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A couple weeks ago I went to Avalon, a club in LA. It was a good time. I walked out of there at 7am and went to bed at 9am. I really had no idea that the electronic music partying scene was still so alive. You hear about it all the time, but I thought most of it died out along with raves. Of course everybody was fucked up and drinking a lot water (if you know what I'm saying....). The music was trance. I'm not a fan of newer trance, but when you're fucked up who gives a shit. After walking out of the club, my ears were ringing and it took like 4 days for my hearing to fully recover. I guess it was super fucking loud in the club. They even had topless go go dancers which is a...

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WTF? No Car!

I just got back from Turkey yesterday and I had to take a taxi to dinner earlier. I currently have 6 cars and I can't drive any of them at the moment. Can you fucking believe that shit? It's partially my fault since I lag on maintaining my 96 Maxima (daily beater) and it was leaking water so the regular maintenance and repairs should be done at XS any day now. My 2000 GS300 has a flat tire because I lag on getting a new tire, but the tire store bent my 20" Work wheel last time they mounted a tire so it leaks. I gotta get that fixed, but that's a whole bitch in itself. My 91 Supra runs, but is not tuned and I haven't had time to finish it. My 94 GT-R runs, but the guys at XS need i...

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Yellow Fever

I saw this on you tube. These Wong Fu Productions guys are dope. It's pretty funny, but I couldn't get it to embed right so here's the link:

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Turkey - the country

I am in Turkey right now for a manufacturing equipment trade show to check out some European machinery for Cosworth. This would be my first trip to the European continent. It was a 16.5 hour flight with a stop in New York. FUCK, it seemed like I was on the plane forever. My ipod battery lasted the entire way though. I didn't think it would last 15 hours.

Anyhow, Turkey is an emerging country that is just moving out of it's traditional ways. Let's say it's a "2nd world" country. There are many luxuries of the western world, but there's that general feel of the city being one giant outdoor market. There are virtually no traffic laws so it's pure chaos on the streets. ...

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Long Beach Grand Prix 2007 - Sunday

Sunday was a nice day to begin with. Sunshine, blue sky with a couple of white puffy clouds in the sky and a slight breeze. Later the weather got all jacked up and cold, but for the most part it was nice. I chilled with Gary, Alan, Lawrence from Intec (washington) and a bunch of Gary's friends from San Diego. Lawrence busted out the grill and cooked 4 of the best tasting steaks I think I've ever tasted. No shit. Screw all the aged, prime, or whatever other expensive adjective $60 steaks at the baller restaurants. Lawrence cooked up some econo rib-eyes from Ralphs and it was GOOD. Anyhow, we were drinking beers and barbequeing in front of turns 8 and 9. It was a dope spot and ...

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Wack Shit

I was cruising around on Saturday to the LBGP and saw some wack shit:


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Long Beach Grand Prix 2007 - Saturday

Today I went to the grand prix to meet up with Gary from Design Craft, Alan from Sparco, and Jacky the hot freelance journalist chick. We cruised around and saw all kinds of stuff. Today the ALMS (American Le Mans) cars were running which are way dope. I also cruised around the Champ Car paddocks and ran into some of the Cosworth track support peeps. Andy from track support gave me a quick tour of the Aussie Vinyards paddock which was dope because I got to see a lot of the details of the Champ Cars. The Cosworth track support peeps hooked me up with an overcrew pass so I had access to everywhere including track side. Tomorrow is the Champ Car race and SCCA World Challenge race ...

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Eddie Murphy

For the longest time, Eddie Murphy's Delirious was not available on DVD. I hate VHS tapes so I was waiting for Delirious on DVD for the longest time. This is Eddie Murphy's first stand alone movie. Raw was his second. Both are funny as hell. Since most of you reading this grew up on Def Comedy Jam and don't know shit about real stand up comedy like Richard Prior and Eddie Murphy, you NEED to go and rent this. After watchin Delirious and laughing your fucking ass off, go and rent Raw. You should do some sit ups first to prepare your stomach for the amount of laughing it will have to handle.

I was cruising the local blockbuster and I saw Delirous and had to rent it. I d...

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I was cruising through Craiglist looking for a snowboard because I don't want to spend big $$$ on a board. After all, it's the boarder not the board. People are constantly spending way too much $$$ on equipment and not enough emphasis on perfecting the required skills. You know who you all are, but you are so into whatever it is you are into, that you just can't admit that you're the sucker. Materialism is a bitch isn't it? Examples are the beginning golfer with $600 driver, the amatuer photgrapher with the $5000 SLR camera body, and the beginning tennis player with 3 $200 rackets. The exception is of course tuned cars where a straight line, full throttle blast to redline in you...

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Formula D - Long Beach 2007


I got to the Formula D drift event at 9am on Saturday. It was a bit overcast, but I like overcast. Anyhow, I had to work the Cosworth booth for most of the day so I didn't get to watch even a bit of drifting. No big deal; I missed the circus. There were a shitload of people though. Jim Liaw of Formula D is making BANK!!!!


1st - Mitsuru Haraguchi - Falken 180SX with S15 front end

2nd - Tanner Foust - AEM 350Z

3rd - Daijiro Yoshihara - Rockstar S13

4th - Vaughn Gitten Jr. - Falken Mustang


Tanner's 350Z broke a tie rod in between rounds and they were unable to fix it in time so Haraguchi took the win.


I hope Yoshihara takes it ...

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Gymkhana USA

Last Saturday was a beautiful day so I decided to get out of the house and I went to the El Toro Air Field to check out my buddy Ken's Gymkhana event. Gymkhana USA is bringing us Americans the sport of Gymkhana which is really similar to SCCA Pro Solo with the exception that there are actually no pros. At the moment it is a bunch of car enthusiasts out there having a blast. Gymkhana is a combination of 2 inverted courses where 2 contestants go at the same time. There's a slalom, small straight, and a series of very technical turns that encourages flamboyant driving such as drifting and power sliding. Of course the fastest way around the track is by NOT drifting, but the point is to...

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