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Sachiko Hanai

While I was up in San Francisco a couple weeks ago, I stopped by the Red Vic Movie House on Haight Street to watch an independent Japanese movie with Phil from 360 video and a friend. This theater is known to play indie films of all genres - some good and some bad. The name of th movie was "The Glamourous Life of Sachiko Hanai" and if any of you have watched some Japanese movies, you'll know that they can be pretty trippy. This movie definitely falls into the pretty trippy category. Sachiko Hanai is a call girl who gets a bullet in the forehead, but doesn't die. The bullet jacks up her brain (this is illustrated with cutting edge CG graphics). This movie is good for a time killer...

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Palos Verdes Bugatti Veyron - part 3

My buddy Aric sent me a link to one of his albums. It turns out he drove that same blue Veyron I saw up in PV. Aric also works for Kingston Memory so the day the boss bought it, he cruised it to work. Some of the employees like Aric got to take a joy ride in it. Anyhow, it's a crazy looking car. I wouldn't say it looks good though.....just crazy.


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Working at your own garage at home

I have to admit, for the past 13-14 years I've had the luxury of using a shop to work on my cars. I still have access to a shop, but not when I want to do something quick. I have to drive all the way to XS in Garden Grove to do that. So I pulled the intercooler off my Lexus to clean the intercooler and straighten some of the fins, but I did it in my garage. What a bitch when you don't have a good tool set. Or jack, or chemicals, or rags, or anything else. I've never kept supplies at home since I never work on the cars at home. What makes it worse is that I have about $15k of Snap On tools at XS. So all you guys working on your cars at home: much props. For the heavy duty wor...

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Tuner Maxx

The word "tuner" has really gotten to me. It's so over used and played out and it's not even a mainstream word. The word "tuner" is like Timbaland producing pop music - wack. Of course Timbaland is making millions so I don't blame him for selling out. Anyway, so this past weekend I was up in San Francisco visiting the city and my friends Phil and Robby from 360 Video. More on this trip later, but I went to Amoeba Records on Haight Street and I was browsing through the Electronic music section and I ran into this compilation series called "Tuner Maxx". There were slammed spo-com style BNR34 GT-Rs on the covers. The Skyline is far from a "tuner" car - it's a world class sports ...

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The Nintendo Wii.....

is fucking awesome. You should buy one. Wii sports is ultra fun so I haven't moved on to any other games yet. It was an early Christmas present from some of my extended family and good frien...

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Palos Verdes Bugatti Veyron - part 2

I was talking to my old room mate Jeff the Tokyo pimp this morning and he happened to be visiting San Francisco. He read my blog about the blue Veyron. Jeff just pops up all over the world at any given time. You should hear some of his stories of his adventures in Shanghai. I'm talking about the food of course (yeah right....). Anyhow, it turns out the blue Veyron that I saw the other week belongs to one of the owners of Kingston Memory who is also Jeff's ex-boss. What a small world. From what I hear, the boss is a really cool guy. This is the same guy I used to pass on the 405 every day when I used to commute to Huntington Beach daily (to XS). Back then he (the owner of Kings...

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Spo-Com show

Last Sunday was Pro Motion Distributing's Spo-Com show at the Long Beach Convention center. I'm not a show guy, but the show was supposed to double as a trade show. All I can say is that the import car shows are funny. When you go to a classic car show, it's all about how clean the car is. When you go to a vintage car show it's all about how clean, original, and period correct the cars are. When you go to a rat rod show, it's all about the rat rod style (which I think is kind of cool and some of the chicks are hot). When you go to a "sport compact tuner" show as the mass media likes to call it, the cars are all about how many parts, how much money, and how much SHIT you can tack ...

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Palos Verdes Bugatti Veyron

I was cruising through Palos Verdes (straight ballin' area) on my way to the Spo-com show this past Sunday and I passed a blue Bugatti Veyron. The guy didn't know how to drive it for shit. He was stalling and off the side of the road when I passed him. As you can see I was driving so I just stuck my camera out the window while driving. I know you can't really see the Veyron in the picture so it's nearly pointless. I should have used the zoom. He wouldn't catch up to me since he didn't know how to drive the car. He was going like 20mph! This is the second Veyron I've seen. The first one I saw was white. It was on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills about a year ago and it pulled up ri...

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Industry Mail and Option Video

So it sounded like a lot of you may have misunderstood my post on the Industry Mail thing. My bad, I wasn't too clear. Read the last last couple of sentences again carefully. I was just trying to sound like I was apologetic in the beginning (fronting like I'm a good guy) and then letting you all know that I subtlety didn't actually give a shit. I guess it didn't work too well. Anyways, it's good to hear from you guys when you send me emails and stuff. We don't activate the comments on the blogs due to spam comments.

A couple weeks ago, Toshi, Yasu, and the Video Option crew came to visit at Cosworth to do a video segment. It was fun and I got to talk, hang out, etc. w...

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Industry Mail

I was at Cosworth today, as I am everyday, and my manager Ken tells me, "Hey did you read your response in the new Super Street (september 07)?" So I grabbed the issue and looked for the Industry Mail section. Having wrote the response immediately after reading Sean Morris' comments 4 or 5 issues ago, I realize now that I should chill out before responding to issues in a public forum. I remember getting a little bothered by Sean's response so I wrote this emotionally charged response for Super Street. Anyhow, if I would have written it now, it would have been a lot calmer. I've never been very tactful when I say things. This is probably why a lot of people get offended when I com...

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