Jim Wolf Technology Valve Tool

Doin' WORK! The Jim Wolf Technology Nissan Valve Tool

By Justin Banner

When working with Nissan Dual Over Head Cam (DOHC) Heads, removing the valve springs and keepers can be quite a challenge. That's where the Jim Wolf Technology Nissan Valve Spring Removal Tool comes into play! How does it work and how much easier does it make working the Nissan DOHC Heads? "Doin' WORK" will show you how!


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Sarah's intercooler

Ask Sarah: What are water to air intercoolers?

by Sarah Forst

Lately I have been searching for information about "water to air intercoolers."  I have seen these in some of your articles but not much information is mentioned. 

Got a difficult tech question? Email Sarah at asksarah@motoiq.com


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KW Suspensions New Coil Over System for Nissans 300ZX!

KW Suspensions New Coil Over System for Nissan's 300ZX!

by Mike Kojima

KW has been looking at their product line up and has made a decision to start adding some applications for some of the classic Japanese exotics from the Japanese supercar heyday of the early to mid 90’s. KW has already come up with coilovers for the MK IV Supra and the NSX. The FD RX-7 is on the R&D schedule and we helped with the R&D for the latest Japanese classic addition, the Nissan Z32 300ZX.


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Engine Tech, Building the Nissan VG30DETT part 2

By Mike Kojima

In the last installment of our build, we delved into building the bottom end of our VG30DETT engine for the goal of reliably achieving 550 plus horsepower.  In this segment we will look into what was done to our top end including the cylinder heads to support this power level.

See part one about the bottom end here!



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Nissan VG30DETT

Engine Tech, Building the Nissan VG30DETT part 1

By Mike Kojima

Found in the 1990 to 1996 Nissan 300ZX twin turbos, the Nissan VG30DETT is a robust, sturdy engine right out of the box.  The VG30DETT like many Japanese engines of the era is pretty stoutly overbuilt in stock form, making it an excellent candidate for wringing high power levels out of it. 


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Jim Wolf Technology Releases Nissan VG30DE/DET Mechanical Cam

MotoIQ Staff Report

Jim Wolf Technology has introduced their mechanical cam for the VG30D series NissanV6 twin cam engines. JWT’s mechanical cam is the biggest, most aggressive and the most powerful VG cam on the market. The JWT mechanical cam has the most area under the lift and duration curve for the ultimate in volumetric efficiency. Area under the curve is what makes power and torque and is more meaningful than simple lift and duration numbers.


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motoIQ Tech Exclusive! We Evaluate SPL Version 3 Rear Multi Link Arms 

MotoIQ Staff Report

If you drive a Nissan S13 240SX, S14 240SX, S15 Silvia, Z32 300ZX or R32 GT-R and do some serious track work, you have probably been frustrated by the lack of adjustment range of the stock links. You have also probably experienced the awful twitchiness of the rear suspension. This is largely due to the huge amounts of soft squishy rubber in the many bushings of the multilink rear suspension.


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Louie Contereas L-Con Project 300zxtt

Project Nissan 300ZXTT: Part One

By Mike Kojima

I have more cars than I can store easily on my property or the motoIQ headquarters. It’s also a well known fact that most of them don’t run at any particular time because, I only have so much bandwidth and more importantly money to work on numerous projects. The fact that our house is in a pretty decent part of the OC and looks like a rednecks doublewide pisses off my wife to no end. My neighbors probably don’t like me very much either.


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