Project Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR32)


Team America BNR32 GT-R First Update in a Long Time!

by Mike Kojima

So most of you probably thought that the Team America GT-R was dead, long abandoned to the scrap heap or maybe left in a pile somewhere in Australia. Not so! After a humiliating first appearance at the 2014 running of WTAC down under, the car has been under reconstruction.


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ARK Design Team America BNR32 GT-R Update

by Mike Kojima

In this week's update for the ARK Design Team America BNR32 Time Attack car, we address air management issues around the front of the car with a unique intercooler arrangement  and some hopefully clever ducting. 


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ARK Team America BNR32 GT-R Update Teaser

by Mike Kojima

An update has been a long time in coming but it is true, the ARK Team America BNR32 has not gone away or died, it's just that all of the principals have been busy with our other motorsports and industry jobs ranging from ALMS to Formula D.  With all of us so busy working the car kept getting pushed off but lately Eric Hsu has been rallying the troops and work has been progressing on the car all summer.


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Team America World Time Attack - ARK Design's BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 5

Supposed to be by Eric Hsu but really again by Mike Kojima

Well it's getting closer to go time all the time and the Team America crew is working around the clock to get her done.  The deadline is nearly impossible but Eric and company are determined to make it.  Work on the car is progressing very fast.  The car might just get there but it may well be lacking a little in the cosmetics department.


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xs engineering bnr32

World Time Attack Team America - ARK Design's BNR32 Skyline GT-R Intro Part 1

by Eric Hsu

The team and I have been hard at work with ARK Design's BNR32 Skyline GT-R. You may remember this car as the old XS Engineering BNR32 GT-R, but that was the distant past. ARK Design now owns this car and it is being rebuilt from the ground up. Follow us as we convert this car from the glorified street car that it was to the world class Time Attack car that it will become. The team only has until June to have this car built, tested, and loaded into a shipping container for Sydney's 2012 World Time Attack Challenge with a limited budget and limited man power. One last thing: this will be the last time you will see an RB26 in it and the last time you'll see this car blue.


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These days I don't get to work on my own project cars or engines that often. My GT-R is parked at XS which is about 40 minutes away and my MA70 Supra ...

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