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2009 R35 GT-R Pics and Video

Here are some pics from the Tokyo Motor Show. Nissan sacrificed one and cut one in half - diagonally. Check out the twin intercoolers and rear transaxle. Remember my post on intercooler tubes? Nissan knows what's up. There's a Time Attack video on YouTube of the GT-R lapping Nurburgring at 7:38. For those of you that remember, Blitz took their Supra there about 6 years ago and made a big fucking deal about 7:42. The Supra had 800hp and was pretty much an all out race car. That either tells you that Blitz is weak or that Nissan knows the...

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G i R l F r i E n D

My friend Masato was living in the USA for a six month tour of duty working for General Electric of Japan. We were at a friend's house pounding shochu (Japanese rice alcohol) one night and he started talking about how he missed partying in Tokyo. While he was here (he's back in Tokyo now), he stayed in Irvine so he was bored out of his fucking mind. He's more of a trance kind of guy so I suggested we go to Avalon in Hollywood one day. So about seven months ago I went to Avalon in Hollywood with Masato to check it out. He ran into a chick he knew and she had a friend. So since Masato was busy trying to lay the mack down on the other chick, I got to talk to the friend, Saya. I t...

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Nissan GT-R Press Release


- New Dimensional Multi-Performance Supercar Available in Early December –

TOKYO (Oct. 24, 2007) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., today announced the launch of the Nissan GT-R, a new multi-dimensional performance machine that lives up to the concept of “an ultimate supercar for anyone, anywhere, at anytime”. The Nissan GT-R features a newly developed Premium Midship package, including the world’s first independent transaxle 4WD developed independently by Nissan. The Nissan GT-R will be available in Japan mainly through Nissan High Performance Centers nationwide from December 6th.

The Nissan GT-R was developed with a new understand...

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Intercooler Tubing

Intercooler tubing is something that a lot of people seem to take for granted. They figure that if it connects from the turbo compressor housing to intercooler, then to the throttle body, that things are fine and dandy. These same people believe that intercooler tubing is intercooler tubing. WRONG. IC tubes from the factory are usually designed with package and cost restraints in mind. This often leads to unnecessary bends, flexible materials that expand under boost, and small tubing diameters. Don't think for a moment that Nissan or Mitsubishi gave you the absolute best designed intercooler tubing just because your car is a GT-R or an EVO. Remember that we're still talking abou...

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2009 Nissan GT-R

Official, undisguised shots of the 2009 Nissan GT-R. I love the interior, engine, and the rear, but I'm not too sure about the front bumper. To each his own....

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El Pollo Inka

Once in a while you have to go and eat somewhere where the food really kicks ass. One spot for super grubbin food is a Peruvian restaurant called El Pollo Inka. There's several locations in the South Bay so if you're ever in the Hawthorne, Torrance, or Gardena area you should check it out. It's pretty packed on the weekends so if you want to get in quick you should go on a weekday. When you set down, don't even bother looking at the menu. Just tell the waiter you want X #5's. X = # of people at your table. Sure some the other dishes are good, but there's no need to fuck around. Just order the Lomo Saltado. It's a combination of marinated lean sirloin, onions, tomato, rice, and f...

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All Head Gaskets are Not Created Equal

We've been doing a lot of product testing at Cosworth recently which is a good thing. Real company = real products = real research & development = real engineering. No Ebay made in China shit here man. However, just because something is made in the USA by a reputable company, it doesn't mean that it is a quality product. You find out all kinds of things in testing.

Cosworth has been coming out with some kick ass head gaskets lately. They provide the engine builder with Japanese multi layer stainless steel quality, but priced 1/2 way in between the JDM and USDM gaskets. As we develop more applications, we have more testing to do since we must validate our designs and so...

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