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Skyline GT-Rs, RB26s, and the XS Engineering BNR32

by Eric Hsu

The BNR32 Skyline GT-R is still the Nissan GT-R to me. You could argue the Hokosuka KPGC10 was the first GT-R. No disrespect to grandfather GT-R, but c'mon, are you going to tell me that 160bhp is exhilirating? The R35 is a GT-R too and is a technological marvel, but the last time I checked, the BNR34 was already a little too heavy albeit just (nothing some Z-tuned carbon parts can't fix). The BCNR33 GT-R? No comment unless you're going straight in a hurry. That only leaves one GT-R left: the BNR32, but I'd take a BNR34 GT-R as a substitute too.

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Beyond the Dyno - Rotary Love 16X

By Eric Hsu

I love rotary engines even though I do not currently own a rotary powered vehicle. I'm just taking a break I suppose. I'm all about 6 cylinders at the moment, but I still love rotaries. After the jump is why I love rotaries, Hydrogen rotaries, and some information on the up and coming "big block' 16X Mazda rotary engine.

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