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The Boiling Crab

A couple weeks ago I met up with the XS and ARK Design posse to grab some food down in Wetminta. Oh sorry, for those of you who don't understand the Vietnamese accent, that's Westminister in Orange County, CA. Troy suggested we go to the Boiling Crab. I got there first and there was a crowd of people waiting outside so I put my name down. The cute waitress said it would be an hour or so. Damn I was thinking this shit better be good. So after an hour of shooting the shit with everybody and like 10 cigarettes later, we got seated and ordered up some crab, lobster, shrimp, crawfish, corn, fries, and oysters in various degrees of...

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Ouch! Damn I Didn't Know It Hurt That Much!

I imagine that would be the response of anybody who bought the Nissan Z33 race car. After getting reamed in the ass for US$284,000, you will definitely know how much it hurts. While the car is super clean and is super sano by anybody's standards, at that price you can buy a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Car. In fact, you can buy a used 997 GT3 cup car with spares. I have a pretty good idea of how much time, TLC, and money it takes to build a car from the ground up, but $284k for a 350Z is flat out rediculous. I guess if you have the cash then it's no big deal. Its all about the economies of scale and I guess I'm just not a part of...

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Prodrive & Cosworth

For those of you that have followed WRC rally, Le Mans, touring car, or are just a Subaru geek, then you will know the name Prodrive. I am not talking about the Pro Drive in the US that manufactures Honda axles and oil pump rotors. I'm talking about the Prodrive in the UK that builds WRC race cars, upgrades for Aston Martins, Subarus, and wheels and accessories. Cosworth has now teamed up with Prodrive and is handling the distribution of Prodrive products. It is a perfect match for tw...

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FIA Group A Racing

Being a fan of the BNR32 Skyline GT-R, I always like to check out old pictures of the cars in their heyday. Whether in motorsport trim, street tuned trim, or early JDM fashion trim, I just dig the BNR32 GT-R. When you look back at the way the cars were modified on the street in the late 80's and early 90's, you see a bunch of the cars with 16" wheels. You were straight ballin' back then if you had 17's! I always thought the BNR32 GT-R in Group A racing trim looked the best. Group A was the predecessor to JGTC or Super GT. It was much more raw without any help from aerodynamics. The BNR32 GT-R more or less dominated, but it raced against BMW E30 M3s, Cosworth Sierra RS500s, Toyota Supr...

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2JZ Power

Yesterday morning I continued the tuning on Sean's Supra, but I ran out of time and couldn't finish. Previous to Sean's car and back in 2000, the most power I made on twin HKS 2835 turbos was about 730whp on C16 fuel if I remember correctly.That was a long time ago and XS has built many Supras since then. Sean's car surprised me with 780.08whp on unleaded race fuel at 2.0kg/cm^2 or 28.4psi. No need for super high octane leaded race fuel yet. A stock 2JZ-GTE head flows like the terrible piece of shit it is, but the XS ported head and V...

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Piece of the R35 GT-R Pi

The inside of a proper race car is always cool. There are tubes everywhere, carbon fiber everything, sequential or paddle shifters, Alcantara suede dash and coverings, super low seats mounted way back in the car, real deal motorsport dash and displays, Tilton or AP pedals, etc. Things are looking good inside the new R35 GT-R Super GT race car also.


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R35 GT-R Wins the Suzuka GT

This was the first official race for the Nissan R35 GT-R in Super GT and it took a 1, 2 finish at Suzuka yesterday. The Xanavi/Nismo car took 1st and the Motul/Autech car took 2nd or about .854 seconds behind. The Petronas Tom's SC430 3rd place car was 25.51 second away from the 2nd place GT-R. In road racing that is a literal eternity.

Congratulations to Nissan for smoking the shit out of everybody else the first time out. Aside from the excellent job Nissan and Nismo did, they also use Pi Research electronics which probably performed flawlessly. Rumor has it a certain British company, ahem, had a lot to do with the en...

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World's Cleanest Supra

This morning I was tuning the world's cleanest Supra. I am VERY confident in saying that too. XS Engineering built a show Supra from the ground up (literally) for Sean, a really cool guy who is crazy about Supras. We put it on the dyno this morning for some power tuning. Aside from all the chrome in the engine, this car has a crazy 8 stage yellow pearl paint job, all stainless tube fuel lines (I mean ALL), a crazy ass fuel system, and just about anything else you can chrome and/or polish including subframes, suspension arms, bolts, tubes, etc. Hardware includes an HKS V-Pro ECU, HKS GT2835 x 2, Aeromotive A1000 fuel pumps x 2, XS Engineering ported head, HKS 272 cams, 4" exhaust, and a ...

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SS Autochrome

SS Autochrome, XS Power, and Stone Mountain racing are all one and the same: the peddlers of crap.  They did most of their jacking, peddling, robbing, or whatever you want to call it on eBay.  It's a good thing that eBay finally kicked them out. The spreading the disease and sickness of poorly copied tuning parts has finally ended on eBay. Maybe they are registered under another user or brand now, but the root of the disease is now gone.  I almost lost respect for eBay. A forum member on freshalloy.com pointed this out:

End of the Chinaman ...

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Tony Stewart Loves Goodyear Slicks

Tony Stewart is the man. Aside from driving the Sprint Cup Home Depot NASCAR racecar at 200+ mph, he boldly smoked the shit out of Goodyear in a recent interview this last Sunday. Apparently many of the drivers were VERY dissatisfied with the Goodyear racing slicks at Atlanta Motor Speedway, but other drivers answered questions a bit more politically correct. Tony Stewart just came out and rocked Goodyear.

Immediately following last Sunday's race, he said, “That was the most pathetic racing tire that I’ve ever been on in my professional career,” Stewart said on pit road at AMS Sunday. “They (Goodyear) exited out of Formula...

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Dead Drift S13

So I rolled in this morning to XS Engineering to pick up some RB26 heads and as I entered the driveway I saw this mangled mess that somewhat resembled a car on a trailer. Examining the car a bit closer, I noticed that it was the KAAZ S13 that they campaigned in Formula D a little while back. I always wondered what happens to dead drift cars.


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Inside the 4B11T

Here are some quick peeks inside the new EVO X engine. So far the engine is feature packed with all the stuff you want in a stout engine except for the open deck. Or semi-open deck I should say.


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JDM Oil Pan

Some of you probably got all excited and said, "Oh shit! JDM oil pan!" As with many JDM yo parts, there's nothing to be excited about today. I like a lot of JDM parts myself, but they aren't always what the hype makes them out to be. In fact, if the Japanese didn't make their hardcore crazy parts, sick body kits, dope wheels, etc. we would be styling our cars with JC Whitney rubber flap side skirts (as seen on raked vans with spoilers circa 1981) and be rolling on American Racing and Centerline wheels today.

So I ran across the world's heaviest oil pan a couple weeks ag...

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Sprint Car

Have you ever checked out a Sprint car up close? Over at M-Workz, there's a team that rents some space so I walked over and checked out the car. The driving position is just like you're driving a bus. The steering wheel is nearly horizontal. There might as well be a knob on the wheel like a bus. An alcohol burning V-8 with a driveshaft right in between your legs and right up against your nuts is pretty serious business. The car probably weighs around 1000 pounds. Don't forget that the Sprint car guys INVENTED drifting. Don't think for a second that your hero, the Drift King invented shit.

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