Global Rallycross Las Vegas

Global Rallycross Round 9: Las Vegas

by Sarah Forst

SEMA wasn't the only crazy car event going on in Vegas the first week of November.  Round 9 of the Global Rallycross took place at the South end of the Vegas strip and MIQ couldn't miss the action. Though Toomas Heikkinen had clinched the championship in Charlotte, there was a battle going on for the other podium spots. Check out the action!


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Refresh Your Brakes With Stoptech's Sport Kit

By Mike Kojima

Usually at MotoIQ we evaluate brake systems that make a big difference on our project cars,  bigger rotors, calipers and pads are the norm.  These are brake systems that are great for big power cars, with big sticky tires or cars that often see track use.

These brake mods are not for everyone.  If you have a car that sees sporting driving but not necessarily track use, have mild mods or perhaps you don't do braking intensive driving events like drifting or autocross and don't want to have the expense of a big brake system but could still stand to upgrade your brakes, a simple solution exists.


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Elevated Effort - Rhys Millen Racing's Pike's Peak World Record Back Story

By Lawson Mollica

A behind the scenes account of the events leading up to Rhys Millen Racing’s new Pikes Peak overall world record.  As told to MotoIQ by Mitch Pederson, owner of MP Tuning and RMR Tuning/Race Support Engineer.


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VIDEO: Rhys Millen Pikes Peak 2012 World Record FULL CLIMB 

MotoIQ Staff Report

2012 marks the first time in history that the historic Pikes Peak hillclimb has been done on a fully paved course.  This marks a new era in the event with new records. It was not a surprise to us that Formula D ace Rhys Millen set the new record for an assault at the peak.  We were surprised that his car of choice was not his high tech PM580 race car built specifically for the mountain but his Formula D Hyundai Genesis!



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Cusco hyundai genesis suspension

Hyundai Genesis Coupe CUSCO Suspension Options

Industry Press Release

CUSCO presents Hyundai Genesis Coupe Suspension units for street and competition applications. The ZERO 2E features 5 levels of damper adjustability to match any kind of street condition, from cruising to aggressive mountain driving.


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VIDEO: Rhys Millen @ Pikes Peak 2010

By Mike Kojima

Here is a really cool video of Rhys Millen in the PM580 attempting to break the 10 minute barrier at Pikes Peak a few weeks ago.  This is another video by our buddies at Mad Media, the folks that did all of Ken Block's stuff.  This video has real tight editing and cool helicopter shots of the revolutionary PM580 at speed on the mountain.

Click title for more....

To read the tech details and our video of the PM580 click here!


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Rhys Millen's Hyundai Genesis PM580 Pikes Peak Hill climb car

Skyscraper, A Technical Look Inside Rhys Millen's Hyundai Genesis PM580 Pikes Peak Open Class Slate Cleaner

By Mike Kojima, Photos and video by Jeff Naeyaert

We had heard rumors that Rhys Millen was working with Hyundai and Red Bull to build something fantastic, an unlimited class supercar for Pikes Peak.  Since we are on the Formula D Circuit with Rhys, we asked him what was up and he invited us to his shop for a closer look and to go testing with his team as he rolled the car out for the first time at El Toro.

Video inside!


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Hyundai Genesis Coupe KOYORAD Koyo Radiator

KOYORAD Releases Performance Radiator for Hyundai Genesis Coupe

MotoIQ Staff Report

Koyorad is proud to introduce two all aluminum performance radiators for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe Turbo 6MT and Genesis Coupe V6 6MT.


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...Actually, we should probably call it a "film" and not a "video," as that nomenclature suggests a higher quality production.  Here we have another killer "film" by Will Roegge and Joshua Herron (both notorious for their drifting videos) with something only slightly different.  Rhys Millen, of Formula D, Pikes Peak and that Super Bowl Hyundai Genesis commercial fame, approached Will about putting together a short film on his latest Pikes Peak hill climb attempt. READ MORE


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