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Ducati Monster 796 and Art Body kits

Ducati Expands the Monster Family with the New 796 and the Monster Art Body Kits

A MotoIQ Staff Report

Ducati North America is excited to announce the newest member of its internationally acclaimed Monster range- the Monster 796. 


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keep racing fun

Keep Racing Fun, a Fake Blog Road Trip Adventure

By Mike Kojima and Jeff Naeyaert

Warning!  We are not hipsters, we don't wear cool clothes, girl pants, expensive cheap sneakers, fancy hats or carry vintage cameras around.  We are kinda boring so this story might not be too interesting, but if you still want to read on, have fun!  We have been working really hard at the palatial MotoIQ corporate headquarters.  We have been out covering events and working on project cars nearly every day.  Too much work and no play makes for even duller nerds so we decided to hit the road to enter Redline Time Attack's round 3 in Las Vegas. 


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MotoIQ Project EVO X

Project EVO X Part 2, Making Great Brakes Even Better!

By Mike Kojima

When we last worked on Project EVO X we installed a very comprehensive yet very streetable suspension system from KW and Whiteline. In continuing our theme for building the ultimate EVO X without compromising its daily driveabilty, we now turn our attention to the brakes, wheels and tires. 

For more on Project EVO X Click Here!


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Meguiar's "Quik Tips Series" Video #3: Washing 101

Part 3 in Mequiar's "Quik Tips Series", Washing 101 is now live!  If you haven't caught the first two videos check out "Restoring Foggy Headlights" and "The 5-Step Paint Care Cycle".


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5zigen black lightening mechanics gloves

5ZIGEN USA announces  Black Lightning Mechanics Gloves

MotoIQ Staff Report

The MotoIQ staff has been testing the Black Lighting Glove and we are amazed as to how well they work.  They are a lot stronger, puncture and chemical resistant than the latex and nitrile gloves we normally use and are much more comfortable to boot.  A feature we like is that they are less clammy and sweaty than normal gloves making them much more comfortable when wrenching for long periods of time.


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Project Infiniti G20 racecar race car P10 Primera SR20

Project Infiniti G20 Racecar - Roll Cage Additions & Final Interior Prep

By Martin Gonzales & Steve Rockwood

Last time you saw our G20 we were pounding the final nails on the coffin of its daily driven days with the addition of a roll cage.  This time around we'll be going over a number of safety improvements to our cage and will also get into the final prep and finish of the interior.


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DG Spec Scion TC

DG-Spec & Scion Win Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach (video inside)

MotoIQ Staff Report Photos by Jeff Naeyaert 

Team owner and driver Dan Gardner was the fastest Touring Car in MotoIQ's Project Scion tC, with Stout taking second position in its sister car.  Neither driver had ever driven the course before, with both of the DG Spec drivers coming up to speed quickly on the unforgiving Long Beach street course.


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HKS R35 GTR tranny cooler

HKS introduces the new DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) Cooler Kit for the Nissan GT-R R35 (data inside!)

MotoIQ Staff Report

HKS USA, Inc., the premier manufacturer and supplier of premium automotive performance systems, introduces the key item in transmission cooling for the Nissan GT-R R35, the DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) Cooler Kit. 


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Performance Friction Europe announced as Rallycross Open Championship Associate Sponsor

MotoIQ Staff Report

Performance Friction Europe have today announced that they have become an associate sponsor of the British Eurosport televised 2010 Fuchs Lubricants Rallycross Open Championship.

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Royal Purple Goes Mobile
Royal Purple Unveils New Mobile Accessible Website and Downloadable Game

MotoIQ Staff Report

Porter, TX (April 12, 2010)— High-performance lubricant company, Royal Purple has entered the rapidly growing mobile app world with its new game iRev.  The game challenges players to identify the sounds of a variety of high performance engines.


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MotoIQ Project Sentra Spec V

Project Nissan Sentra Spec-V part 5; Lessons in Geometry

By Mike Kojima

Although Nissan hyped up the Sentra Spec-V as a performance sedan in its marketing campaign, in truth the car was a little more than a piece of basic transportation with a few performance enhancing bells and whistles.  The car was cursed with a crude beam axle rear suspension and a McPherson strut front suspension whose geometry was designed around efficient packaging and relentless understeer rather than performance.  Because of this, the Sentra is at a significant disadvantage in the handling department when compared to its FWD rivals, mainly Hondas, the Scion TC and even the Infiniti G20.  Despite of all this, we at MotoIQ are always up to an engineering challenge and we set about to rework the SE-R's suspension to attempt to make it a little more competitive.

To read more about Project Spec-V click here!


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Understanding the EFI process

EFI 102- Understanding EFI Processes Through Detailed EFI Sub-system Analysis

By Christian Krahenbuhl

This is the second of four EFI articles from Cobb Tuning. This article will provide a more precise focus on modern EFI Systems; introducing you to various closed-loop control systems and explain how some of the basic calibration/tuning feedback systems are used. We will again introduce you to the new terminology and rhetoric used by tuners, engineers, & engine calibrators. This article will use more advanced animations and hands on exercises (with a spreadsheet) to educate you as to how calibration of modern EMS is done. We will breakdown the EMS into sub-systems; we will look at separately understanding and calibrating the Fuel System, the Ignition Advance System, the Boost Control System, the Camshaft Phasing System & Other Control Systems.

Read Part 1 here!


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Eric Hsu Sierra Sierra EVO

Flashback Friday -  The Time Machine: Inner Secrets of Sierra Sierra's Record Holding Time Attack EVO VIII (video inside)

By Mike Kojima and Eric Hsu, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

We are taking a look back at 2010 and are bringing you some of our best stuff of the year this week. We feel that Sierra Sierra bringing the North American Time Attack record back into US hands by solidly beating the long standing record set by the HKS CT230R is the industries highlight achievement of the year worthy of revisiting,

At the 2010 Redline Time Attack season opener at Buttonwillow the Sierra Sierra EVO made history by turning the fastest lap by a time attack car around Buttonwillow Configuration 13 CW turning a 1:43.20 breaking the long standing North American Time Attack record set by the exotic HKS CT230R set in November 2007 of 1:43.523.


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Meguiar's "Quik Tips Series" Video #2: The 5-Step Paint Care Cycle

In an effort to educate automotive enthusiasts on common car care conundrums, Meguiar’s® announces the debut of its “Quik Tips Series.” This collection of nine short and easy-to-digest video tutorials is the perfect way for consumers to achieve Meguiar’s famous show car shine from home and provide the ultimate protection for their car year round.  We brought you the first video on restoring foggy headlights a couple weeks ago, here now we have "The 5-Step Paint Care Cycle"!


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Museum Autovision Rotary nerd heaven

Technobabble - Rotard Heaven

by Dave Coleman

For about a decade, the rotary engine looked ready to take over the world. Dozens of companies were developing the powerplants in an effort to exorcise the rotary's demons and realize the potential of its simple concept and compact proportions. Almost all of them failed, and the whole exercise was relegated to a historical footnote.

Here, in a small museum about an hour south of Frankfurt, is a glimpse into just how big and complex that footnote should be.







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Streetfire's "Fastest Time Attack Car in the World" Video

by Eric Hsu

Check out the video inside of the SSE EVO 8 with interviews of the driver, Emp, and myself.

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MotoIQ Project V8 RX-7

SNEAK PEEK:  Project V8 RX-7

By Jeff Naeyaert

Normally we don't do Project "previews" here on MotoIQ, but normally Mike hasn't ground down 1 of his only 2 typing fingers in a power sanding accident rendering him unable to write and normally the FedEX guy doesn't bring us as exciting stuff as he did last week!  So here it is, an introduction to Project V8 RX-7! 


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ARD Racing Gloves

5Zigen Releases New Line of Professional Racing Gloves from ARD

MotoIQ Staff Report
5Zigen USA, INC. proudly announces the release of the new professional use racing glove from ARD for North American market.  ARD, a division of 5ZIGEN International, has been acting as leading manufacture of racing gear in Japan.   The new racing gloves for updated FIA regulation models are released and now they are available in the USA. 



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Brian Lock's Cobb Tunning GOTO racing Nissan R35 GTR

Locked and Loaded, Cobb Tunings Time Attack Nissan R35 GTR, videos inside!

By Mike Kojima, Photography by Jeff Naeyaert

We have been keeping an eye on the GTR that has been campaigned by Brian Lock and GOTO racing under the Cobb tuning banner.  Although the car runs in modified class, we noticed that it was starting to come together and was turning lap times just a few seconds a lap slower than the big guns in unlimited class like Sierra Sierra, Crawford and FXMD.  We expected to find some really exotic hardware when we examined the car; after all we could not see how the huge GTR with its crushing weight of 3800 lbs could even come close to being competitive in any sort of racing without some exotic work.


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KOYORAD Releases Performance Radiator for 06-08 Subaru Forester

MotoIQ Staff Report

Koyorad is proud to introduce their all aluminum performance radiator for the 2006-2008 Subaru Forester XT Turbo 5MT. 


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