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Nerd’s Eye View: Ducati 1199 Superleggera

by Khiem Dinh

Sport bikes are the closest things you can easily buy that are track ready. They come with adjustable suspension, titanium valves, sticky tires, and typically lightweight aluminum frames. You can basically take off the mirrors, get rid of the lights, swap tires and brake pads and go racing in AMA Supersport class. But then there are bikes like the Ducati Superleggera. Actually, the Superleggera is really the only bike of its type that you can buy.


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Project E39 M5: Part 1 - Stopping the Ultimate Driving Machine

by Martin Gonzales

With almost 400 horsepower and weighing in at a little over two tons, slowing down the BMW E39 M5 safely and consistently is definitely no easy task. Aside from ensuring all stock braking components are in tip top shape before we start on the inevitable road of power and handling mods, we will also be making a few improvements to the already well engineered braking system of our new/used Bavarian fun machine.


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Project Fiesta ST - Improving the Brakes with mountune USA

by Mike Kojima

So far we have improved the handling and shifting on our Project Ford Fiesta ST with some stuff from ST Suspension and mountune USA.  We are very impressed with the base car.  If you are into tuning FWD Sport Compacts you can really appreciate just how good this car is from the factory. If you have built Turbo Hondas or perhaps a Sentra SE-R we equate the Stock ST to one of those cars with a T28.

The car is a lot of turbo fun but with solid OEM reliability, great handling and OEM refinement. On the track the car has proven to be exceptionally reliable putting down lap after lap with not a single problem.  No overheating, no fade, no unbalanced handling and most of all, the brakes are up to snuff for track abuse even stock!


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Radium Engineering Has Released A New Ground-Breaking Fuel Cell Surge Tank

Industry Press Release

Radium Engineering has released a new ground-breaking Fuel Surge Tank designed specifically for use in EFI vehicles with competition fuel cells. The Fuel Cell Surge Tank (FCST) is the first drop-in anti-fuel starvation system.


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KW Suspension Announces Multiple Options For The 2015 BMW M3/M4 

Industry Press Release

Owners of the 2015 BMW M3/M4 will have multiple options to outfit their BMW's with KW Suspension technology. Options range from Clubsport 2 way and 3 way, Variant 3, to High Adjustable Spring Kit (HAS) there's a KW product for everyone. 


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GarageLove: Five Car Things Anyone Can Collect

by Per Schroeder

Thanks to collector auction craze and the inevitable glut of reality shows about it, the market for classic cars has become very volatile. Many enthusiasts have been priced out of the market as values of even the rattiest of project cars skyrocket. The early Porsche 911s are the latest beneficiary—victim—of this trend, with values increasing 50 to 100 percent within the last year.


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Miatas Take Over Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

by Ashley DeLuca

What’s not to love about the Mazda Miata?  They are lightweight, rear wheel drive and affordable enough for almost any type of car enthusiast to own. There is almost a cult following for this car, and it showed during the first weekend of September for the 25th anniversary of the Mazda Miata.  Miata enthusiasts from all over the world including Canada, Philippines, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and many US road trippers descended into Monterey, California for the fifth annual Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca track event and world record attempt. 


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Project MKVI Golf TDI: Let's Tow!

by Jeff Naeyaert

One of the things we noticed on our two trips to Europe in the last few years is that there are NO pickup trucks on the roads like you see all over here in the United States.  There are some luxury type SUV’s running around but much more common are “estates” or what we call station wagons and lots of little cars—our Golf being a popular choice.  So how do people haul around all their crap?  Trailers!  We don’t want to say most, but there are a lot more cars in Europe with trailer hitches and pulling all sorts of trailers of all different sizes around.  It makes sense though, how often do most pickup truck users USE their truck for hauling stuff around?  Probably not every day for most people.  So why not have a car when you want a car that gets good fuel economy, carries around people comfortably and can fit into tight parking spaces most of the time, and then when you want it to be a pickup truck, hook up a little trailer!  Well that’s what we aim to do with our Golf. 


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5 Trick Fixes for High Mileage Cars, Part 2: Get Better Handling, Visibility, Safety, and Looks!

by Pablo Mazlumian

In Part 1 we gave you tips on how to make an older car a keeper with simple, universal upgrades that can add better performance and fuel economy to any ride.  This time we finish up the two-part series with parts that add safety and further enjoyment.  Honest. 


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DeatschWerks DW65v AWD Drop-in Fuel Pump

Industry Press Release

In a follow up to the successful DW65V fuel pump for VW & Audi, DeatschWerks has expanded the line to include a new version of the DW65V for All-Wheel-Drive Applications. This new variation (PN 9-655-1025) is similar to the original DW65v fuel pump, but has a newly designed end cap which allows it to function properly with the AWD fuel tank.


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CORSA Performance Exhausts And Cool Air Intakes For 2012-2014 Scion FR-S

Industry Press Release

Scion FR-S enthusiasts can enhance the performance, sound and appearance of their vehicles with acoustically-tuned exhaust systems and efficient cool air intakes from CORSA ® Performance.


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Project 240SX LSR Sets New Land Speed Record

MotoIQ Staff Report

Team MotoIQ in conjunction with 5523 Motorsports and Specialty Cars Fabrication set a new H/PS land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats during the recent USFRA World of Speed event. Their experience on the salt however was not entirely drama free.


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Nerd-O-Scope: Keeping the Energy In Turbos Using PTP Turbo Blankets

by Khiem Dinh

Photos and Graphs Taken from “Performance Improvements of Turbocharged Engines with the Use of a PTP Turbo Blanket” by Steffen Bickle, Ronald D. Matthews, The U. of Texas at Austin

Everyone who has been reading MotoIQ has heard me say it time and again, heat = energy. Why is this especially important with turbos? Because the turbine wheel in the turbo takes energy out of the exhaust flow to spin up the compressor. The more energy available for the turbine to grab means there is more energy to spin up the compressor. Here is the proof.


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DC-8070 EWP® 150 Alloy Electric Water Pump - Combo Pack

Industry Press Release

Davies Craig is proud to release their revolutionary new EWP®150 Electric Water Pump and EWP/Fan Digital Controller, now available in a value-priced combo pack. The EWP®150 has been developed for large displacement V8 engines, high output race cars, tow vehicles, and many more vehicle applications.


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Unorthodox Racing - The Original Pulley Maker is Expanding its Online Consumer Capability

Industry Press Release

Unorthodox Racing is unveiling its updated website, significantly improving consumer functionality. The new site expands upon UR’s visually oriented, product centric style by dramatically improving the product search function, making it easier than ever for the consumer to choose the product best suiting their needs.


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Are Burns' Bends Really Better?

by Vince Roman of Burns Stainless

We are often times asked why our stainless mandrel bends and tubing is expensive compared with our competition. There are several reasons including the fact that we use US-sourced ASTM certified tubing (in some rare cases we may use a Canadian or Japanese sourced product based on availability) and that we use the utmost care in the mandrel bending process.


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Controlled Chaos Episode 5 - Darren McNamara Wins Formula Drift Seattle

by GTChannel

The 2014 season has not been an easy one so far but the first podium and win came for Darren McNamara and Team Falken at Formula Drift Round 5 Seattle. Darren had to go up against his teammate Daijiro Yoshihara in the Falken Tire BRZ in top 16 but the real challenge was the battle against Chris Forsberg in the final four and of course the controversial tandem against Dean Kearney in the final.


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MotoIQ Radio

MotoIQ Radio: Mazda Miata ND Released!

by Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz

The ND Miata has been released from its press embargo and we're starting to see some of the details. Kerryann and I will talk about what we expect from the new Miata along with your hopes! So be sure to give us some questions or comments tonight about the ND Miata. We'll also have some quick news and notes of the week all on MotoIQ Radio. Got comments or questions tonight? Use hashtag #motoiqradio on Facebook!

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Wrench Tip: Why Tire Age Really Matters

by David Zipf

Dave Coleman told you how to figure out how old your tires are by looking at the date code.  He also mentioned that older tires tend to be greasy when you push them to the limit.  However, there's one other thing he didn't mention that's rather important when shopping for used tires.


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Maxxis RC-1 Race Tire: The Prolonged Review

by Clint Boisdeau

Maxxis has been in the tire game for a long while, but only recently have they jumped into the road race DOT R-compound market with the RC-1.  The goal for the tire was to be an all-around performer as well as being durable and affordable.  Such characteristics will appeal to all crowds of motorsports whether it is wheel to wheel racing, time attack, or HPDE (high performance driving event) "track days".  The size availability covers a lot of the more popular ranges, with some niche sizes that will be out shortly.  The test vehicle was my own project 370Z, which represents a street car that gets tracked often being the norm for the majority of HPDE attendees.  Project 370Z is a full weight, relatively softly sprung, daily driven car.  So the RC-1’s had their work cut out for them in the wear and heat cycling capacity department.  Also, Project 370Z is driven to and from the track on the tires it uses for the event since I have only one set of wheels for the car.   So I have to get the tires mounted the day before I leave for events and changed back after the weekend which is a scenario that a significant amount of track day goers deal with regularly.


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