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The Red Dragon - Part 1

We have a 2008 STi at Cosworth that has been internally dubbed the Red Dragon. We have been using the car for product development so it hasn't progressed much although it is supposed to be SEMA ready in less than 3 months now. The goal is a kick ass track car that you can drive home: a gentleman's STi. There are guys who have the cash and go out and buy a Viper or 911 to track, but after running the car two or three times they discover: 1)the cars are NOT easy to control, 2)the cars eat tires for lunch, 3)the cars eat brakes for lunch, 4)they a...

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Danny & Marilyn in Arizona

A couple weeks ago, Nick, Yaya, Saya and I headed out to Arizona because our friends Danny & Marilyn got married. Other than being really, really, really hot in Arizona (hell on Earth), it was a great time. I got a chance to hang out and celebrate with a bunch of friends I haven't seen in a while, relax, binge eat and binge drink. I met Marilyn about 8 years ago through a friend who I used to work with at Apex. Danny is Jensen's brother. Jensen used to work with me when I was at Apex, but when Danny moved to the mainland from Hawaii, he worked for me at XS fabricating and installing stuff. After XS, Danny went to work with the infamous Stephan Papidakis at AEM on the drift team, but got ...

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Superleague Formula

Football, or soccer as its known here in the US, is the most popular sport around the world outside of the US. For some reason Soccer has never gained any steam over here. In Europe, football is crazy popular. I don't know jack about European football except about what I read in the news a few years back about crazy ass fans starting riots and killing each other. Oh and also the few scenes in the movie Eurotrip. Who would have thought to MIX formula racing and football though? Superleague Formula is a high level open wheel racing series where the cars are painted in the scheme of football (soccer) teams. I gues...

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Redline Time Attack! - Fontana 7/20/08

Yesterday I went to the Redline Time Attack! at California Speedway in Fontana, California. I love this track because it's a NASCAR track with proper garages, indoor toilets, real grandstands, etc. It's a nice track overall. Fontucky, as it is known to us LA boys, is hotter than hell in the summer usually, but we lucked out with the temperatures in the high 80's. There were more people than ever this year so it appears that time attack is growing in both spectators and entries. There was also a vendor row and even a car show for the show fags. You gotta have a ...

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Wheel Trends

I've been noticing an increasing amount of the wheels with the colored stripe around the circumference. You know, the "Time Attack" style of stripe. Volk probably started the trend first a couple years back and created the look for modified street cars. You know which wheels I'm talking about: the matte black TE37, CE28N, etc. wheels with the red stripe around the lip. Everybody got all up on the Volk wheels with the red stripe and started to buy the shit out of them. Of course the damn Chinamen/Filipino knock off wheel companies started doing their favorite thing: copying. So Rota, Raze, TenzoR, Axis, etc. have now brought the "Time Attack" look to the masses. Jesus, I can't even count ...

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Skin Deep: Lotus Elise

The boys at XS are turbocharging a Lotus Elise and asked me to help out on the intercooler design. To investigate the possibilities, we removed the nose to check out some potential locations for heat exchangers and plumbing. It was an absolute bitch to remove the nose. After removing the nose, you could see that the designers designed the chassis, suspension, cooling components and ducts, and then everything else afterwards. In other words everything else was an afterthought. The sucks for maintenance and service, but it is awesome for a production car. What this means is that the car is 100% purpose built for performance. It's not like some dumb ass would buy the Elise as their only car...

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Champ Car Turbos

I was looking for something in the build shop at Cosworth and found a workstation with some drawers underneath. I opened it up and I think I hit a jackpot of Garrett Champ Car turbos and parts. The entire cabinet was full of turbo components and assemblies. The turbos are capable of supporting up to 850hp and seemed to be sized pretty close to their GT40ish street car cousins. The turbine wheel sizing and A/R don't seem too ridiculous for road race use either. They are sleeve and thrust bearing turbos; no fancy ball bearing stuff. These turbos were originally designed for the Cosworth XFE 2.65L V-8 engine and run about 40 in/Hg of boost (or 19.64psi) up to 12,000rpm in endurance trim (he...

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EJ257 Block Honing Tips

Some of you may or may not know that I have a blog on the Cosworth USA site. I have to be politically correct since I am officially speaking as a representative of the company so it's not as much fun, but the subject matter is probably interesting to some of you. Here on Beyond the Dyno I represent no company so I don't really give a shit who I offend or give props to. Anyhow check it out and see why you shouldn't drop in forged pistons in an EJ257 block. In most cases, production block bores are not oval so you should almost never drop in forged pistons without a proper bore/hone. I thought is pretty interesting that a factory block could be so damn oval. And before you talk shit about ...

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DSport RH9 BCNR33 GT-R

People keep asking me, "Is XS out of business?" The short answer is no. I stopped by last week and some of the customer cars in the shop were: a 800whp Supra, a 1040whp BCNR33 GT-R, a bone stock R33 getting an OS clutch change, Lotus Elise getting a turbo and Motec, a new STi getting a 350whp upgrade, a S15 getting a Nismo 6 speed and OS twin plate clutch, and my personal BNR32 GT-R because I had them change my fan shroud (yeah I got lazy...). They doesn't sound out of business to me. However, they are closed to the general public and only do web sales, international and domestic wholesale distribution to other shops, and serious project and race cars. They no longer accept daily appoint...

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Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is definitely making its way into our lives. As a lightweight, high strength, composite material (carbon weave cloth and plastic resin), it has many uses on race cars, race engines, aerospace, airplanes and jets, and just about anything else that requires a lightweight, high strength part. However, the last place you would expect to find carbon fiber though is in women's shoes. I would imagine it would make the shoes incredibly stiff and inflexible, but it is to our benefit (men) that women do the craziest things to make themselves attractive to us (like being on Girls Gone Wild). If this includes wearing incredibly stiff shoes, then so be it. We should be glad that women ar...

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