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​R35 Nissan GT-R Buyer’s Guide

By Sean Morris

Is the R35 Nissan GT-R a target car for the MotoIQ audience? Maybe and maybe not, but Project R35 GT-R says yes. The GT-R is not a manual shift, but rather a dual clutch gearboxed, V-6, twin turbo, 4000 lb beast. It's big, heavy, and extremely fast. How fast? The 2014 cars dip into the 2 second range for 0-60 mph and low 11 second quarter mile passes. The quarter mile not your thing? Then how about 7:18.6 for a lap around the Nurburgring? The thing about the GT-R is that it is easy to drive fast. An average driver in a GT-R is quick, but throw a fast guy in and they can seemingly defy physics. I have been covering the R35 GT-R since 2007, worked on a few of them here and there, and spent a couple years giving advice about the cars. I also have about 14 years of experience working with the Nissan Skyline GT-R. Everything from street cars to one that raced in the SCCA World Challenge GT series. This guide is an overview without getting too technical in any one area. Hopefully, it can help you out if you are looking at a car or have a friend looking into a car.


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Project Camaro: Part 2 - Breathing Easier with a Borla Exhaust and AEM Air Intake System

By Merritt Morris

In the first installment of Project Camaro the vehicle experienced a thorough suspension component upgrade. Getting the tires more planted improved the sporty feel of the V6 powered RS Camaro, but appeasing only one of the senses at a time quickly left me clamoring for more. For the second installment it was time for more powa! Taking the path of least resistance, some easy bolt on modifications were the way to go. An exhaust system from Borla and an intake from AEM Air Induction Systems were sourced to clear up the airways of the naturally aspirated direct injection motor.


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