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More Supercharged MX-5

Most people get to take a break during this season. Not I. I am living and breathing supercharged MX-5. While I admit that it is the last car I ever thought I would ever be caught driving around, I have learned to enjoy this car. Last month I rolled up in an MX-5 to the Super Lap Battle time attack and the C-West/Hankook guys were questioning my masculinity. After spending a lot of time with various MX-5s, I believe that I could build one that would be pretty damn quick and make those dicks shut the fuck up. MX-5 owners face it: your car is driven mostly by hairdressers. It needs modification to bring out it's pote...

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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everybody. Be safe and don't party too hard. More tech articles are coming in ...

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Quickest 1/4 Mile GT-Rs in the US

Here's a pretty good post from Sean who is the biggest GTR nerd for life. He's pretty much the walking, talking, breathing GTR database. Below is part of his post I stole:

These are the quickest Nissan GT-R’s that know of in the US. Apexi’s R33 ran 8.47@165, Signals R33 has run into the 8’s, a few other Japanese demo GT-Rs have run also, but they are not included in this list.

If you have one to add, email Sean.

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DSPORT Tokyo Auto Salon Tour

So you want to go the the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon but don't know anybody else going who's been there before to show you around? The best way to go is on the D-Sport Magazine TAS tour package where they get you entrance on the media only day of TAS and take you around to check out some cool stuff (if you go on the VIP tour). For you R35 GT-R foamers, the tour includes a visit to the Nissan engine factory where the R35 engines are built. For you JDM drift fanatics, the VIP tour includes ride alongs with JDM pro drifters at the Fuji raceway. It looks like I'll be at TAS this year so I'll see you guys there. Make sure to hit me up and say what up if you see me.

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Despite the last 3 months being ridiculously busy, I managed to sneak in a couple of concerts. There's nothing like loud music and a little bit (or a lot) of alcohol. If you enjoy the music or concerts in general, it's a great way to just forget about the outside world for a couple hours. I think I have discovered my new activity for occasional stress relief.


Maxwell @ The Shrine Auditorium, November 1, 2008

While I'm not a huge R&B fan, Saya is pretty hardcore so I told her I would be down to check it out. I was super busy at the time, but you have to pay your dues sometime...

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Cosworth EC Pro Development


These last couple of weeks Ben, an engineer from Pi Research/Pectel, and I have been living and breathing 2008 Subaru Impreza STi. The Cosworth EC Pro is designed by the brains at Pectel UK (a division of Pi Research and sister company of Cosworth) for Cosworth. It is exclusively sale and use in the North American market so all you guys in Europe will not be able to purchase or use it (for now at least). There are enough differences between the European market STis and North American STis to make it a very impractical adaptation. For you Americans though, you will soon have the absolute most powerful plug-in ECU available in the...

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Cosworth CA F1


I got some emails asking me what the Cosworth CA 2.4L V8 engine was/is/going to be. I'm sure the engineers at Cosworth UK will be detuning the engine a bit for lower cost and higher mileage, but in 2006 it was the highest revving and most powerful F1 engine at the time.



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FTW: For The Win

What the fuck is "FTW"? Looking it up on urbandictionary.com, I see that it means "For the win." Sometimes I peruse various forums (usually when somebody sends me a link saying, "Hey read this thread. It's hilarious." or "Check out this dumb fuck FFF.") and I usually see the dumb ass abbreviation: FTW. I understand abbreviations like lol, rofl, imho, btw, etc. because these are things that either express an action or are abbreviations for something that you would actually say. In a real life conversation you can actually say "In my hones...

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Goodbye FD


This is, or was, my 6th rotary powered car and my 2nd red FD3S. While I eventually wanted to finish building it, I was just unable to find the time to do so. I was having a really difficult time getting a title for it. Learn from my lesson and avoid buying a car without a title. I got the run around from DMVs from 3 different states and the two previous owners. Eventually I said screw it and I just gave up. I would have hated to drop big $$$ into a race car only to learn that something was wrong with the title. So Pete and I cut the fucker up since I didn't want to burden the next guy. If anybody needs FD parts hit me up.



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Cosworth Back In Formula 1

Jeremy in track support sent me a text this morning and told me about this.

Cosworth has won the tender to supply a low-cost engine and transmission package in 2010 and beyond, Formula One's governing body announced on Friday.

In the wake of Honda's shock departure from the sport, the FIA said in a statement that the news confirmed its fears about the current financial format, and sent a letter to team bosses.

It is revealed that the cost to teams wanting to use the un-badged Cosworth engine option will be $2m euros, plus 5.5 million euros each season.

"The annual cost will reduce if more (than four) teams take up the option," FIA President Max ...


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Engineer To Win

Things seem to be fixed with the JDM Insider site for now. Moving on: A lot of people ask me, "What book should I read to learn about this or that?" One book I highly recommend is Carroll Smith's Engineer To Win. The book teaches the basic principles of building race cars, but it applies to just about anything mechanical. Mr. Smith writes it in a way that makes it fun and interesting to read. I bought this book about 10 years ago, but I pick it up once in a while for a quick read here and there. It's like a refresher course. Whether you are putting a turbo on your car, assembling a su...

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About Beyond the Dyno

Beyond the Dyno is my personal blog site where I comment on just about everything that goes on around me. It does reflect my personality in that this blog is heavily imbalanced toward cars (like me) and that it is a little rough around the edges (also like me). While I do have a life outside of cars, I would love to live, breathe, and eat cars if I could. It doesn't work though.....I tried it for about 6 years and I can tell you that you will burn out despite any amount of love or passion for something.

Beyond the Dyno is primarily for your reading entertainment. I hope that you will visit the site while having your morning coffee in your cubicle or office, before you visit that f...

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There's a virus floating around on the JDM Insider server! Sorry guys. If you don't have your virus software up to date, don't be a cheap ass and go buy a newer one. Norton 2004 isn't doing y...

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