We begin by taking off the intake and exhaust manifolds.


Before placing the manifolds in storage, we like to tape up all the fuel and air openings to prevent dirt ingress. For the throttle body opening, you can simply stretch a disposable glove to cover it up.


Next we went around the block and removed the motor mounts, power steering, alternator, all brackets, water necks, heater hoses and the water pump pulley.


To remove the dipstick tube, we use a small chisel or punch to hammer up on the lip at the bottom of the tube.

Now we’re left with an almost bare engine to work on.


This next step is pretty important. We’re going to remove the oil filter and inspect it.
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Thursday, June 07, 2018 1:33 AM
Destroyed ringlands is a very usual SR death. While you are at it, clean the cam oil spraybars, these are notorious head killers.
Good to see an SR without a rocker arm stopper kit. People do not understand that a stuck rocker is an instant engine killer. Better get it out of the way if it comes loose.

Now put forgies in there, slap a gtx2867r or a g25 550/660, a cheap Z33 transmission and enjoy your new tyre shredding engine !

Thursday, June 07, 2018 6:40 AM
Long time SR20 guy, never heard of ditching the shim and running two rocker guides. What’s the reason for this?
Thursday, June 07, 2018 9:10 PM
Rockwood, it's something that I've considered doing. There is actually a fair bit of discussion of the value of running dual guides and ensuring that you don't pop a rocker. Just a bit more safety.
Friday, June 08, 2018 1:16 AM
Excellent article definitely learned some things looking forward to the next one! Curious has anyone considered running the solid lifters? Why or why not?
Saturday, June 09, 2018 2:39 AM
The dual guide conversion is common here. I do not know if it is the reason for it, maybe the guy is "just building them right", but my local nissan engine builder has never had an sr20 pop a rocker. Even in harsh environment like drift championship ( try googling for "dg sr20 ncma", you will find pics of the engine and how that s14 ran on the dyno. The engine was used a couple of seasons then sold, still working, and might still be)

Saturday, June 09, 2018 7:58 AM
So let me get this straight, you live in the states, with plentifull acces to good drift engines, and you choose to run this POS. I respect your bravery, but from where I am siting, not puting an LS in there, looks more like stupidity if nothing else. People here pay a lot of money for lousy bmw v8's, and can only dream of getting a realiable 300HP v8 for $500. Seriously, I am amateur drifter myself, and when my m52b28 exploded I lost a year of driving (blame the shit shop owner for never actually working on my car) , so now, the most important thing about an engine, its realibility, and SR20 is garbage on this front, and quite weak everywhere else.
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