eric will probably write a Beyond the Dyno about these and other acronyms soon.

Ian R.- This post has nothing to do with being immature. It is Eric setting the record straight to all the FFF's, SPE's, ITG's and JDM fanbois that spew crap on other places. I encouraged him to put it front and center so I will take the heat.

One of the things that annoy the people in the know so they don't participate in communities anymore is that the smart are outnumbered by the dumb or the ill informed with big opinions.

The lack of the above at MotoIQ kinda shows when you see how 95% of our forum posts or article comments are intelligent, even the ones that don't agree with our point of view.

I think this story is totally cool and written by a person who actually knows, who actually works on some of the fastest cars in the country and actually knows WTF he is talking about. This is one of the only places where you can get that information.

I think that people who actualy love the sport of time attack would rather read what Eric has to say, rather than to try to filter the bleeting from tons of loud sheep as they jock their keyboards.

I would rather read what a guy who's keyboard is mostly attached to data acquisition systems and ECU's writes than the Interwebz jocks any day.
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 1:59 PM
Eric: You getting more hate mail than usual?

J/K. Congratulations on your success dude. Bring back a World title. Do it for Johnny! TE37s for me too. My schedule actually matches up perfectly for the World Time Attack. I was thinking of flying to Sydney to hang out because it's close. But then I thought maybe not because you would have no free time at all.

Horsewidower: Brilliant or dumb, we grow with every conversation, every interaction. When is the land speed record coming back to the US?

ian.R: I think that it's good that Eric's putting the idiots in their place. It might seem unnecessary to the people high up in the field but I think it helps out the enthusiasts and the new comers that are looking and filtering through all the information on line.
The Prodigy
The Prodigylink
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 6:34 PM
Good job on breaking the record?Good to see that you guys will put some parts for sale too. BTW what size and offset are the Volks, both the ce28s and te37s?Also what wheels were the record broken on? Sorry, just the wheel nerd in me I guess. I think I read that you guys changed the cams on the engine somewhere, or are you still running the cossie 280/272
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 6:55 PM
ian.R: I do sort of agree that this post was a little immature, but putting the dumbasses in their places is something I don't mind.

And I agree with Mike that 95% of the posts here are intelligent, regardless of their views. People like me, who don't know anything will usually just read and read and read. I usually don't post cause I really don't see where I can come in on the conversation.

Anyways Eric, good work and good job on the SSE Evo. I've been following your posts from... I don't remember where, I think two different websites ago.
Eric Hsu
Eric Hsulink
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 8:53 PM
Immature? I usually get asshole, dick, prick, etc. so this is a first. Like Mike said, I am just setting the record straight. I just have my own way of doing it. Trust me, spending an hour smoking haters isn't going to keep me and SSE from making this EVO faster.

Horse: Older than Mike? WOW....j/k.

Jim: You should come to Oz. I land on May 15. While I probably cannot hang out everyday, there will be some time. I'm sure you'll find bar and meet some Aussie honies to drink with. Andy will be moving back to Melbourne from Tokyo right before that, but is coming out to Sydney to check out the Superlap event too.

Alex: an X-trac sequential for a high torque AWD car is BIG money. I mean ridiculous big. It's double extra big ridiculous money with flappy paddles because then you're in WRC territory.

Mike: yes, I plan to write a glossary on my one year anniversary on Moto IQ. BTW I love this sentence because it is so damn accurate: "...try to filter the bleeting from tons of loud sheep as they jock their keyboards."

Firestarter: The Rays wheels are 18x10.5 +22. The record was set on the Advan RS wheels which are 18x9.5's (not sure of the offset). No, we are no longer on the Cossie M3 cams. We are using some big custom Cossies. They may become production pieces fairly soon for both EVO 4-9 4G63s.

Leon: thanks for reading. Two sites ago was JDM Insider. You should be used to my "immaturity" then.
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 11:09 PM
I kinda knew that an X-Trac seq. tranny would be upward $50,000....but I said: "why not mention it?"

Anyway....just a thought: The record was broken on Advan RS (which are cast wheels)....which should be slightly heavier than the forged Volk TE37's....and also heavier than the CE28N's (also forged).
Now.....I know it may sound a bit stupid......less rotational mass equal better handling (no matter how you look at it).
I know that the weight difference between the three wheels could be minimal....so we could argue that the benefit is neglectable.....maybe....am I correct?

Since the CE28N's are one of the lightest forged rims out there (the lightest rim Volk makes for the public, aside from the uber-expensive monoblock magnesium); the SSE EVO should be able to record the fastest time with the lightest wheel set....and therefore record the slowest time with the Advan RS......but this was not the point at Buttonwillow.
I'm not trying to raise any arguement here, I'm trying to kinda analyze an hypothetical situation.
Anyway, I do not know why SSE uses three different type of wheels (maybe analyzing which works the best?), only Eric and the SSE Team know.
If I were SSE.....I would only use the CE28N....being the lightest and the strongest of the three.
Any thoughts in regard?
Thursday, April 01, 2010 7:02 AM
There's no need to get defensive, I meant no disrespect. I'm not calling you immature, I'm just saying your posts was. There is a difference. I can understand getting pissed, especially considering all the blood, sweat, and tears you must have put into this project, but you're dragging yourself down to their level when you obviously aren't.
Eric Hsu
Eric Hsulink
Thursday, April 01, 2010 10:07 AM
Alex: try $50,000 x 2 for sequential and x3 for flappy paddles. As for the wheels, I think the benefit comes more from unsprung weight more than rotational mass. But I believe the differences are negligible until the car gets to a point where it cannot go any faster. I believe the CE28N is the lightest, but the TE37 is still stiffer. I forget. Eddie at Mackin explained it to me before.

Ian: It's all good. Some people like boy bands and 16 year old female pop singer music as their guilty pleasure. Smoking haters is mine's.
Thursday, April 01, 2010 1:09 PM
ian.R: It's hard not to automatically offend people when certain words come out.
I'm not calling you an asshole, I'm just saying that you were talking like an asshole, there's a difference.

I still think it's good to set things straight and put these wanna be tuners in their place. Why. Because the tuning industry has a direct link to the general public. Their R&D turns out actual parts that you can put in your car. If someone was in F1 then their would be no need because F1 parts don't bolt onto your EVO.
Friday, April 02, 2010 5:55 AM
It would be so niiiiiiice if there was a Moto IQ, IQ test. You have to pass a few simple (to smart guys) timed questions to get a username. A few years ago I joined a Joe Rogan forum, it was awesome. They had a "shit talking 101" section and it was epic. You had to post porn as a newbie within your first 10 posts. It was their security measure. (think about it). I got banned in the first week, so I sent an email to Rogan himself and he made them reinstate me and posted up the incident and recited what the forum was all about. (it was heartwarming) I posted once more in bdiddy fashion and never went back. I have no moral of the story, but there are ways to weed out the dumbasses, the only problem is they are the peeps that buy shit.
Friday, April 02, 2010 5:57 AM
Oh... one more thing. Well done EZ-E.
Friday, April 02, 2010 9:47 AM

Great Idea. We've talked about it and could certainly introduce some limited roles for newer members. So far we've been able to maintain control by sticking to a relatively family friendly environment and guided focus to stay on topic.

Most registered users here seem to be the no-nonsense types anyway. I think it's because the majority here also are highly competent professionals with little or no time to waste.

I don't bother to write half the crap I would die on a mountain for in my 20's. It's one of our main goals to have open communication with our readers because we believe this high-level of exchange is part of what makes our content different from so many other attempts.
Mark F
Mark Flink
Saturday, April 03, 2010 8:20 AM
The flappy paddle part wouldn't be that bad. You could pretty easily add it to the SQ6 provided you haven't taken up too much of the IO already. I mean it is a 4 banger, so should have some i/o left? Either way, plumb some paddles and wiring into and then get a pneumatic system, and ask our friendly gents at X-Trac. We have a great working relationship with them. =)

Either way, i am trying to find the original thread of this car, because the australia superlap site is hyping this all up!! http://www.superlap.com.au/2009/
Eric Hsu
Eric Hsulink
Saturday, April 03, 2010 11:05 PM
The SQ6 does have spare I/O, but needs the transmission control option. It's the WRC hardware (the only form of racing they have ever used high torque sequential AWD transmissions, center diff, and flappy paddles) that was BIG $$$ to kit up and assemble: flappy paddles, moog valves, plumbing, solenoids, looms, sensors, pumps, etc. plus spares. Pneumatic is more realistic and with the short distance of time attack we can probably use a small bottle of CO2. Maybe for the Sierra Sierra EVO X? Mark, we may need to hire you as a consultant for that one!
Monday, April 05, 2010 6:12 PM
Sombody throw in the word hella and its complete! lol j/k.
Wednesday, April 07, 2010 12:52 PM
With all the info's this site has.....and the lack of good mags out there (at least here in the US). If we don't take into consideration Brits' Racecar Engineering and Race Tech (both kickass mags)....we are left with Grassroot Motorsport, which isn't bad at all..but doesn't cover enough of the tech part.....something lacking here in the US.
Then we have the garbage Source Interlink Media (Super Street, Import Tuner, Modified....and such)....all crap into flashy shit and dumped car with negative 1,000,000 camber.
Sure I love Hoes....but if I want to fondle with one I'd go down the street at the local strip-club.
Anyway, you guys should REALLY consider to start your own mag (some sort of the resurrection of Sport Compact Mag)...but better....you've got the people, the knowledge, the know-how-to....and the resource.
I would DEFINITELY pay for that !!!!
Mike Kojima
Mike Kojimalink
Wednesday, April 07, 2010 1:22 PM
We considered going to print for about 0.001 seconds. We think that print as a form of media is going to sink by another 50% or so. In that case why invest in a dying form of media.

I also think with mobile electronic media like the iPad, e media is just going to get more ingrained in our culture. Afterall would you buy motoIQ for $4-5 or get it for free here.

As we get more sponsors and a greater editorial budget, we will only get better. Right now we are doing alot on a shoestring. We are just at the tip of the iceberg on what we can do. I think you readers would rather have us put our funds into better more interesting content than paying printing costs.

What you readers can do if you like us is help us grow and spread the word. Many manufactures don't yet see the value of e-advertising because they are only used to forums, not providers of quality content. Thats where we are ahead of the game. No sound bites and web mining here for the most part (well this week because I can't type, I hurt my finger in a belt sander).

If you like us, spread the word, cross link and post on other forums and places you frequent. Get your friends to come here. If we get numbers, we can get sponsors, we can get money and I personally guarantee we will give you better stuff.
Mark F
Mark Flink
Saturday, April 10, 2010 3:22 AM
Eric, we will talk. We have everything you need.

You would probably want a brit for the implementation honestly. I will gladly be at an event, just to look pretty.
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