Driving Impressions: The CXC Simulator! 

by Mike Kojima

I am not a gamer, I have never liked video games and never gotten good at them.  I have always felt that I don't have the time for them.  I mean, I own a driving simulator chair with force feedback that my daughter plays with when she does Grand Turismo on our home big screen TV but I never got into it and when I have played it, I have always felt that it feels nothing like a car, not enough anyway where I could jump in and drive it.


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Project Grey Mustang 5.0: Part 8 – Testing Auto Meter’s Elite Gauges

by Vince Illi

We test out Auto Meter’s incredibly advanced Elite gauges and examine the technology that makes some gauges better than others.


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igloocase igloo case iPhone 5 MotoIQ review Wes DumalskiTested: Igloo Case for iPhone

By: Wes Dumalski

As much as we like fast cars and sano builds here at MotoIQ we also love tech gadgets! Messing with cameras, microphones, cell phones, instatwittergrambook uploads; all of these things are what we do on a daily basis to bring MotoIQ to the masses. It should go without saying that when new items hit the market that offer us the ability to do those things in a more efficient manner, our pointy nerd ears perk up and our fingers buzz the web in search of said future altering technical goodness. In this case the gadget of mention is the Igloo case for the iPhone. Click on is as we put the case through its paces…


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Forza Motorsport 4

Sim-Speeding: MotoIQ Reviews Forza Motosport 4

By Justin Banner

Forza Motorsport has been the staple of XBOX racing games since its inception in 2005. Now up to the fourth installment, Forza Motorsport 4 is the latest version, but is it the greatest version? Well, someone from Turn 10 decided it would be best for a guy who covers Formula Drift to try and find out. Wait, what?


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iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO

by Eric Hsu

For those of you who know those hipster, college grad, fixed gear bike riding, low carb beer drinking, ipad owning (or wanting), iphone loving, Apple can do absolutely no wrong type people and know how these types vehemently defend Apple and the iphone versus the PC and Android phones, you will absolutely love this.



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The Motorola Droid Does...

by Eric Hsu

I used to be a Blackberry user, but I gave in to Motorola's advertising campaign and decided to give the Motorola Droid a try. Thinking about getting a Droid? Read my review of the Droid and my comparison to the Blackberry and iPhone.

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Electronic Cigarettes

by Eric Hsu

I am checking out's Encore electronic cigarette as a method to reduce smoking. Smoking without the cigarette smoke is pretty cool actually.

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World's Biggest Engine

Ken showed me a magazine the other day that showed the world's biggest engine. Being the engine geek I am, I did some googling and found out that the world's biggest engine is a Wartsila-Sulzer two-stroke turbo diesel RT-flex96C. It is available in an inline-6 (RB26000?) to an inline-14 cylinder configuration in 1 cylinder increments. Here's some stats on the 14 banger version:

Bore:   960mm or 37.8 inches
Stroke:   2500mm or 98.43 inches
Speed: 92-102rpm
Peak cylinder pressure: 19.6 bar or 2...

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Ipod Battery Change

Last week my iPod took a shit and all it displayed on the screen was an cartoonish image of an iPod with a sad face. Nothing told me it was the battery taking a dump though. After several unsuccessful attempts at connecting with my PC via USB cable, I read somewhere on the Apple site that said that the battery might be gone if the symptoms I was having were happening. I was thinking that I should just buy a new iPod because my 4th gen click wheel iPod just looks so old school, but the Chinese side of me said, "no way man, this thing works perfectly." So I found the website an...

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Snowboard Binding Angle

So I'm not an experienced snowboarder or anything nor do I claim to be. In fact my trip to Niseko (where I am at the moment) is only my 6th or 7th trip to a mountain for snowboarding. I am not hardcore into boarding, I do not give a shit about jumping or doing tricks, and I don't really care to look all stylish while doing it. I just enjoy kicking ass gliding over snow and slicing and dicing through turns. I own a pair of snowboard pants, some water resistant socks, some low buck Thinsulate gloves, some early 90's SCOTT Turbo goggles, and some thermal underwear. The gloves I use are not name brand and cost me $9. The SCOTT goggles were pretty much new, but I bought them in high sch...

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The Nintendo Wii.....

is fucking awesome. You should buy one. Wii sports is ultra fun so I haven't moved on to any other games yet. It was an early Christmas present from some of my extended family and good frien...

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Kodak EasyShare V705 Dual Lens Camera


Real quick: the Kodak V705 is the bombest ass camera that is commercially available for a point and shoot. ISO and aperature adjustments are some of the cool features. The ultimate feature is the ultrawide angle lens. There are two lens an ultrawide and a 5x zoom. The trend started when Phil and Toshi bought the V570 in Japan when filming JDM Insider. My cheap ass finally forked out for a new digi cam and I must say I love this camera. $289 at if you use the google checkout feature. It comes in black, silver, and pink for you girls or fags out there. I got the silver one. Check it:


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