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The Art and Science of Racing in the Rain

By Dave Pratte 

Hidey ho my fellow MotoIQ readers. My name is Dave Pratte and you may know me from such Driver's Ed films as "Alice's Adventures through the Windshield Glass" and "The Decapitation of Larry Leadfoot". No wait, that's Troy McClure. My bad. Lets try this again. You may know me from Modified magazine, where I used to be the Senior Editor and where I still write a monthly Tech column (ingeniously called 'Tech Talk') and contribute all sorts of other content on a regular basis (I've also contributed to Super Street, Grassroots Motorsports, Modified Luxury & Exotics, Modified Mustangs, S3, AutoGuide.com and Hairy Bears Quarterly...ok, maybe not that last one). But unlike most magazine editors, I didn't get into this business for the free tires or cool press events. I fell into it because I'm a racer and the magazine happened to be looking for someone who could provide them with the type of insights that only come from breaking parts and the occasional track record. 


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