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Team America World Time Attack - ARK Design's BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 8

By Eric Hsu

Mike did a great job covering the build while I was unable to write because I was busy managing the car, team, and build and actually working on the car itself. From part 8 and on, I'll be taking over Beyond the Dyno once again. The car is on the slow boat to Australia, but for now I'll cover some of the things the team and I were doing at Cosworth.


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Team America World Time Attack - ARK Design's BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 4

Supposed to be by Eric Hsu, Really by Mike Kojima

In the last segment, Gary Castillo of Design Craft Fabrication was starting to work on the rest of the car's fabrication.  With the clock ticking away and a lofty early June completion date looming closer, it was decided to let the gutting of the rear section of the car wait until next year.  In my opinion this year will just be a development year for us to get some experience with the car and the World Time Attack format.


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Cosworth head gasket

Ask Sarah: Copper head gasket spray

I've heard of spraying a head gasket with copper spray.  Is there a greater benefit to using a solid copper head gasket?


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Cosworth R35 GT-R VR38DETT Components

by Eric Hsu

Some images and a summary of Cosworth's newly released VR38 stock stroke internal engine components. If you plan on modifying your GT-R for serious use, you need to read this. Dyno queen owners and show car owners need not read.

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Fontana Nissan 350z Build

MotoIQ Staff Report

Fontana Nissan Racing put up some pics and text of the build of their Grand Am/Time Attack 350Z. It includes the build of their engine which includes a Cosworth 3.8L VQ35 stroker. For the link to their blog, check out my left navigation bar (I feel lazy today). Click here for the FONTANA NISSAN RACING TECHNICAL CORNER. They cover the in house build of the Cosworth 3.8L VQ bottom end, the chassis, and custom body panels. Chris and Jackson also developed the intake plenum and headers on their own, but they aren’t going to tell you all of their secrets. Jackson and his crew have been building race car...


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2008+ Subaru Impeza STi Parts You Need

Something’s been getting in the way of my blogging: life. For now, here’s some bad ass parts you need to have for your 2008 and newer Subaru STi:

Cosworth S2D Dual AVCS 278°-10.7mm IN/274°-10.0mm EX Camshafts

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Cosworth EC Pro Development


These last couple of weeks Ben, an engineer from Pi Research/Pectel, and I have been living and breathing 2008 Subaru Impreza STi. The Cosworth EC Pro is designed by the brains at Pectel UK (a division of Pi Research and sister company of Cosworth) for Cosworth. It is exclusively sale and use in the North American market so all you guys in Europe will not be able to purchase or use it (for now at least). There are enough differences between the European market STis and North American STis to make it a very impractical adaptation. For you Americans though, you will soon have the absolute most powerful plug-in ECU available in the...

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VQ Crazy


Recently all around me have been Nissan VQs. There's the Cosworth Castrol Top Shop engine that I have been coordinating and tuning at Cosworth, then over at XS they are building a Z33 for my buddy Andy who owns Ark Design, so as a I built that engine on my own time, then I have been writing reports at Cosworth on VQ35DE camshafts like a madman, then I have been working on the Cosworth VQ35 long stroke crankshaft, my daily driver Maxima has a VQ30, I've been driving my mom's G35 which has a VQ35, etc. VQs kick ass.


The Cosworth Top Shop engine made 4xxbhp (buy the magazines) normally aspirated which impressed me. Th...

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RB26DETT Valve Springs

Since the BNR32/33/34 Skyline GT-Rs were only really available in Japan and a couple other parts of the world, previously you only really had the JDM engine parts to choose from. Now that I work at Cosworth, I hope to change that. Although we are buried with all kinds of other work, I try to squeak out RB26 parts when I can. So far I've managed to help crank out new con rods, bearings, head gaskets, and now valve springs (more coming soon!). It takes a bit to convincing to get the OK to design RB26 parts. The RB26 is now an old engine and we are only designing parts for the RB because it has such a huge following worldwide.

Having measured and analyzed nearly every Japanese ca...

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Should You Change Your SR20DET Head Gasket?

SR20DET swaps in S13/14 240SX's are quite popular here in America. One of the questions I frequently get is, "Do you think I should change my head gasket before I swap the SR in?" I always recommend changing it because it's fairly easy when the engine is sitting on a stand or even on the floor (don't crush the steel pan people!). The paper gasket is fine for 205hp and probably even ok for 280hp, but in reality it's detonation that usually destroys the stock paper head gasket. Since there are so many cheap asses that use the OEM ECUs on 91 octane in the SR20 swap world, it's even more reason to change the head gasket. Yes, the stock ECU can handle 91 octane because it can default to ...

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