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Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2014 Part I

by Khiem Dinh

Another SEMA has come and gone and the vehicles get crazier and better built every year. Tuner track cars, all-out race cars, off-road vehicles, you name it and it has been taken to the next level. After walking a couple dozen miles fueled by much caffeine, here is just a small collection of a few of the cool things I saw. Please excuse the fuzzy pictures… too much caffeine I tell you.


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New Product Release: Radium Engineering Fuel Rails For Nissan Engines

Industry Press Release

Radium Engineering has just released a collection of fuel rails for the popular 1990's Nissan 4-cylinders. The KA24DE, S13 SR20DET and S14/S15 SR20DET have been popular for many years. All of these engines come from the Nissan factory with side-feed injectors. High-flow side feed injectors are expensive and not many aftermarket side-feed fuel rails support the increase in fuel flow. A popular alternative is to convert to the more common, less expensive, top feed fuel injectors. We decided to start with a clean sheet of paper and solve the issues that can be found with top feed conversions and add some bonus features as well.


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Turbosmart Wins National Export Award

Industry Press Release

It is with great pride that we announce Turbosmart was presented with the 2014 Small Business award by Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb at the 52nd Australian Export Awards in Sydney on November 27.


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Project Aurora Cobra: Part 1 - Back From the Dead

by Ashley DeLuca

I’m sure the first question that you are asking yourself is, “What is an Aurora? I thought that was a crappy Oldsmobile!” Well you aren’t wrong, but there was also another type of Aurora that was originally manufactured by a Canadian automotive company from 1981-1983 designed to be a limited production replica to the slab-side Shelby AC Cobra. 


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2014 Black Friday Sales!

Industry Press Release

It's that time again, time to gorge on turkey and pie and then bust out those credit cards to get all the parts you've been looking at all year. Don't count on friends and family getting you want you want, buy now or forever hold your peace. 


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Super Lap Battle Global Time Attack

Grande Ol' Finale: Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle

by Justin Banner 

It’s November and that means it’s time for the great debates on who’s fastest around Buttonwillow to be confirmed with the grand finale. The Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle Finals presented by Continental Tire would live up to be the best in years. Drivers gave it their all, cars put down their best times, and there were teams who were heartbroken or elated. So, who would take the fastest time around the track and who would burn out this year?


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Project SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S: Easy Power with an Unorthodox Racing Pulley

by Mike Kojima

In previous installments of Project SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S, we've worked on improving the suspension, braking and improved the grip with a new set of wheels and tires.  Now we will start focusing on getting more power out of the engine.  We will begin with simple modifications and start to ramp things up in our quest for power.

Our first step is perhaps the most basic, adding a lightweight Unorthodox Racing front pulley. The Unorthodox pulley is not an underdrive pulley but a lightweight pulley that takes several pounds off the engine's reciprocating mass. Spinning up extra mass takes power and a lightweight pulley can free up some of that power to reach the rear wheels.


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Project M3 Part 9: Simple Interior Upgrades

by Pablo Mazlumian

A big part of the driving experience is in your surroundings inside the cabin.  With about an afternoon's worth of work, we show you how we tastefully transformed the look inside Project E46 M3's cabin.


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HRE Unveils All-New FlowForm Wheel Style for under $3K

Industry Press Release

In 2013, HRE brought its first cast performance wheels to market under the FlowForm name with the FF01 design, modeled after the iconic P40SC. HRE is back this year with an all-new design for the FlowForm lineup named the FF15.


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The Finest Turbo Exhaust Components From Burns Stainless

Industry Press Release

Burns Stainless has offered the Double Slip Turbo merge collectors for many years. Of course the efficient merge design has helped them make maximum power, but also, the purpose-designed double slip joint has helped numerous customers avoid cracking in turbo exhaust manifolds due to thermal strain. Double-slip assemblies are now available for purchase online. 


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Video: Controlled Chaos Ep. 7 - Falken Tire on Leaving Formula Drift

by GTChannel

This final episode of Controlled Chaos focuses on Falken Tire's final event at the Formula Drift Round 7 at Irwindale Speedway. We speak to some of the crew and drivers Daijiro Yoshihara, Darren McNamara and Justin Pawlak.


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Event Coverage: Supras in Vegas 2014

by Miguel Jimenez

The Toyota Supra has long been known as one of the strongest performance sport cars to come out of Japan. Although the Supra has not been sold in the United States since 1998, the spirit of Toyota’s last true sports car is still very much alive and well.


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Record Breaking: PZ Tuning's 531 WHP RSX!

by Frank Ewald - with William Au-Yeung

Overnight William Au-Yeung burst onto the Global Time Attack stage at Road Atlanta.  Not only did he place first, but he broke the track record for Limited Front Wheel Drive in the process. And now he is back in the United States, this time at Buttonwillow for Global Time Attacks’ Superlap Battle. Ready to duplicate his overnight success on the east coast by doing the same thing out west.


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PTP Turbo Blankets Is Proud To Introduce The PTP Nissan GT-R R35 Heat Management Package

Industry Press Release

The Nissan GT-R needs no introduction, and neither do the problems associated with heat soak that high-output supercars such as the GT-R experience, especially when highly modified. To combat the problems associated with heat soak and to improve turbocharger performance, PTP Turbo Blankets has developed the Nissan GT-R HMP, a custom tailored heat management solution designed specifically for the needs of the R35 series GT-R. 


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A New Mini Drives Round The World With A KW Coilover Kit

Industry Press Release

KW performed a very special endurance test while developing the KW coilover kit for the new Mini. Thomas F├╝rst and Fritz Kreis from Gigamot Racing, both Mini fans, tested the new KW coilover kit for the Mini (F56) while doing a two month round-the-world-trip covering a distance of 22.000 kilometers.


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SEMA 2014 Wrapup

by Sarah Forst

A pass to SEMA is akin to an invite to the Playboy Mansion for most nerdy teenage boys. But just like any 14 year old geek, once there, they have no clue how to navigate. The grotto first, the game room, the Aviara- where to start? Luckily it gets much easier after some experience but there's still so much to see that leaves a lot that gets missed. Come along as we find the Rocket Bunnies among other things.


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Octoberbeast: Toyota Employee Car Show

by Khiem Dinh

Once a year, Toyota located in Torrance, CA hosts an employee car show titled Octoberbeast. This year’s event was the 22nd running displaying an eclectic mix of vehicles. Don’t think just because it is a Toyota employee show that only Toyota vehicles are on display; the mix is far from it.


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Event Coverage: 2014 Global Rallycross Finale

by Sarah Forst

The 2014 Global Rally Cross season wraps up for the 3rd consecutive year in Las Vegas, but at the Linq Hotel and Casino for the first time. The Strip's reputation for being flashy and over-the-top could only be upstaged by one of the most exciting finales in Red Bull GRC history.  Four drivers were vying for the top of the podium in the Supercar title- Joni Wiman, Ken Block, Nelson Piquet Jr., and Scott Speed.


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Drivers Review: The Ferrari 458 Italia

by Mike Bonnani of Exotics Racing

The Ferrari 458 Italia, what needs to be said that isn’t already blatantly obvious? It is an amazing machine and you can tell just by looking at it. It is a Ferrari after all, but there’s much more to it than just being a fast looking car.


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MagnaFlow's Pre-Sale For The 2015 Ford Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost

Industry Press Release

With the coming release of the 2015 Ford Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost Magnaflow has announced a pre-sale on multiple exhaust options. Be ready to unleash the power of the 2.3L Ecoboost engine as soon as possible with a new Magnaflow Exhaust system. 


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