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Toshi is selling his S13

If anybody is interested in buying a pretty dope S13, check it out here. Of course this car is partially dope because it used to be mine's until Toshi decided that he needed a buff ass daily driver and practically forced me to sell it to him. It was my track car and I was having a blast with it, but I'm always down to help out a friend (and make a buck). It really is a good car. Check out the specs here. I think he's asking only $16.5k obo. That's less than what I sold it to him for, but I sold it to Tosh almost 1.5 years ago...

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Old Skool Option

I was at the Japanese book store in Little Tokyo last weekend and I saw the 3 most bomb ass Option magazines. They're titled the "Legend of Option". These mags showcase all the old skool shit from the first years of Option. Vol.1 showcases 1981-84, Vol.2 showcases 1985-90, and Vol.3 showcases 1991-2000. Having been flipping through the pages of Options and Carboys since 1992, I was reliving it all flipping through these 3 mags. So in Vol.1 you see old school SA22C RX-7's built and tuned by RE Amemiya when he first started, HKS MA60 Supras with twin T04Es going for 300km/h at Yatabe, JUN 280ZX's with a 3.5L L28, etc. Vol.1 has the old school buff shit that started it all. Of co...

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LA is fun at night

Man was this last weekend dope. Friday night I went to a bar in Torrance with my friend Daniel. If I remember correctly, there was quite a bit of tequila, jack daniels, moet, and dom perignon involved (Daniel is a baller). I got home at 7:30am after some breakfast at Denny's. Now that was a dope night.... I was able to somehow wake up on Saturday and get some paper work done. Then I took a nap and then Saturday night began. It started with a trip to club Circus in Hollywood where my high school buddy, Paris (so named before Ms. Hilton was big shit), did a DJ set from 11-1...

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Last Saturday I was down at the Stillen open house working the booth for the Cosworth. I was late as usual so I had to cruise down the 405 doing about a 130mph in the GT-R. I was trying to maintain 120, but there was some traffic here and there. I blew by a 2 350z cruises, a G35 cruise, and a PT cruiser cruise. I assume they were going to the Stillen open house. I wasn't trying to show off, but I was actually kicking ass because I was late. Actually I never show off and front. However, I'm always driving fast so people think I'm frontin' on them all the time. Fuck'em because chances are I'd blow them away anyway. Anyhow so I get off the freeway and I get lost because I guess I...

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La Cita

Last Friday I went to meet up with some friends in downtown LA. Somewhere off of 2nd St., between Broadway and Main there's a whole bunch of new bars. They're all a bit more upscale so they have dress codes on Friday and Saturday nights. So since I rolled up in my new balance, jeans, and a t-shirt they told us we couldn't get in. Not to fret said Anne, who said we should roll to La Cita. I think it was on Olive and 3rd or 4th. Anyhow, it's not a place I would have rolled into on my own, but she goes on Thursday nights sometimes when Swindle Magazine has their parties. She's an editor over there I think. Swindle is an undergroundish, random, artsy kind of magazine that's pretty...

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Drifting Golf

No, I'm not talking about drifting a VW Golf. Ken from American Gymkhana organized a golf game at El Dorado in Long Beach, CA with a bunch of friends in the "industry" this past Saturday. It was a nice day with a slight breeze. Everybody had a good time and since nobody was a serious golf player, it seemed like we all just went out there to fuck around (at least in my group). In my crew was Andy from HKS, Eddie from Mackin, Kenji from Mackin, Masa from Club Zero. What's Club Zero? Well, we'll save that for another day and another post, but it sure as hell isn't a car tuning related business. For those of you lucky enough to have been there, ya'll already know. Since Ken is pr...

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Daily Driver

Out of my 6 cars that I couldn't drive, I finally got to pick up my BNR32 GT-R from XS Engineering. I've never really had to drive this car daily, but I have to now since I have no other car. I never got the chance to finish it either: it's 50% tuned and it's missing some interior panels. Now that I'm driving it daily I'm motivated to finish it up. In fact I just put a head unit in it the other night so I could have some tunes while cruising. I really like driving this car, but it gets a bit too much attention. I can just imagine the amount of attention from daily driving a BNR34 GT-R.

The current set up is: bone stock engine, stock turbos, Do-Luck 90mm exhaust, Do-L...

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I got my tix to the Morrissey concert at the Hollywood Bowl on June 8. I'm excited about this concert because The Smiths are one of my favorite bands of all time. Of course the Smiths are broken up, but the genius of Morrissey and Marr's songwriting must now be experienced only through Morrissey these days and Morrissey is still pretty damn good. I wish I was old enough to have experienced The Smiths in concert, but oh well. The Smiths existed only between 1982-87, but in that short time they released 4 of the best records in the world. Yes, you younger people, I said records. The first Smiths CD to be released was "Strangeways, Here I Come" in 1987.

I saw Morrissey ba...

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