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New RAYS Gramlights 57Transcend Coming Out Soon

Industry Press Release

Introducing a new model from the Gramlights line-up. This light weight cast RCF (RAYS Cast Flowform) is available in 15, 18 and 19 inch fitments with special Super Dark Gunmetal color. 


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DeatschWerks Offers New High Flow Ecoboost GDI Fuel Injector

Industry Press Release

DeatschWerks is announcing the release of its first high flow fuel injector for a Gasoline Direct Injection application. This release is the first significant GDI injector offering in the automotive high performance aftermarket.


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global rallycross

Launch Control – Season 3, Episode 10 – “Proof Positive: Part 1”

Subaru Rally Team USA returns to Red Bull Global Rallycross action with four cars in Los Angeles. The Subaru Tecnica International-sponsored event is packed with fans, and there's no better place for the team to show they've turned the corner on a difficult season.


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Rally America Round 8: Lake Superior Performance Rally

by Connor Harrison

Heralding the end of another Rally America season, the north woods of Upper Michigan came alive with the sounds of Subarus, anti-lag systems, spraying gravel, and cheering fans that turned out for the Lake Superior Performance Rally. Known as the oldest, meanest, and toughest rally on the circuit due to its rough and rocky terrain, LSPR would be the final hurdle for the Subaru Rally Team’s attempt at a perfect season. Its worth mentioning here that nobody has achieved a perfect season since John Buffum did it in one of those beautifully boxy Audi Quattros… 28 years ago!


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Project VA WRX: Upgrading the Brakes with Stoptech Part 2 - Getting it Done!

by Mike Kojima

In our last edition of Project VA WRX we showcased some of the preliminary testing involved for the design validation of our new big brake kit by Stoptech.  A baseline for the stock brake system was established using Stoptech's test protocols. The brake testing establishes the brake balance, stopping distances and fade characteristics of the stock brakes so improvements can be measured and there is a record of the validation testing.


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Project MKIV Supra: Part 12 – Corbeau seats

by Pablo Mazlumian

Continuing on our quest to update this 20-year-old car’s cockpit, we swap our old Corbeau CR1 seats and update them with new RRBs! Plus, you'll get a sneak peak into what else is up our sleeves to complete the Supra's interior transformation, worthy of an ESPY award!


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Sneek Peek: K-PAX Flying Lizard McLaren 650S GT3

by Mike Kojima

Earlier this year we were able to get a close look at the K-PAX Flying Lizard McLaren 650S GT3 that races in the Pirelli World Challange series in GT class. 

If you are not familler with the GT class, the allowed body styles within this class are coupe, sedan and convertible. The cars permitted in GT are typically sold in the market as “sports” cars, “sport touring” cars, or performance versions of “luxury” cars.  The GT class allows FIA GT3 homologated cars like this McLaren. Forced induction is permitted on cars that come equipped with forced induction stock, or on cars that SCCA Pro Racing has determined need help reaching the target horsepower range. Power output for the GT class ranges from 425 – 525 hp. The allowed weight varies depending on power output and tire size. All of the vehicles in GT are either rear or all-wheel drive. 


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Chevrolet Red Line Concepts Showcase Latest Accessories

Industry News

Blending equal parts style and functionality, Chevrolet’s Red Line Series concept vehicles demonstrate the lifestyle and personalization possibilities of the brand’s latest vehicles – all with a street-smart aesthetic.

Chevrolet previewed the Red Line concepts today, including Trax, Malibu, Camaro, Colorado and Silverado 1500 models, ahead of their public debut at the SEMA Show, on November 3. The preview also included the sporty Spark RS concept.


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Verena Mei: One of America's Only Female Rally Race Car Drivers

Rally race car driving is a multi-million dollar industry and it is considered by many to be one of the most treacherous sports of its kind. Unlike Formula One racing, rallying doesn't take place on a track, and crashing and car flipping are common occurrences. Verena Mei is one of the only female rally race car drivers in America. A trained stunt driver, with former careers in modeling and acting, she has managed to penetrate the male dominated sport, gain respect, and become a serious threat to the competition.


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Sneak Peek: Team R-Colt Time Attack Mitsubishi Ralliart Colt

by Khiem Dinh

A Ralliart Colt? Most of us here in the US of A are probably unfamiliar with this car but this vehicle did exist in North America way back when. An uncle of mine had a Dodge Colt, you know, back in the day when it seems half of the Dodge products were rebadged Mitsubishis. Anyway, in the regions of the world retaining right hand drive, the Mitsubishi Colt lived on. On top of that, there was a Ralliart version!


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Project VehiCross Part 4: The Single Worst Repair...In The World!

by David Zipf

Last time you read about our VehiCross project, we ended with a tease about how bad replacing a power steering hose is.  Originially, this was going to be the closer of our previous post, but as the power steering hose balooned, it took on a life of its own.  A few years ago, I replaced the same hose on my 240SX.  It took a little more than an hour and was fairly easy to do with the most basic of hand tools.  In the VehiCross, it took 11 hours spread over three days.


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Project Silvia's Girlfriend Part 1: Engine and Stuff

by Dave Coleman

This S13 project set out to do something that has never been done before. Build a civilized, mature, daily-drivable, air conditioned, totally-under-the-radar S13 that can still raise hell at track days. 


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Sneak Peek: The Mighty Tilton Evo

by Mike Kojima

As the 2015 WTAC has just ended with the Titlon Evo piloted by Garth Walden setting another world record by lapping Eastern Creek at a blistering 1:23.777 pace, let's take a close look at the world's fastest unibody car, the winner of the 2015 WTAC and overall world record holder, the mighty Tilton Evo.  Currently the Tilton Evo is the epitome of time attack state of the art and showcases just what can be done when maintaining the standard unibody to a car built nearly to the fullest extent of the rules with almost no expense spared. 


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Centerforce Debuts Three New Kits For 2015 Ford Mustangs

Industry Press Release

The automotive world has been raving about Ford’s newest Mustang since it debuted last year. With a whole compliment of new features, independent rear suspension being one of the biggest, the Mustang is finally a truly capable car on the race track and not just the dragstrip. Ford saw fit to give the incredible 5.0L Coyote engine a power bump, but the aftermarket has already started to run wild with it — often surpassing the stock clutch’s capabilities.


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This Ain't Dai's First Texas Rodeo - Bheind the Smoke 4 Ep. 4

by GTChannel

It's been a challenging season for the 2011 champion, but things start to click here at Formula Drift Round 6 Texas of Formula Drift.


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Project VehiCross Part 3: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

by David Zipf

If you've ever owned a project car, you know that things never go according to plan.  Our VehiCross is not supposed to be a normal project car, falling more into the mildly restored daily driver category.  But when you need to replace parts and can gain some performance, you might as well, right?  Unfortunately with any project, things don't always go as planned and as you replace one thing, you find another and another and...


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Project Focus ST- Making Power with Cobb Tuning!

by Mike Kojima

It's been a while since we have done much with our Project Focus ST but that is about to change.  In the past installments we worked on upgrading our car's suspension.  With the suspension done it's time to focus on other stuff.  What a bad pun.  The other stuff is going to be handled with the arrival of a big pallet of goodies from Cobb Tuning.

Our stuff from Cobb is mostly going to focus on getting more easy and plentiful bolt on power from the engine with their Stage 3 Power Package with a few other goodies to enhance the car's handling as well.  Man we cannot get away from these focus puns.


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Rywire/CSF Radiator SEMA Build: Taking An Integra From A Row Boat To Paddle Shifters

by Ryan Basseri

Paddle shift conversions can be done a million different ways using various components, theories, hidden secrets and technology that is well above my pay grade. What you’ll see here is not by any means the only way to do it, nor is it even the "correct" way to do it. I thought long and hard, weighing the costs vs. benefits, the pros and cons, and this is what I came up with. 


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Project #YAE92 M3: Part 6 – Roll, Stop, and Stick

by Mike Bonanni

Like aerodynamics, the suspension on a car is highly specific to the cars setup and modifications. Our E92 M3 is so different than a stock E92 M3 that many off-the-shelf aftermarket parts just won’t work for our application. Read along to see how we used bolt-on products designed to suit a completely custom race car.


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AEM Releases Plug & Play Infinity ECU for 1994-'96 Nissan SR20DET Engine!

Industry Press Release

AEM has released its Infinity-6 and -8h ECUs and Plug & Play Adapter Harness for 1994-'96 Nissan SR20DET engines from the Silvia. When combined with AEM's Plug & Play Adapter Harness, the Infinity completely replaces the factory SR20DET ECU and can be quickly installed when using the factory sensors (MAP and AIT sensor required and sold separately). A base map for the engine is included.


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